July 22, 2014 by David Cantu One of the best aspects of talking with a life coach is that each session is specifically tailored to meet your needs. This differs from traditional intelligence as it deals directly with one’s ability to comprehend relationships and their reaction to everyday events on an emotional level. To learn more about emotional intelligence and how working on it can improve your personal and professional lives, click the tab or this link.
July 11, 2014 by David Cantu When one hears the term “life coaching,” it can have a very different connotation than other forms of counseling.
But did you know that couples all across the country are receiving positive results from their joint life coaching sessions? While it might be the first go-to practice that comes to mind when thinking about relationship work, life coaching can be a great way to bridge communication gaps without cutting off other aspects of one’s life. But because we’re emotionally involved, objectively looking at how we interact with one another can often be difficult. However, a life coach is able to give outside advice from the perspective of someone trying to resolve conflict. When it comes to determining relationships, working with a life coach can help you better determine a recurring problem, as well as finding a solid solution. June 9, 2014 by David Cantu When setting out to make a large decision, weighing the pros and cons can often feel like a burden. Life coaches are trained to help with these types of large life adjustments, as well as the everyday choices that helps us get them there.
When it comes to making life decisions, there is plenty to be gained from using a life coach. Filed Under: Personal Growth Tagged With: benefits of a life coach, life coach benefitsDoes your Life Need a Life Coach?
May 28, 2014 by David Cantu When stopping to consider the future, many get bogged down and overwhelmed with the possibilities. Friends and family members often make a good sounding board, but can actually have too much information. If you have problems making decisions, are not where you’d like to be personally or professionally, or are just looking for some outside advice, a life coach may be the solution you’ve been looking for. No matter if you think your life needs a little bit of coaching or a full-on overhaul, a life coach can help you work through whatever issues may arise.
A client recently and expressed frustration that his wife felt unheard and unimportant to him, she told him she felt very little hope that he would ever change.
Fortunately this client really loves his wife, but he didn’t realize that he was focusing on her imperfections rather than the things she does right. Filed Under: Articles, Love, Relationships, Spirituality Premarital Counseling Questions, Who Are You?
January 15, 2013 by David Cantu Premarital counseling questions typically include ideas about spirituality, religion, finances, culture, blended families, compatibility and identity. Premarital counseling questions surface many deeply ingrained and cherished beliefs about who we are. Marriage counseling questions can help you find out who you truly are by encouraging you see yourself in a more expansive way. January 8, 2013 by David Cantu Most client couples prefer to focus on their intimate relationship, but many still contact us for help for the entire family. Being good parents is, to say the least, a most rewarding and at the same time challenging task.
Filed Under: Articles, Relationships Is Life Getting Worse, or Are You Living the Good Life?
July 17, 2012 by David Cantu Probably the most important couple counseling technique any counselor can use is empathy, the ability to sense and understand what each person is experiencing and feeling throughout the relationship. The third most important tool is a willingness to be firm and direct while maintaining compassion and consideration. Dozens of other techniques are important, including knowing the most opportune times to deal with certain issues, warning clients of potential dangers, sharing one’s own personal experiences, and being humble enough to acknowledge mistakes. December 16, 2011 by David Cantu I got an email from a client recently in which she described herself as emotionally immature. The point about my client is that her awareness of emotional immaturity is very beneficial to her and can lead her to make changes to live a more fulfilled life and better relationships. November 25, 2009 by David Cantu Chemistry in a relationship is like a performance; one is electrifying and another is boring.
Chances are you’re reading this because you’re in a relationship lacking in chemistry and wondering whether to stay or go. Life Coach Austin Reviews"My experience with previous counselors has been that I was told to behave differently. Life and Relationship ClassesClasses for a More Fulfilled Life - Become a Life Coach Training - Couples Weekend Retreat! Think of them as a way to geta "swift spiritual kick to the head that will alter your reality forever," in a good way! Whether you’re looking for help dealing with personal blocks, lack of motivation, challenges in your marriage, infidelity, or other relationship issues, our Life and Relationship Workshops can help you. For more information on the Life Coach Skills Training Classes refer to the Life Coach Training page for more information.
March 31, 2007 by David Cantu Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be. Susan Tolles is a Certified Life Purpose Coach who offers Christian life coaching for women who are ready for life renewal. Based on the goals you provide (or outcomes you prefer), as well as your personalized answers, a life coach can adjust their skill set in order to best meet your needs.
