As we continue with our focus on Abundance this month, today I’d like to share 3 behaviors that have helped my clients to invite more Abundance into their lives – because as you know, having an Abundant Mindset is just the foundation. Set aside the time to focus and work on developing your own gifts so that you can bring your own work into fruition. You have so much treasure on the inside of you, why not invest your time in discovering and developing your treasures? My most successful clients have developed mindfulness in this area and are very serious about respecting what belongs to others. They have let go of a mindset of LACK, which by doing so, has knocked out the desire to steal.
Instead, try figuring out how you like to spend your time and find a way to build a living around what you like doing. You’ll find that there is more than enough to go around and that you will get what’s coming to you – and if you’re working hard and being the light you want to see in the world, you know that what’s coming to you is good. That’s how you invite more Abundance into your life in the areas that matter most – you become an example.
As you do that, you’ll start to attract more people who are also being examples of the light that they want to see in the world, and you’ll connect. I hope that today’s thought is of value to you as you move forward with building the life that you deserve.

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Stealing can come in many forms; it can be taking something tangible away from a person or it can come in more subtle forms like ‘borrowing’ ideas from people and not giving them credit.
It stems from the belief that says “I don’t have Faith in myself and the gifts that God has given me enough to work hard and develop them”. YOU HAVE ALL OF THE GIFTS THAT YOU NEED TO BUILD THE LIFE THAT YOU DESERVE WITHOUT HAVING TO STEAL FROM OTHERS.
They have learned that they have what it takes to come up with whatever ideas they need to come up with, or to generate whatever material things that they need.
Let me put it to you like this – at the end of the day, it will take you less time and energy to work for what you want, than it will for you to cut corners or to take advantage of others to get ahead.

That way, work won’t feel like burden – it will feel like a blessing and something that you’re excited to do! You’ll want to do your best and not cut corners, and you’ll realize that your gift is enough. Those connections are what can lead you to a wealth of new opportunities, experiences, and adventures that will help you live an abundant life. It can be something that is done with malicious intent, or something that is done mindlessly.
My latest book that I’m extremely excited about is called:“Authentic Being-Your Soul’s deepest secrets”. These are extremely inspiring collections of short writings, my spiritual insights, motivational quotes, positive affirmations, and my perception about life, the universe, and our relationship to ourselves with others in existence.

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