If you are looking to develop a custom leadership development workshop for your organization, please fill out the CLC Request Form and a CLC who will begin working on your workshop or program. VAT (Value Added Tax) applies only to UK orders (and EU customers where a valid VAT number is not supplied). Four teams are asked to nominate leaders who are then briefed, each on a different style of leadership, and given details of a task for the team – which they will be leading! We used the activity in an auto-manufacturing company to show how different leadership styles can influence a team's motivation, performance and success.
I used 'Leadership Style' with three teams of five - each having a leader with a different style. Challenges a number of myths about leaders - and it could awaken your organisation’s dormant leaders! Quickly gets groups interacting and exploring some basic ideas about leadership, leadership traits and situational leadership. Ideal starter activity which identifies those with leadership potential and those who understand the benefits of cooperative working. Training activities and business simulations to enrich your courses and enthuse your delegates. Sign up to the Northgate mailing list to receive latest offers, free icebreakers and our annual Catalogue.

A training activity is a way of providing participants with a fun experience from which they can learn more about themselves and their interaction with their world. However, if you are unhappy for any reason, we operate a no-quibble returns policy on unused goods. The VAT will show in the cart summary and will be cancelled where applicable during the secure checkout process. While the leaders are briefed their team members complete a handout that points them to ideas and creates discussion about how they view effective leadership.Leaders then return to their teams with the task. The results were slightly unexpected and led to a great debate on the difference between leaders and managers.
They will also be more forgiving of any mistakes you may make as facilitator if they are having fun.
With the resources supplied, leaders must motivate their teams to construct a tower that is scored on both height and creative design.
The task of the facilitator is to ensure that all participants get the message in the game that is relevant to themselves and translate that message back to the workplace.  In  other  words,  the  purpose  of  the  game  is  to  have participants see things differently and as a result positively change some element of their workplace behavior. However, you will frequently get additional outcomes, and sometimes even very different ones, too. The power of the games is that they will unfold differently every time and produce the learning outcome that the group needs.

Teams then review their own and their leader’s performance and compare leadership styles by way of a series of review forms and questionnaires. We also used the activity in a petroleum company for a Motivation workshop and it was successful there too.
The key to successful games facilitation is to watch what happens very carefully and debrief the game according to the outcomes that happened not those that you thought would happen.
Participants will hate you if you tell them what they should have done or should have experienced.
Relax, allow the game to work for itself, become the game tour guide not the game controller.
A game has the power to concentrate real life issues into a compact activity devoid of the detail that often mask what is really going on.

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