When talking with your life coach, this might be something you wish to explore without even knowing it. Whether you work on this aspect in an individual setting or through the proven workshop, with a little dedication you can work to improve yourself immensely. Especially that of marriage or relationship counseling, which is generally considered to be a deeper, more personal experience than that of a life coach. While the terms might have gotten muddled down along the way, life coaching is actually a viable options for couples of all statuses. No matter how we try to lay out the facts, our personal preferences and feelings toward a certain instance will get in the way of our overall understanding of a scenario. With additional guidance from these professionals, you can work to make small decisions that lead toward an overall goal. Use your life coach to bounce ideas or talk about various career or school choices as they arise.
Not only do they have experience evaluating various life decisions, they can be used as a safe sounding board for important life issues. With career choices, schooling, and personal changes all to be looked into, choosing just a single path is almost always the most difficult step. Rather than placing people into categories, these coaches talk with you, ask questions, and more, in order to find the best path to meet your projected outcome. If he still doesn’t get it you need to search for other ways to get past his indifference.
It’s an easy thing in relationships to get carried away by the imperfections of your lover. A key for improved communication is empathy, better understanding your partner’s point of view.
When I asked what his response was to her complaints about him, he said he tried to explain that she was very important to him and that he did listen to her. He realized that he was behaving as if his words and actions were truly perfect and all that needed to happen was she needed to listen to him.

Having the courage to try things when you may fail is scary, but will teach you what you are good and not so good at and provide you with clarity about who you are, how to change, and how to be true to yourself. We ask that children be at least in their teens, our focus with families is the parenting as well as the marriage relationship. Parents love their children a great deal and yet find themselves frequently overwhelmed with the tasks of balancing work, a partner’s ideas of child rearing, blending families, and the innumerable demands of running a household. In order to help your children we focus first on building a relationship of trust by getting to know them and at the same time encouraging them to see themselves and others differently. People put a great deal of stock in their emotional beliefs about what is good and what is bad, often without a realistic interpretation of past, impending, or future results. Almost all those varied metrics of social wellness have improved by more than 20% over the past two decades. After getting information from a couple we begin by giving feedback and confirming with each person about the appropriateness of the information. Even though a partner is hesitant, or unwilling, we can give you specific ideas about things you can do to implement change in a relationship. Rest assured there are things you can do to address these challenges, but your primary problem is often not with the outside influences, but your relationship with your partner. Couples have a sense of their problems, but are often blind to their own failures and sometimes fail to see hidden motivations that greatly impact a relationship. Knowing that a coach isn’t a 90lb weakling strongly reinforces a persons confidence in him. A good coach works dilligently to create hope and a clear direction for couples to achieve their goals and overcome obstacles. We are each as emotionally mature as our experience, actions, and beliefs have led us to be. Her past is certainly affecting her current outcomes, but it doesn’t need to define her future. Maybe the chemistry was once there, but you no longer feel “in love.” Or it was never there and you suspect you made a big mistake. I think of it as a strong attraction that includes love, lust, infatuation, and a desire to be involved intimately with someone. Because it’s unconscious, searching for chemistry in a relationship is a hit-and-miss proposition.
Once found, you’ll have to be patient again – or you may make a mistake you’ll deeply regret.
Depending on your needs and circumstances, we think you will find great benefit from our Friday evening workshops. Our aim is to help you achieve your goals with real solutions: in your first life coach session expect to get useful information you can implement right away. To schedule a discounted initial session, or if you have questions please call (512) 653-4316. Expect positive change as you move to the heart of any issue with insight, a plan of action, and resulting peace. Far too often our vision is short sighted and our need for instant gratification so great that we don’t accomplish what we seek; so we get angry.
Getting angry focuses attention on your feelings of powerlessness rather than on your goal. Susan leads each of her clients through a customized, proven process to discover her life's purpose, overcome her limiting beliefs and create a strategic plan for personal and professional success as she reaches her God-given potential.
Those working on relationships will receive far different feedback from those working to advance their career, and so on. Just like with schoolwork, the more you study and read up on a specific topic, the better equipped you are to take on the subject.
