If you want the ability to choose when and where you work, then maybe you should consider a career in life coaching. There’s an old saying that time is money, and we understand that you’re looking to make changes NOW and not later. If you answered YES to any of these questions then becoming a certified life coach is for you!
Life coaching is usually done on the phone, meaning you can choose when and where you work from.
Life coaches are able to generate a great income by helping others create a better life, develop better relationships, or grow their business. That’s why we have developed a 1-Day Intensive Training Seminar that provides you with all of the resources needed to run a successful life coaching business.

With over 20 years of training and more than 5,000 certified life coaches, our program simply works.
Whether you choose to work from home or from an office, you are 100% in control of your destiny.
Unlike many other programs, which require you to invest thousands of dollars and years of valuable time, our proprietary one-day program is backed by the #1 Premier Life Coach Training Organization in the world, the International Coaching Science Research Foundation (ICS Research). After graduation you will continue to be supported by our group of mentors and former graduates.
Start A NEW Journey! *Get a better understanding on how to identify blocks or limiting beliefs that don't serve us well. If you’re ready to make a change NOW, then our 1-Day Intensive Life Coach Training is the ideal opportunity for you.

If you’re one of the people searching for Freedom, which you probably are, then you’re at the right place. Some of our graduates go on to become full time life coaches and others choose to work part time and spend their time chasing other passions.

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