Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Some our best reflections in a paperback book format - makes a great gift for colleagues, teams and graduates! I once worked for a large mobile phone company and we had a big period of uncertainty between projects. After the seminar I brought together some colleagues and we had weekly brainstorming sessions (which were also a lot of fun) through which we could generate at least a couple of patent ideas for submission each time.
As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. Training Simulations, Project Management Simulation, Business Analysis Simulation, Agile, Scrum simulation, Onlne Simulations, Minneapolis, St. Fissure recognized early that our clients wanted not only to understand good project management, business analysis and leadership but also be able to translate that knowledge into performance that affects the bottom line.

These market expectations and our understanding of what it takes to turn knowledge into performance inspired Fissure to create our simulation capability. The simulations were authored by a distinguished group of business analysts, project managers and leaders with over a century of experience. These posters are created by Rob Kriete from Teaching Quality to help "teachers and parents navigate what the new common core standards mean to children".
With no other work to do, I decided to get together a seminar for the entire R&D team with the corporate legal team to explain about how to submit patent ideas. Organizations expect that the return on training and consulting dollars be realized as soon as possible. Project management, business analysis and leadership are a complicated mix of processes, tools and soft skills and simulation is the only way to practice this mix of skills in an integrated experience over a short timeframe. The authors led projects in a broad range of industries and were responsible for budgets from thousands of dollars to billions.

The poster features six classroom scenes that demonstrate the key  skills that lead to 21st century success. Only one made it through to be accepted and patented (the one I thought least likely to succeed, no less!), but it was a great motivator and a great learning experience for myself, and for at least some colleagues I hoped.
Students leave the training without the comfort or competence to apply what they have learned and performance improvement is not maximized.
We guarantee that our simulation workshops will not only educate you but will give you the confidence to apply those skills on the job. Accompanied with this post is an evidence sheet  that teachers can draw on to help parents understand how the classroom activities fit in within a 21st century model of learning.

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