Join us on March 14th in Bangalore for a half day workshop to improve your innovative thinking, leadership skills and develop solutions to our city’s challenges.
From Aug 2013, published with support from Oorvani Foundation, a champion of public-funded media for the new India. Checkout the cool new feature called Quick Post which will allow you to share something of importance with the city very quickly. And, as always, we are indebted to the open source software community for doing everything they have to keep the World Wide Web an open place to foster the best of innovation and practices.
Learn how to innovate with our Innovation Step-by-Step Online Courses that guide you beyond the book through: The 7 Simple Steps to Create and Develop Ideas for your Challenge. We've built an online program for you!  This guided video tutorial program teaches you how to generate quality, validated ideas faster than ever.
My newly developed ability to generate creative solutions to problems not only is applied to day-to-day activities but it also helped me differentiate myself during interview tests from a large field of Ivy League candidates to secure a job at a top Silicon Valley tech company.
Darin has taken the process of creativity to the level of simplicity that can be adopted by the masses.
That was when I internalized that you could be passionate in a big, bold way about leading and inspiring others. Darin’s passion involves helping people to become themselves, find and live their strengths, and become more creative, innovative and successful leaders. Lawyers and staff at the Boston law firm partner with Cathedral High School seniors helping them to write and edit essays for college admissions and scholarship applications. Long-time partner with Cathedral High School, WilmerHale, a Boston-based law firm, hosted two sessions of a college essay workshop for Cathedral seniors. Cathedral students received one-on-one mentoring and assistance from WilmerHale lawyers and staff.

In addition to the college essay workshop, WilmerHale has been a long-time partner with Cathedral in a number of ways including offering summer internships to students and organizing a bi-annual career exploration day.
Cathedral High School is an urban, Catholic, coed, multicultural, independent college preparatory school serving grades 7-12 in Boston’s historic South End. The South Boston Leadership Initiative provides daily opportunities to participate in a learning experience: from a Math Olympics competition, to writing a creative blog, to running around Castle Island, to participating in a social media workshop, we work to develop opportunities for young adults to challenge themselves that otherwise may not have existed.
Common Purpose is running two parallel workshops in Bangalore and Manchester which will intersect at a given point in the day via video conferencing. This intensive workshop will be an opportunity to connect with fellow participants, hear from expert speakers and work together to build and refine your ideas. Effective June 2013, Citizen Matters gets a new look and also a new engine and wheels underneath the stuff you see, read, and contribute to! We hope this make it easier for you to share articles, pictures, comments, discussions with your fellow citizens of Bangalore.
He brings this excitement to everything he does, including his brainstorming training and facilitation.
It took several sessions to start seeing results as I was literally re-wiring my brain to pedal at speeds it had never gone before.
Professionally, Darin does projects ranging from hundreds of speeches to helping institutions develop leadership programs & retreats to facilitating professional brainstorm innovation sessions for the most innovative Fortune 500 companies. We can bring an  innovative program, workshop, or speech direct to your organization or conference. Students paired up with lawyers and staff at the firm’s State Street offices to work on composition and editing of each student’s college admissions essays. WilmerHale has been offering the college essay workshop to Cathedral students for nearly 18 years.

On the day you will innovate, get fresh ideas and work on them with a group of diverse people, to deepen civic engagement to better your city.
This new online workshop program designed to take your results to the next level:  Innovation Step-by-Step for Entrepreneurs. I fell off a few times along the way, often becoming intimidated by the fast paced environment, but was always reassured by falling back on his tried-and-true methodologies. This book is like a self-study workshop that will enable you to learn systems to solve problems creatively and figure out how to lead in any life situation. Darin lives in Madison and is a consultant to Dartmouth College, the University of Wisconsin, and USA TODAY.
Volunteers meet the students where they are in the process, which can range from brainstorming ideas and completing a first draft to editing a final version or researching deadlines, scholarship requirements, and colleges. The college essay workshop is one of a number of ways Cathedral works to ensure every graduate is not just prepared to earn admission to college, but ready for success in and through college. You will also be able to explore issues in your city with expert speakers and specially selected mentors. Unlike other mobile news websites, where you can only read, you can login into mobile Citizen Matters to post, share, and comment too!
I clearly remember one session it just 'clicked' -- instead of generating 20-30 ideas in each 3 hour brainstorm, I was coming up with almost 150 ideas.

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