Take a quick tour of the License Coach online insurance certification and series exam training courses.
Efficiently manage your insurance certification training with License Coach's education courseware. The License Coach property & casualty course will walk you through the basics and the specifics about the variety of coverage options, perils, causes and claims associated with the industry.
Series 6 license entitles the holder to register as a limited representative and sell mutual funds, variable annuities and insurance premiums. Whether you are starting an entirely new career or seeking supplemental income, insurance and securities representation can be a rewarding and fulfilling career path. A new or supplemental career in the insurance or securities field offers plenty of benefits, a flexible work schedule and many financial rewards to those who are willing to put their new skills to work. Time Magazine predicts there will be over 200,000+ new jobs in the insurance sector within the next few years.
Good communication and a willingness to listen, comprehend and apply the skills learned from License Coach will send you down a fulfilling new career path.

In about two weeks you'll have all of the information that you need to pass your state insurance or series exam. Oureasy-to-understand charts, illustrations and video tutorials help you understand the concepts and information better and retain it longer than other online courses.
The Series 63 exam covers your state-specific rules and regulations for soliciting orders for any type of securities.
Your state requires that you pass an exam before they will grant you a license for representation. This booming industry allows you to help others plan for the future and protect what they have now. A large majority of insurance professionals manage mobile or home offices with very little overhead, making it easy to build a successful new business. License Coach will walk you through the ins and outs of learning your way through these courses with video tutorials and plenty of helpful learning tools. Whether you are expanding on an existing career or starting a whole new one, our efficient training system will prepare you for a rewarding future.

Topics include: mutual funds, variable annuities, securities and tax regulations, retirement plans and insurance products. License Coach flash cards, videos, illustrations and diagrams make quick work of understanding your state guidelines and will help prepare you to pass your exam the first time around.
License Coach will help guide you through everything you need to know to start your new career. You can work part-time as a supplemental source of income or you can grow your own small business with a full-time career as an insurance professional.

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