From the mid 1990’s until about 2011 we have been fascinated, inundated and almost force-fed a steady diet of leadership books, magazine articles, white papers, lectures and seminars. I have worked with dozens of ministry leaders that were great preachers, teachers and Bible scholars. Leadership can be more aptly defined as a process, a process of social influence in which an individual can draft the aids and gather support of the other people in order to achieve a common goal. Since every individual has different style of handling a particular situation so, based upon those styles of acting to a situation, there are different styles of leadership.
The next big question that often strikes in our mind is whether a person is required to possess qualities by birth that identify him as a leader or he can acquire those qualities if he wishes to with the passage of time.
Looking into the other aspect of the coin, it is sometimes the situations that give birth to the leaders. Therefore, for all those who think that they cannot become good leaders since they are not born in influential family or family with great leaders as ancestors should not think so because here are some of the skills which can help them to become one. Walt Disney is one of the largest motion picture production companies in the world which are popular in all the people around the world of all ages but the life of children would not be complete without it. Walt Disney was basically an animator and then an entrepreneur, and became most famous for his skills as a showman and a film producer.
Many church and business executives have been preoccupied with learning and developing the skills associated with leadership.
This group was conceived to be a round table forum for Christian business owners and key business leaders.
If we look into the subject matter, we have instances that partly support both the notions. Mahatma Gandhi probably would not have emerged as such an efficient leader if he had not witnessed the racial discrimination and had not experienced it himself.
Studies that were carried out by the University of Kent enlisted some of the qualities which are essential for leadership. Walter Elias Disney was the founder of this great company but to the world he is simply known as Walt Disney. His company is associated with the creation of many well-known fictional characters and has won many Academy Awards.  Some of the best Walt Disney quotes can be read here, which will give you some amazing messages.

If you’ve been reading my blog then you know I think a lot of our reliance on permanent leadership at all is unhealthy. Speaking on a personal basis, the qualities which a leader should essentially possess are ability to motivate and influence others, socially activated, general intelligence and common sense, emotional stability and unbiased nature. It is a common belief that a leader is able to take wise decisions only when he has undergone that situation himself because only then is he able to know the pros and cons of the events which his followers go through.
First and foremost, a leader should be able to motivate and direct others, if people have chosen to follow him and extend their support to him; he should ultimately take the responsibility for their actions. He was an amazing American magnate, cartoonist, producer, screenwriter, director, philanthropist, animator and voice actor. We have different perceptions of looking at a leader; some view him as a person who has the capability of getting lots of people to follow him, while for some a leader is the one who organizes things and tasks by looking into every aspect of the situations and its effect on the people who follow him. At the times of requirement they do reach out to their employees and listen to their problems. Now, if we have a glance on these qualities some of them are those that are in born like the intelligence of a person, his basic nature and emotional stability to a certain extent is also innate.
Experiencing those situations themselves is developed with the passage of time and is not instilled by birth.
He should possess a positive attitude in taking up any of the situations and organize the tasks among his subordinates and manage them. In his personal life he became a major figure in the American animation industry and became an extremely famous international icon for his contributions to the field of entertainment. Management also includes recording and storing facts and information for later use or for others within the organization. Both the images of the leader are correct since both of them correspond to the different styles of leadership. Talking of the ability to influence others can be acquired to a certain extent by various experiences, being socially activated is a partial quality in the sense that certain people are by nature jovial, interactive while some develop their social skills by coming in contact and learning with a variety of people.
The more a person is made to handle different situations, the more his qualities are improved.
He should never lose his perseverance when things are not working out and should never get frustrated and even if he is, he should never ever let that show in his actions.

Management functions are not limited to managers and supervisors as almost every member of the organization has some management and reporting functions as part of their job. Then, some leaders are like Hitler, which like to possess absolute authority with them and are the only ones who decide. They say people are born to be leaders and their leadership qualities are witnessed from the time when they are in their cradle.
He should be flexible enough to accept the changes and should never be narcissistic in his attitude. Disney, which later on became one of the greatest motion picture production companies all over the world as we all know it.
It is true that some of the qualities are inborn but in order to identify those qualities, it is very necessary to put the person into those types of situations which help them to identify their skills. His Walt Disney Company is now one of the greatest production companies and is continuously involved in the production of some of the greatest movies the world has ever seen which are also a regular recipient of the Academy Awards, the highest awards given to movies all over the world.
Some leaders like to take the opinions of their employees since they believe that the more the amount of brain storming involved in solving a problem the more meaningful and efficient solutions are arrived at and this kind of leadership is termed as democratic or participative style of leadership. There are instances as well where people are born in very influential families but they are not able to prove themselves efficient leaders as their ancestors were, so it is not at all necessary that you should be born with a silver spoon in your mouth in order to become an influential leader because whatever the case may be ultimately experience is required. This character animation company has had a great influence since a long time on Hollywood Industry and brought about a revolution in the history of cinema. The company is one of the highest revenue generating companies in the world due to its world famous pictures and movies.
But the reality is, they may not be either a leader or a manager…they are a practitioner.

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