That’s right, in just a short amount of time you can study and get certified as a Life Coach, adding these valuable skills to your current practice or starting a whole new stream of income, as a separate business!
We also have many other fine Certification Courses here at The Guild, for which we have secured special pricing! If you are a friendly person that enjoys encouraging others, and applauding their success, life coaching could be the right career for you. During your training period, you will spend several months filled with amazing self-discovery and empowerment. The text book you will be learning from is The Life Coach Company -What's Stopping You - Training Manual. We will spend the first five lessons learning how to discover what prevents clients from moving forward - What keeps them stuck, How they feel about themselves and their life, What are their core beliefs and how do they relate to the world around them.
If client changes for the coach and because of the coacha€™s advice, these changes will not last. You will learn what kind of legal structure you need for your practice and what you should do about taxes. Finally, at the end of the workbook are coaching forms that you can use for your own clients. Rhonda Robbins, is a Success Strategies Coach.  She helps individuals, and business owners reach the next level of success (however they define and generate it).
We each generate our success, and how we frame what we WANT stems from our core values and beliefs.  We carry these core values and beliefs into every situation. Her commitment is always to leave you with more than you had before your interaction with her, or her work.
Rhonda otbained her life coaching certification from Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts (SWIHA) in Phoenix, Arizona in May 2011.

Rhonda otbained her NLP Practitioner Certification from The NLP Coaching and Skills Institute in Phoenix, Arizona in May 2011.  The intensive 120 hour training embraces the core competencies of neuro-linguistic programming. Rhonda completed Generative Hypnosis  at the  Up Hypnosis Institute in Tampa, Florida in August  2011.  The 13 hour training embraces some of the core competencies of practical application hypnosis. He is the Co-Founder & President of The Tarot Guild, the international organization for Tarot Professionals. And, you will be learning the necessary tools and skills needed to become an effective life coach. This workbook is divided into three fun and comprehensive parts: Discovery, Coaching Techniques and Building your Practice. And, although the techniques must be learned a€“ you may not be sure how to proceed in your coaching session. Life coaching is about knowing what questions to ask so that the client can have the answers. The client will become dependent on the coach and never become self-actualized and empowered.
The practicum will give you some experience in working with clients without being out on your own. You will develop the name of your practice and make sure that no one else is using your name. Believing that life achieves its ultimate meaning when we share it with those we love or bind to in lasting friendships, Robbins’ aspiration is to connect in a co-mutually and powerful way, resulting in hope, passion and possibility that keep us moving forward in every aspect of life. The intensive 100 hour life coaching training at SWIHA embraces the core competencies as outlined by both the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the International Association of Coaching (IAC).   SWIHA is licensed by Arizona State and nationally accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET) as a private college for holistic health care careers and continuing education. You will learn how to set up your clienta€™s files and what information and forms you will need from your clients.

Some of the forms are worksheets that you will have already completed during the Discovery part of your training. Every authority on life coaching recommends that you work with a coach before you become a coach.
Perhaps they have found something wonderful that works for them, or have had enough life experience that they now have sound advice to offer.
While you are going through your practicum, you will also begin establishing the legal aspects of your coaching practice. We will also discuss different marketing strategies including business cards, brochures, web-sites and advertising options. You will know where their doubt and hesitancy comes from and what they have to do to overcome it. You will be much better prepared to work with your clients when you are coming from a place of experience. By learning the proper Coaching Techniques, you will know exactly what questions to ask to guide your clients to the answers of their life.
Going through the coaching experience yourself will provide you with deep understanding on how to help your clients take on their greatest challenge; changing the way they think.

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