Six months after her husband, Germaine ran off with her two boys, Niquole Wright has a sweet tooth for revenge. Niquole Wright seems to have it all; a loyal and devoted husband, two children and a rising record label that she dedicates more time to than her family.
In 2 Sides of a Penny Part two, time never stands still and the world continues to turn in directions that make Jason and Italy face their worst fears sooner than they’d like. Jason must come to grips with losing the people closest to him while struggling to hold on to the last thing he loves. From settling old scores with his one time friend Gooney to establishing new love, Jason continues to prove only the strong survive in a world of vultures. This classic story concludes the drama of two lives with two sides and all the confusion they each face while trying to maintain some kind of focused mind. Narrowly escaping death, thugged-out lesbian Donnie Stone, and sexy Symone Morrow continue their erotic romance, putting everyone around them in danger. Best Selling Author Miss KP is at it again, as she brings you another novel filled with deadly sins, lust, and heart-wrenching betrayal of two wives who are determined to dodge their pasts. After reading ‘I Should Have Seen Him Coming, you realize Zsaset is really cut out for that thug lifestyle. Friends disappear, family keep their distance, and her love life becomes strained, but she’s thankful for the few close friends in her circle. Danette Majette will have you screaming laughing and crying at the wild and crazy shenanigans, caused by no one but Zsaset in ‘I Should Have Seen Him Coming’ Part 2.e. Losing both parents to the cold Bay Area streets and a brother to the system, Jason can t help but shake the fear of being taken next.
Symone Morrow seems to have it all, a skyrocketing career, money to burn, and a sexy fiance, Kenyon Steele, CEO of a multi-million dollar company. Imagine having your innocence stolen at an early age by someone you trust, or struggling financially before even knowing the meaning of the word struggling . After being locked down for over a decade, former street thug, Science has reentered society ready to reclaim what was once his.
The Dirty Divorce Trilogy has been a wild ride and readers just can t get enough of the Sanchez family drama. After the untimely death of her parents, Kenya Franklin thought she’d lost it all until the smooth and strikingly handsome, Myles Whitaker entered her life. Even more selfish and devious than before, Niquole will stop at nothing to get her kids back and make her husband suffer. An unexpected betrayal finds him trying to save his brother Savion who has become wanted for being America's nightmarish reality. With love, betrayal, violence, and corruption this story closes with a newfound honor respect and deep appreciation of life. Behind Donnie’s back, Sym- one tries her luck in getting back in Keyon’s good graces, only to receive the shock of her life. Zsaset’s goal is to make amends with her wrongdoings, but she’s doing a better job of ignoring the idea. In his struggle to stay alive, and keep his brother Savion from being America s nightmare, he must also worry about Gooney s underhanded plans.
In this gritty tale of money, sex and mayhem, Chyna Bishop must protect her family empire at all cost, despite the violence launched against her.