Whether you’ve been together a few months or decades, a life coach can bring the insight needed to help your relationship succeed.
Whether done as a couple or in separate sessions, life coaching can be just the cure your relationship needs to get past whatever rough patch it’s been going through.
Whether dealing with a significant other, a friend, or an outside acquaintance, talking and communicating with one another can benefit or hurt our daily interactions.
They also have experience in counseling, which means they know how to help others better communicate. And stopping to think about which actions might lead to the best results can be overwhelming. Here, you can play out different scenarios and determine which steps will better lead you toward your overall goal(s). Consider signing up for your own life coach today to receive ongoing support when working to move forward in your personal or professional life. With the help of an outside perspective, however, those choices can not only become easier to make, but become clearer as to how they fit into your future.
Following is an edited conversation in couples counseling I had with a client who wasn’t very happy with her partner. Is it okay with you that your partner doesn’t listen to what’s important to you? It doesn’t take a lot of skill to point out to your partner what she does wrong and to imagine that the true fault in your love life has much more to do with her than yourself. In the coming weeks, with a bit more tweaking and love coaching, he’s highly likely to become a much better listener.
While these things can be helpful and we need to know the problems of the marriage for effective family counseling, it’s essential that each person be willing to address his or her own contributions to the breakdown in the relationships. We find that one of the biggest challenges for young people is confidence and feelings of helplessness in being heard.
The reality is that once the election is over, the doom and gloom many people expect rarely materializes. If your partner thinks it’s your problem, then encourage him to come in and tell us what exactly those problems are so you can get to work on them. It’s a myth that we can’t change other people, we can, we just need the right tools for the job! Most of the time the challenge is with how the partner handles those influences, rather than the influences themselves.
With a shifting world dynamic people find themselves dating, or marrying people from all parts of the world.
With trust a couple will find themselves sharing both their darkest secrets and deepest needs, thus giving the counselor the most relevant information needed to best guide them forward.
At the same time, knowing he cares and is considerate makes it easier to deal with painful factors, rather than avoid them. A calm and peaceful demeanor, blended with humor when appropriate, are essential backdrops that make it easier for a couple to cope with serious hardships brought to the surface in a marriage counseling session. Merely saying she want to change isn’t sufficient either, she needs to take action which will help her increase her emotional maturity. Consider this: Maybe the real issue isn’t so much the lack of chemistry but some other problem you haven’t identified.
Now I know that I can be different – a permanent solution that comes from within and reaches every corner of my life. However, you may feel uncertain about choosing from a long list of life coaches or marriage counselors you don't know, and that's understandable. Attend to your real desire; obstacles are certain to arise, but the biggest hurdle is your own will to overcome them and to see your goal to fruition. At the end of their time together, her client knows exactly where she is headed, she is taking action on her goals,and she has the confidence to live an authentic life, defining success on her own terms, not the world's.As a Christian mentor and life coach for women, Susan offers three Christian coaching options. It’s a completely individualized experience from the start, as well as each individual session.

Additionally, a life coach can help you work on other areas of your life — whether as a couple or separately. Based on one’s mood at the time, an interaction can greatly change the dynamic of two people. With outside help, however, especially from someone who is specifically trained to help create the best possible outcome, those decisions can be made with far more confidence.
With the help of an experienced life coach you can not only earn some much-needed advice, but get started on a researched plan to help get you where you need to be. Stop getting your cues about what is right or wrong from anyone else; listen to your own instinct and be an advocate for yourself.
Love and relationship coaching is about looking at yourself, asking yourself what things you can do to improve your partnership or marriage, and better appreciating how your partner loves you.
This is well and good, but when it comes to closeness, it’s far more important to put energy into what your partner feels, needs, and wants.
I explained to him that his response was very natural, that he was in the best way he knew trying to reassure her.
You’ll open yourself to the opportunity to develop your strengths and passions and find others to help you on your life journey. It’s not so much who did what wrong, but what each person can do to improve the situation. This does not apply to elections only, as a life coach and marriage counselor, I see this sort of negativity many other aspects of people’s lives, including marriage, family, and relationships.
