There are many philosophies and methodologies to learning, the true success of an educational approach is measured by the results it achieves. Our program is just as focused on teaching students valuable life skills as any particular subject matter. Enhance Learning Skills, such as capitalizing on curiosity, adapting to change, and identifying sources of knowledge. Strengthen and Use Decision Making Skills, such as establishing goals and priorities, understaning the most effcient and effective steps to achieving one's goals. The workshop on advanced communication skills is aimed at improving the general interpersonal interaction of the participants with a special focus on handling various social situations, making impressive presentations as well as faring well in Group discussions and interviews of all kinds. The course will not only focus on the essentials of effective communication in all the above situations but will also provide a platform to participants to practice their skills and receive corrective feedback.

Students, working professionals, businessmen and all those who need to communicate well as a part of their profession. At Excelsior, education is more than memorizing facts and historical dates; it is an opportunity to empower students to achieve their full potential. It is through a learn by doing approach that teaches students vital life skills to become self-motivated, productive, and active members of society. It will eventually equip them with adequate proficiency to be better communicators and thereby to develop impressive personalities. Students develop key skills through working with our certified teachers and staff specialist, but more importantly it is the hands on experience they receive that defines an Excelsior Experience. The basic premise is that students learn more when they are active particpants in the learning process.

The current research indicates that developing a positive self-concept will substantially contribute to one's ability to deal successfully with issues in one's life. This will also contribute to eventually making a positive impact on the lives of others.
Improving communication skills includes: verbal and non-verbal communication, social skills such as diplomacy, negotiation, making friends, and conflict management.

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