According to a survey on Digital Skills released by AVG Technologies, it found that 2-5 year-olds all over the world are learning computer skills faster than life skills.
While the findings may not be surprising to most parents – tying shoes can be hard – it is just how easy tech is to use, that is really the issue.
Here are some tips to help parents start thinking about how they should monitor their children’s interaction with technology at this age. Keep parental control software on your computer and keep the computer in the living room where Internet activity can be monitored. If you allow your child to play with your smartphone or tablet try to keep the apps educational and stay nearby. Understand why you have certain emotional reactions to challenges or difficult situations in life.

Discover 8 common errors in thought, how they affect your resilience, and how you can fix them. Learn how to effectively set short and long-term goals using the SCCAB model of goal-setting. Do 2-5 years-old seem too young for parents to start discussing tech education and how to be safe? This might seem like a no-brainer, but if you allow them to sit on your lap while you check your profile or update your status it won’t be long before they’ll want to participate too. Visit review sites and never assume your child doesn’t know enough or isn’t capable enough to put themselves in harm’s way. These skills include goal-setting, problem-solving, resilience, optimistic thinking, character strength development, emotional intelligence, self-confidence, and social skills.

In an era of cyber-bullying and online predators we must ask ourselves just how much parents should be concerned about this and how they can start protecting their kids from the very beginning. It’s very easy for them to hit the wrong button and accidentally land on content you haven’t approved.

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