You have heard it many times: “We just can’t communicate!” Just because you are talking does not mean you are communicating. Refining your speaking and listening skills remains a life-long challenge — at work and at home.
This very popular workshop can make a significant difference in enhancing the quality of communication on your team.
Free Leadership ArticlesEach leadership article provides pragmatic tools that can be immediately applied in making a positive difference.  Download these free articles and share them with your team.

The Ken Blanchard Companies unleashes the power and potential in people and organizations for the greater good. Dear Madeleine, I am a senior manager in a global company and have been here fourteen years. Achieving and sustaining excellence requires that leaders master the art and tools of effective communication. As a side benefit, application of these communication tools, many participants have told us, has been highly beneficial in their personal lives.

For a custom designed communication workshop addressing your specific interests, contact Dr. She told me neither she nor her boss thought I was ready for promotion because I had some areas that needed improvement.

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