That said, it’s still an inside job, in other words the more you change yourself, the easier it will be to better influence your partner. In addition to the participants, assistants who have previously taken the course also attend. Yes, it’s possible; but if you aren’t attracted to her, you may come to resent your decision. Because it’s unconscious, feeling deeply attracted to someone can be a result of childhood issues you’re unaware of or haven’t resolved. One of the comments I hear most often is, “We’ve been married for years, but haven’t felt ‘in love’ since the early part of our marriage.” The “high” of new love rarely lasts more than a couple years.
In order to do so you must have one essential ingredient – willingness on the part of both people involved.
Whether you want personal coaching or marriage counseling, I offer you a guarantee: if you are not satisfied with your initial session, let me know and I will not charge you. Whether your concerns are related to inadequacy, fear, jealousy, anger, or a general lack of motivation – we can help!
In life coaching sessions we challenge you to look within yourself and to see your life as it really is rather than how it feels. Regardless of how we express it, or whether it’s just or inappropriate, anger is a fleeting and ineffective antidote to feelings of powerlessness to get what we want. By intermingling these topics, many couples have been able to find more success and in quicker fashion. Because they know you, and perhaps the other party involved, their opinion isn’t able to be objective. Rather than a family member who will have opinions based on your past, present, or future, a life coach will look at the pros and cons of each situation and be able to asses them for what they are. This is not to say that your needs are unimportant, rather that the most powerful way for you to get your needs met is to make sure you understand where your partner is coming from. Then I suggested to him that it was the worst thing he could do and that he made a difficult situation worse.
If you believe you are a good, loyal friend to someone you have known for years, do you respond with kindness and support, or do you criticize and avoid them? Parents also have to deal with children who are trying to establish their own identity and balancing that against their experiences as kids. In the following article by author Steve Johnson we’re asked to assess the state of a number of indices of everyday life. We strive to make each session informative and helpful, we also give specific homework assignments to help couples implement changes. With it, you may be attracted to someone who you know, intellectually, is not good for you. Once over, you’ll need to replace it with something more substantial: caring, respect, forgiveness, and an ability to communicate. My experience with couples is once a person has “given up,” has decided in his heart he no longer wants the relationship, the chances of rekindling love are minimal. We can help you understand the true source of these problems, give you tools to overcome them, and encourage you to set and achieve goals that put the past where it belongs – behind you. Whether you are experiencing career burnout, want to start a business, or you're going through a difficult transition phase such as divorce or empty nest, Susan's passion and expertise will help you find your purpose and create a revitalized life. Rather than just working on the relationship itself, they’re able to find positive movement in various areas of life. Life coaches can also be used to bounce ideas off of without the fear of hurting their feelings.
As you better understand her, you make it far more likely that she will want to reciprocate to help meet your needs. As marriage counselors our aim is not so much to tell you how to be better parents, but to help you expand your ideas of parenting and explore better ways of relating to a partner, or an ex, especially when it comes to children. We live in a shrinking world and our Austin marriage counselors have extensive experience coaching couples from any race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.
You don’t have to have a lot of willingness; faith the size of a “mustard seed” can be enough.
Whether the issue is distance, unresponsiveness, infidelity, control, or commitment, we offer insight and solutions tailored to your specific needs.
Get started, call or E-Mail Carrie Manongdo, Janai Bryan, David Cantu – Life Coach Austin Texas today.
As you acknowledge those two aspects, you will find yourself more grounded in reality and better able to cope with difficulties in your career, relationships, or work life. We get angry in order to relieve the helplessness that we feel – and for a little while we may succeed – but in fact, anger forfeits power. Get ready to live an authentic life that fully honors God in all things!Fill out the form below to request a consultation with Susan! Are you overly critical, do you overly value yourself, are you controlling, are you a people pleaser, or do you see yourself as you truly are?
A strong emotional experience often leads to repetitive thinking that doesn’t lead to real change. At best, you can have both chemistry and love; at worst, you may have chemistry and misery or no chemistry and misery.
From this new perspective, you are able to effectively set goals, and take action to make them reality. We put whomever or whatever we’re angry with in the driver’s seat of our emotions and lives.
Honest self-appraisal is difficult habit to implement, you’re likely to delude yourself unintentionally about who you truly are and the true reasons for your habits. Regardless your definition, chemistry is unconscious; we don’t “choose” who we’re attracted to.
Once we realize this, we can begin practicing putting a stop to such thinking and instead learning to focus out attention on whatever it is we are doing in the moment.

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