This Spring, fifteen Tennessee Teen Eagles students, and parents landed in Washington, DC for a long-awaited trip-of-a-lifetime. Teen Eagles is affiliated with Eagle Forum, founded by conservative pioneer, Phyllis Schafly.
Just when you think it couldn’t get worse, liberal college professors and administrators find new levels of shamelessness and fury.
All I knew was that if I’d known I would be on camera, I would have worn more makeup. Matt Krause took the Leadership Institute’s Future Candidate School and won election to the Texas House of Representatives. Each year, the Conservative Political Action Conference is a gathering of conservative leaders looking to network, advance conservativism, and learn from some of the greatest minds in the movement.
At the conference, Leadership Institute sponsored, staffed, and organized of 5 conference events, including the job fair and boot camp training sessions. As a recent graduate of Georgetown University, I was blessed to have four years in the city of limitless internships, Washington D.C.
During my undergraduate years, I participated in two non-profit internships and three congressional internships.
What do you think of when someone says that they’re an activist?  Do you picture scenes like supporters sign waving at the annual March for Life?
In January, thirty-four individuals attended the Leadership Institute’s Future Candidate School. For four days, attendees focus on building a base, raising funds, identifying voters, and recruiting volunteers. The intensive training also focused on personal and political preparation for a career in elected office. Rolling back big government is the greatest political problem in the United States since 1860.
Similarly, trial lawyers are always and everywhere the most active foes of tort reform, even though tort reform certainly increases general prosperity. Lobbyists and trial lawyers will fight conservatives in the political process, but the ideological left doesn’t limit itself to peaceful, civilized activity.
Let us suppose that the conservatives newly activated in politics succeed in electing a determined conservative President and a Congress with determined conservative majorities in both Houses.  What would the left do?
Leadership Institute graduates Mike Watson, founder and president of Control Automation Technologies Corporation and, as of last week, newly elected to the Virginia House of Delegates, together with his Campaign Manager Annette James are this week’s Leadership Institute Graduates of the Week. Bill spent the first decade of his broadcasting career as a TV news reporter, producer, news director and anchorman. After retiring from consulting, Bill says his personal, political road trip began in January 2009 with the initial inkling he might run for the South Carolina General Assembly.
A few weeks ago, Holly Robichaud, Leadership Institute faculty for grassroots, received the 2011 Pollie Award for campaign brochure design and was named to the 2011 Aristotle's Excellence Awards Republican National Dream Team. Twenty-eight-year-old Ryan Rhodes, a former Leadership Institute intern, is a true conservative grassroots activist, arriving here only by way of an unlikely road.

The school teaches students the ins and outs of campaigning through intensive training and real life stories, and in doing so, give students the how-to knowledge they need to succeed. Leadership Institute Graduate Amanda Carpenter, who is currently a speechwriter and senior communications advisor to Sen.
At the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Mitt Romney broke all precedent and used his power as the coming nominee to change the rules, to centralize power in the hands of the establishment, and to make it very much harder for any power in the party to flow from the bottom up. For one example, the rules previously had required that, to be placed in nomination for President, a candidate had to have the written support of a plurality of the delegates from at least five states.
Brandon Cestrone has made significant contributions to advancing liberty through youth activism. Being a woman in leadership is beneficial to the conservative movement, former Arizona State Senator and Leadership Institute graduate Lori Klein said. Lori has a powerhouse of experience with 18 years on Capitol Hill and seven years as the director of public relations for the Washington Times. On Sunday, millions of Americans watched the Super Bowl and some had the privilege to watch live in person, after buying tickets. LI's Deputy Director of Grassroots Programs Chris Doss was awarded Employee of the Year award yesterday in the all-staff meeting. Read on for more details about his contributions to LI's successful 2013 record-breaking year. And Jo Jensen, the marketing director for Freethink Media and also a Leadership Institute graduate, has been busy this year raising awareness for Honor Flight in part because it’s personal to her. First she worked for the Republican National Committee as a junior research analyst, and now she’s a political communications specialist at FP1 Strategies. Before that, she interned at Concerned Women for America, the Leadership Institute, and the State Department. In 2012, he ran for student body president at Indiana University South Bend and lost by just 57 votes.
Leah was raised in a conservative, military family who idealized Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and Oliver North. Today, 1992 LI graduate Mike Howe filed to run for the district two position of the Sequim, WA School Board. Darya Nenakhova, from Kazakhstan, believes real change starts with young people -- and free markets. Do you remember watching demonstrators on the steps of the Supreme Court waiting for a controversial decision come to mind?
We do this by informing New Mexicans of the importance of individual freedom, limited government, and economic opportunity,” their website says. He does admit to having a keen interest in politics since his youngest days as a television news reporter.
He covered anti-war protests and the civil rights tumult of the 60’s and even interviewed Martin Luther King.
He was co-founder and CEO of media research and consulting firms based in Dallas, Los Angeles, and London.

Bill says, “It was an itch that needed scratching and like many conservatives I was troubled by what I saw coming from President Obama and the Democrats running Congress. Now he's the president and chairman of his own non-profit organization, Fremont Civics Foundation, but he still comes to the Institute for training. She has trained conservatives in school topics ranging from campaigns, communications, to get-out-the-vote efforts.
He’s helped start 50 college Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) chapters at universities stretching from West Virginia all the way to Maine.
Her most recent contribution was coordinating the Western Conservative Conference, which was held a few weeks back in Phoenix, Arizona. Cruz’s campaign, please go here for info regarding his field staff and here for info on his pollster.
The organization supports legislation and promotes activism to protect those rights, including: When fans buy tickets, they own them.
And that's why she founded in 2011 a think tank, the Institute for Development and Economic Affairs (IDEA), and the Young Entrepreneurs Club in December 2012.
He also is the head of international outreach, for which he helps find supporters in new cities and countries across the globe who are interested and willing to start their own 40 days for life campaigns. But it wasn’t until he put his 40-plus year media career behind him that he discovered a true desire for public service. He admits to being most fascinated by various politicians having had the opportunity to cover President Johnson and President Nixon and interview Hubert Humphrey in the back seat of his limo on the campaign trail. Fans have the right to buy, give away or sell their tickets however they choose, anytime they choose, in any way they choose, at any price they choose, the Fan Freedom’s website states.
Kazakhstan, a country of 16 million people in central Asia, borders Russia to the north, China to the southeast, and Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan to its south.
He credits the Leadership Institute to helping him make his full commitment to the political process. If you want to make a change, stop reading and start doing,” Leadership Institute graduate Brandon Cestrone who is the northeast regional director for Young Americans for Liberty said. It was the last country in the former Soviet Union to become independent, a process finalized in December 1991.
Bill went to Dirksen’s home in Pekin, Illinois, where the Senator played his piano and sang for Bill on camera. He helped develop the President’s Points of Light initiative which honored volunteerism.

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