But very few people know the demons and secrets that lurk inside the walls of Kenyon and Symone’s seemingly happy home.
Webs of lies are spun and before Symone knows it, she becomes Charmaine’s new sexual obsession while Kenyon fights off his unknown perpetrators.
Ebony Canion has had her share of tumultuous events, yet even she was stunned when a speeding car hit her intentionally, dragging her through the streets with her body folded underneath the vehicle. Most think she has a picture perfect life; a loving husband, two beautiful daughters and a thriving business. Motivated by money, sex, and greed he stops at nothing, taking down old friends and new enemies. Unable to pull away from his magnetism, Kenya falls head over heels; eventually becoming emotionally obsessed and married to Myles against her better judgment.
Her street savvy personality mixed with her no-nonsense attitude has Niquole believing she has free reign to screw anyone who gets in her way. While still running from her abusive ex-boyfriend Donovan to facing the harsh truth from her mother Beth, Italy continues to make bad choices until one day faced with a life changing awakening. As Symone’s crazy antics get her nowhere fast, Cleo appears on the scene with a vengeance ready to take what’s his, or rather, the surgical enhancements belonging to Cha-Cha. While still trying to regain custody of her son, and keeping tabs on her ailing mother, Zsaset has her hands full just trying to keep herself alive.
Along with the love of his life Sheila, Jason moves heavy weight with the dreams of one day settling down and raising a family. Suffocating in her relationship, Symone searches for something new; that is, until Symone meets Donita “Donnie” Stone, a thuggish lesbian, who sweeps Symone off her feet effortlessly.
In a coma for nearly two months, Ebony had no idea her tongue and face had to be sewn back on, or the list of thirty other life-threatening injuries she had sustained.
With many scores to settle, the treacherous streets of Baltimore become a burial ground while new playas and determined hustlers all fight for the same territory. Juan is determined to become his own man speeding through the fast lane of money, cars, and women.
Soon, someone unexpected re-enters Niquole’s life and seems to be one of the many obstacles slowing her down and threatening to ruin her plans. When the handsome and seductive Kingston enters her life, he becomes the perfect substitute. A few blocks over, Italy is abused daily by her crack-addicted mother and longs for the love of her deadbeat father. Nothing gets in her way…not even Nessa, a sexy outsider who secretly plots her revenge.
Her friends try to warn her that Donnie is no good and that her past bears a host of deadly secrets, including a psycho ex-girlfriend, Charmaine, who doesn’t take too kindly to Donnie’s new plaything.
Unfortunately for Mykah, her devious secrets are revealed and her hustling ways come to an end. As he dominates the industry his father once ruled, he soon learns that being top dog carries a heavy price tag. After giving birth to her daughter, things start to change and pieces of the puzzle slowly come together causing Kenya’s happy life to shatter. Right across the pond, newlywed Kennedi a sassy socialite, tries to keep secrets buried from her new husband who suffers from amnesia.

Finally crossing paths, Jason proves to be a blessing and a curse to Italy, giving her a dose of reality on more than one occasion. After dancing with murder, betrayal and mayhem, Science stacks paper and assembles a team to take over Charm City. While Juan constantly lives trying to dodge his demise, Denie stares death straight in the face as she keeps secrets buried to stay the baddest chick in the DMV.
When she learns about her husband’s ultimate betrayal, and realizes Myles is a counterfeit husband, Kenya can’t help but ask herself, who the hell did I marry? Desperate to start a new life with her new man, Niquole does everything in her power to push Germaine out of the picture. Her dark past if revealed, could cost her to lose it all from the only man she’s ever loved. As Italy s life spirals out of control, she s reminded of Jason s teachings but the boosting and drug dealing lifestyle has her trapped. As unsuspecting enemies emerge, murder is eminent, and the last one standing will walk away with millions. Canion delivers a riveting story about overcoming tragedy throughout her childhood, and developing the will to live after numerous attacks on her life. With his brothers behind him, violence erupts everywhere leaving no one exempt; not even the love of his life.
Denie is willing to put others at risk in order to live the life she’s become accustomed to. As the two wives’ worlds collide, lives are lost, loyalties are tested, and lessons are learned as Miss KP takes you on another ride filled with twists and turns. While Juan and Denie grow up repeating the vicious cycle Rich created, someone familiar watches in the shadows for revenge to ruin the Sanchez empire. Sit back and see what happens when a wife learns that the price of betrayal can have a shattering toll.
As the tangled web of lies grow larger, one thing is for sure, the truth shall set you free. Hold on to your seats for another shocker of a husband’s worst nightmare of ultimate betrayal.
Her scars tell a story that must be heard and will have you never wanting to complain again. On the brink of losing everything, Mykah realizes just how lonely the game is in the pursuit of money, lust and men.
Relationships are tested, lives are lost, and loyalty goes out the window as the Sanchez family battles to stay on top of the game that ruined them from the start. 2 Sides of a Penny is a roller coaster ride through triumph and loss, love and hate, power and revenge, deceit and mutiny to see who will be the last breathing survivor..

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