Register by Phone: Register by phone and pay with your debit or credit card by calling 989-358-7271. The LEAD program is a series of three workshops designed to meet educational and leadership training needs of local professionals. Skills required for effective leadership and how to apply them in the workplace,home and community.
The LEAD series concludes as participants learn to apply leadership skills through better understanding of community development and appreciation of the value of personal investment in one’s community.

E-learning is a efficient way for your managers and employees to gain knowledge and understanding.
Our certificate program is designed to teach leadership skills to people who are aspiring to be great leaders.
Each session is designed to develop leadership skills, know-how, and self confidence, and to enable participants to constructively participate as leaders in the workplace and the community. We’ll examine demographic trends of the area and how those changes impact what Alpena will be in the future.

Our courses help managers to see their roles differently and provide ideas to help them be a better leader. Needs assessment results will shed light on our strengths as well as the challenges we face together.

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