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A critical factor in leading organizations to thrive in constant change is to develop and nourish a culture of leadership. You are invited to a two part workshop to explore and learn what is required to create and nourish a culture of leadership.
If you are involved in organizational leadership – Executives, Facilitators, Managers, Team Leaders, HR and OD Specialists, Consultants, Coaches, Mentors – this program is right for you.
This three hour mini-workshop is intended to provide a positive impact for formal leaders and for anyone throughout the organization who has a leadership role in their ability to embrace and work within the new leadership paradigm of ‘leading so people will lead’. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the impact of underlying beliefs about organizations, held by leaders and held by the people within an organization.

The five beliefs of the recently released The Genuine Contact Way: Nourishing a Culture of Leadership will be presented to provoke thought and discussion about the benefit of these beliefs to the leadership paradigm of your organization and ensuing behaviors, actions, and results. The University of Texas at Austin Leadership and Ethics Institute (LEI) is a comprehensive leadership training program for all UT students.
The Leadership Series consists of six workshops throughout the semester for all UT students. Your successes are, in part, determined by how you’re able to adapt to this new and ever-changing performance environment. Expanded leadership competencies are needed to learn to create and nourish a culture of leadership.
This leadership paradigm is essential in creating and sustaining the capacity, agility, and flexibility that is required for organizations to thrive in the constant internal and external change.

These underlying beliefs inform the leadership paradigm in your organization that defines whether you do or do not have a culture that is conducive to agility, flexibility, gender equality, innovation, solution focus, creativity, responsibility, accountability, and productive use of authority.  In short, the elements necessary to thrive in today’s local and global economies. The five beliefs to be explored will be presented in the context of nourishing a culture of leadership, an essential leadership competency for leading today’s organizations. LEI offers opportunities for personal growth, the development of leadership skills, and meeting fellow students. Different levels of certification are attainable by fulfilling specific requirements throughout the semester.

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