While currently based in Lafayette, LA, Camille continues to work with clients in Los Angeles and NYC. As a classically trained actor and dancer, Camille holds an MFA in Theater from Southern Methodist University and a BFA in Choreographic Design from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where she serves as Assistant Professor of Theater and Coordinator of Theatre. An avid yoga practioner and teacher, Camille has received her yoga teacher training from Yoga Works in L.A.
The Living Room Series: An intimate group workshop in a luxury spa-influenced living room setting focusing on re-discovering  or designing goals and how to bring them back into action.

The Coaching Salon: a six week series where clients work in a group setting to clarify changes they want to make, create a DO-ABLE goal lists and implement a workable plan of action.
Here we are, at mid year review, or is your year just beginning?  Depends on your perspective.
For some this habit is a sign of an underlying psychological pattern of playing not to lose, approaching life with a goal of avoiding losing. Maybe somewhere in life you decided that you were incapable of winning and have lowered expectations to merely not come in last.

The reason this has worked in the past, is that if something is incomplete then it cannot be judged as not good enough.

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