The New York Knicks actually had the 2nd best record in the Eastern Conference three years ago.
Roy Hibbert’s block on Carmelo Anthony commenced the long winter for New York basketball ever since.
Vogel was recently shown the checkered flag on his career as the Pacers head coach, lasting six seasons on the job.
Vogel had the unenviable task of getting the once-proud Pacers back into the spotlight, which proved difficult especially with mid-Lottery picks and not exactly being the most ideal destination for free agents. Injuries played havoc with the Pacers’ plans for further success over the past two seasons, barely missing the playoff last season, and nabbing the 7th seed this season.
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The Knicks' hiring of Jeff Hornacek as their next head coach, especially by a team president married to an offensive system his new coach has zero experience with, seems bizarre.
The understanding, as outlined by Jeff Van Gundy, is that Jeff Hornacek will have the freedom to utilize an offense of his choosing.
Hornacek is not so familiar with the triangle having played under Jerry Sloan and coached a pace-and-space, pick-and-roll heavy offense in Phoenix. If Jeff Hornacek isn't forced to run the triangle, could the Knicks land a traditional point guard like Rajon Rondo (l.) or Mike Conley (r.) in free agency? It's a good question and tough to understand considering Thibodeau, in particular, was so successful in Chicago. However, anchored by Paul George, whom Vogel transformed into a superstar, the Pacers were the Lebron-free team to beat in the Eastern Conference.

Even in their downtrodden 7 spot, they still managed to give the Toronto Raptors a sold challenge in 7 games. First the Knicks have to build a roster around Carmelo Anthony, Kristaps Porzingis and Robin Lopez.
But we imagine that if the Knicks do abandon the triangle, it will be a blow to Jackson's ego.
If Jackson hired somebody out of network, why didn't he talk to Tom Thibodeau or Scott Brooks? Jackson reached out to Hornacek, David Blatt and Frank Vogel but passed on a former Coach of the Year. In the beginning there was a controversy with his Twitter account, then there was losing and calls for his departure from fans and the media. Even with the perception that Rambis undermined Fisher, there's a chance he joins Hornacek's staff.
In the triangle, there isn't much of a fit for a traditional point guard like Rajon Rondo, who operates in pick-and-rolls with the ball in his hands.
That has been his mindset because this is his preferred place to play, even if it doesn't represent his best chance to win. Assembled by none other than Phil Jackson, slated to lead this group into battle during the 2016-17 season is Kurt Rambis, who has a career winning percentage of .284. They had an enjoyed a term of prosperity, especially in Indianapolis, one the NBA’s smaller markets. They had the misfortunate of running into those Miami teams three consecutive times in the postseason. Displeased with the past two seasons, the Pacers opted to not renew Vogel’s contract.
Rambis has proven in both Minnesota and New York he can’t win as a head coach on the NBA level, and another option the Knicks have been considering, David Blatt, got forced out of Cleveland by the self-proclaimed best player in the game.

It's a question Jackson will have to answer at Hornacek's introductory press conference, assuming Jackson is there. He took part in Jackson's triangle seminar a€” which now seems like a big waste of time a€” and was part of the Knicks' contingent that went to the pre-draft minicamp in Chicago. They were not only teammates in Phoenix, but Hornacek also considered Rambis for his staff when he coached the Suns.
In Phoenix, Hornacek was successful with two dominant point guards in Eric Bledsoe and Goran Dragic. He applied pressure on Jackson to make an earnest coaching search a€” which really meant he didn't want the Knicks to just assume the triangle with Rambis in charge. Between 1990 and 2006, the Pacers missed the playoffs just once, making the NBA Finals in 2000.
The sheer depth of the Heat was too much for the Pacers to handle but Indiana gave the Heat their biggest challenge inside the conference, taking them to six games twice and seven one other time.
Usually when things aren't working a€” like 49-115 over the last two seasons a€” things are changed.
Hornacek and a different system can only mean positive things for Anthony's immediate future in New York. However, the players responsible for the final segments of success slowly disappeared after ’06.
By the time Vogel took over the head coaching job midway through the 2010-11 season, the Pacers had missed the playoffs for four straight seasons.

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