SPECIAL BONUS: Students in the class will also receive free access to best online developer documentation for Joomla, produced by Joomla core team member Andrew Eddie.
Brent Laminack Brent has significant background in the implementation of technology and application development in the broadcasting and real estate fields, has held positions that ranged from programmer to Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Go to Site > Global Configuration and click on the Site tab, set Default Captcha to ReCaptcha. Then go to Extensions > Plugin Manager, find the Captcha - ReCaptcha plugin and open it up. You can now click on the new Add Attachment button beneath the Editor Window in Joomla 2.5.
Learn Joomla!, one of the most popular Joomla books, has just released a fully revised and rewritten edition of the book, available now for download. The Joomla development team has delivered the easiest to use and most feature packed Joomla ever on 24th January.
When the Joomla Community was asked to vote for new features, simple updating came top of the list. Building custom Joomla templates to match your branding requirements couldn't be easier with Artisteer.

Let us know if you are interested in intermediate and Joomla 2.5 skills updating courses or template building, and vote for the Joomla book you would like next. When I sat down to build version 2.0 of the Learn Joomla website I found it was a much bigger job than I anticipated.
It may seem strange to some readers that we are introducing a revised version of the Learn Joomla! Removing horizontal space in mosimage Wednesday, 01 November 2006 When using the mambot {mosimage}, Joomla automatically puts a horizontal space (hspace) around your image.
Please review this selection to find an answer to your question before asking a support operator.
Paste the two keys you have received into the correct fields in the plugin and click Save & Close.
This will show the PDF or other attached article as a download link at the bottom of your article. Readers who require detailed information about the changes to the underlying programming structure should refer to the Joomla website for more information. Every single step-by-step instruction has been tested with the new stable Joomla 2.5 release.

This can destroy a website layout, especially one that is specifically sized up to the last pixel. His expertise in UNIX platforms, web development, and emerging technologies has earned him an on-going instructional spot for professional development courses at Georgia Tech and Emory’s Continuing Education, including Unix system administration, databases, programming, electronic commerce, and information security. Open Source Training is not affiliated with or endorsed by Open Source Matters or the Joomla! You can then use the Media Manager feature which generates the correct URL to your PDF file when you select it and cut and paste this URL as a link in the appropriate place in your article page using the link button in MCE editor.
However, there are a number of good reasons why many website developers are staying with Joomla!1.5 even for new websites at present.

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