Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Special Offers: Buy our Complete PowerPoint Bundle (27 classes for $69), and get our Lean Trivia Game free. Featured Articles: Learn about our initial screening process, and about how spammers can teach you about Lean. Well, I recently saw an article that the overall demand for Six Sigma and Lean in job descriptions was up over 100% in 2011 vs.
So, I suspect that the shift is more a reflection of what leaders think people are capable of and have time for rather than of how effective either philosophy is. But, unfortunately, this probably also means that there will soon be a shortage of qualified candidates with Lean experience in the same way that some companies are now facing an uphill battle filling engineering positions. A few weeks back, I was approached by the director of marketing from InSite Solutions, LLC, the manufacturer of Superior Mark floor tape.
So, I am looking for someone who will be running a shop floor project within the next few months.
I’ll put the selectee in touch with InSite to work out the details once my matchmaking is done. One of the jobs of a Lean consultant is to assess organizations to see where they are in their continuous improvement journey.
There are many techniques to get a precise read on a company, but a thorough assessment can take a significant amount of time. Every morning, as I clean out the assortment of spam, scams, and general junk mail from my inbox, it strikes me that the senders seem to have a fairly strong understanding of Lean principles.
Don’t mistake that comment for me saying that I approve in any way of what they do, or that they are in any way principled. In our ongoing quest to grow the Lean training System, we have released a new module titled Lean Management Overview.
This month’s special provides you with a way to grab the attention of your team when energy sags, or to get teams geared back up after a break. It is created using PowerPoint’s native functionality, so you can modify it to suit your needs.
Jeff Hajek is the founder of Velaction Continuous Improvement, LLC, a company dedicated to making your job easier and more rewarding in a Lean environment.
NOTE: You will receive a confirmation email with a link that you'll have to click to activate your subscription. The Volunteer Leadership Training Series is a peer-to-peer program researched, complied and created through an initiative of KAVCO members.
What are the benefits?Valued volunteers improve the reputation of your organization.You can demonstrate to funders that your organization receives public support in the form of volunteer hours. Key FindingsOne out of three volunteers that volunteer in year one, do not volunteer in year two.

Key FindingsVolunteer retention is related to the type of organization and activities that the volunteers performs.Are you attracting the right people and putting them into the right positions ? The 12 Hour MBA in Leadership is an online training course that will allow you to develop an understanding of the core principles of leadership effectiveness. Leadership training is an important part in corporate sector where employees can get training that will help them in long run.
This module on the principles of leadership is the first of three covering leadership and personal mastery.
Put simply, most organizations see a better return on investment by getting a hundred people doing small Lean changes than a handful of people doing big Six Sigma projects. Most companies, if they really are serious about improving, will have to create homegrown Lean talent. She asked if I knew of a project that would require floor marking, and offered to provide $500 worth of materials in exchange for some case study types of materials.
But I figured if one of my readers got a bunch of free materials, I could not pass up this opportunity. They have some good marketing materials, and the products have some interesting features that are supposed to increase durability (recessed adhesive and beveled edges). I just mean that they are following some of the same concepts that I teach when trying to improve legitimate processes.
We use it to paint a picture of how a strong Lean management system links big picture policy deployment to frontline operations.
It is also available as part of our Complete PowerPoint Bundle containing 27 classes for only $69.
While our Complete PowerPoint Bundle (27 classes for $69) is captivating on its own, it never hurts to have something extra in your bag of tricks.
Whether that includes changing the questions, or modifying the look of the game, you’ll be working in a format you are familiar with. Retention is only successful if all other elements of a fully functional volunteer management program are in position.
Do you feel that you could lead both yourself and others more effectively if you had the right skills and knowledge?
Whether you are a CEO, senior executive, experienced leader or new to a leadership position, you will benefit from this course. We offer training courses covering the most important disciplines and markets, and I am interested in blogging on and hearing about an equally wide range of subjects, as well as anything to do with training and personal development. With a minimum of theory to allow maximum scope for activities, you experience key leadership principles and skills and gain an understanding of what makes a good leader (role model).
That confirms that many companies recognize that they need to get serious about how they improve, and that it will require an influx of talent. Because Lean is fueling the increase in CI requirements in job descriptions, the takeaway I get from those numbers is that companies are recognizing that Lean is a discipline that is more accessible to an organization than Six Sigma is.

I further view the demand spike as a recognition that it takes expertise to create expertise, and the rise in Lean as a job requirement shows that there is a growing push to seed organizations with talent. With more resources, we can try new things as we achieve our Policy Deployment goals early.
Some of my subscribers are from small companies, and $500 can make a big difference to them. Just keep in mind that the obligation is to provide feedback and pictures, not to endorse the products. Between now and March 9, 2012, when you buy our Complete PowerPoint Bundle, you’ll also receive a great way to get your students actively involved in learning. This unique book provides a blueprint for not only surviving, but also thriving in a Lean company. Engaged volunteers bring diverse points-of-view to your organization.Greater cost-effectiveness allow more dollars to be mission- related.
How can this benefit your organization ?The higher the education level, the longer volunteers tend to volunteer.
Group activities give you a shared view of leadership and allow you to start identifying the changes you need to make. Financial challenges in Europe will likely be felt throughout the world, making capital harder to come by.
It is easier to train someone to implement Standard Work than it is to create an expert in ANOVA. I am truly excited to see how much Velaction can accomplish this year, and how much we can help you do as well. There is a growing number of companies that are bringing outsourced manufacturing back to their home shores, which likely has some productivity and quality improvement targets factored into the decision.
Sales are growing faster than expected on training materials, and we are constantly receiving requests for even more materials. The first half provides an overview about how to find job satisfaction in a continuous improvement culture. It will be interesting to see how changes in Apple’s contractor, Foxconn, ripple throughout its supply change, and echo into others.
The second half addresses over a hundred problems that people face when they are asked to do more with less.
Create a standard orientation for all volunteers as a Volunteers substitute for or addition to your Tour.
How and when will you review the volunteer and the position ?The best way to get the right person in the right job is to be crystal clear about what the job is and what is expected of the volunteer.

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