I know the saying ‘Summer bodies are made in Winter’ from a period of outdoor bootcamp sessions where my military trainer shouted at me to squat in the snow.
I’m a regular gym goer and I like to think I’m fairly fit but I let myself down on the weekends when I unleash my inner fat girl and eat every filthy meal Manchester has to offer. So when I heard about the 8 week Summer Body Blitz on offer at Y Club, which is free if you join the Y Club in May, I had no excuse – it's just round the corner from work in Castlefield, there's a fleshy overhang above my jeans I just can't shift and even a prize to be won. At the induction, we went through a health check and body measurements including height, weight, body fat percentage, blood pressure, lung capacity and flexibility – all very in depth. I was dreading the moment Maya pulled the scales out, having refused to step on them for a good year. Instead, she said measure yourself in inches, which she did, and by the tightness of your jeans. Maya asked me for my personal goals for the 8 weeks, these being to tone up and lose weight from my problem area – the dreaded tyre. Maya went through everything from how to warm up on the cardio machines, to getting my heart rate up for 20 minutes before doing the core workout.
Exercises in my programme include everything from bicep curls, tricep kicks to squats and walking like a crab. Maya ended the work out by giving me a pack including the work out plan, class timetable, lifestyle tips and ideas to help you along with keeping your diet in check. The beauty of this 8 week blitz, is that you won’t get bored; Maya is on hand to change up my work out every two weeks and has offered advice and support since the first visit and makes sure I’m happy when she sees me around the gym. So, here’s to the next 8 weeks and the hope of that toned, tyre-free goddess at the end of it. Please upgrade your browser to the latest version or download a different browser to improve your experience.
Award-winning theatre production, Wicked, is the musical prologue to the immensely popular fantasy story, The Wizard Of Oz, detailing the lives and experiences of good friends Elphaba and Glinda.
All profits from this club event goes to helping those devastated by the recent Nepal earthquake (tickets cost ?7). Mysterious artists Umbrellium will be bringing the magical Mini Burble sculpture to Salford Quays on Friday 17 July. Alligator Gumbo is a chilled and cool music performance using a Creole-swing genre of music to create a calm but joyful atmosphere.
Roseacre is a new and thrilling play inspired by Nordic Noir thrillers such as The Killing and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Mr Tumble is the rockstar of children's television - ask any young'un. Manchester International Festival has invited Justin Fletcher, known to millions of kiddywinks through the CBeebies show Something Special, for a special new show for children and their families in the intimate surroundings of Manchester’s Opera House.
Showing around 23 international theatre performances, Flare15 festival (no, not that other festival) continues its six-day run in Manchester this weekend.
Lifecoach’s reaction to this double-reversal of luck is about as poker-faced as a puppy finding a hidden cache of chew toys and treats under the sofa. Lifecoach, more than any other professional player, can be characterised by his intense analysis of both his and his opponent’s moves. His solution, then, is to identify allies among the competition, and the intel he is missing in order to maximise the effectiveness of his preparation.
However, when asked if it is something of a mistake to be streaming and allowing opponents to see your thought processes laid bare so close to a major tournament, Lifecoach disagrees – with a hint of cheeky bravado. It may seem like hubris to want to keep your opponents on the same rung of the ladder with you, but Lifecoach genuinely does not seem fazed by the idea.
Since random elements of the game are often the source of frustration among players, a better understanding of them will not only help you make better plays but it will also help you stay cool and collected. Players coming to Hearthstone from other games, where chance is a big factor are going to be more used to dealing with frustration and tilting. Which means that you should expect a single Boom Bot to deal 2.5 damage and 2 of them will deal on average 5 points of damage. Let’s say that you played Arcane Missiles against a single Worgen Infiltrator and none of the missiles hit that worgen, leaving him alive and making you waste a spell.

Everyone gets their share of bad beats, unlucky draws and terrible RNG, the better you learn how to cope with it, the better your decisions will be. Despite many similarities, Hearthstone is still it’s own game and differs in many ways from poker. When you take a risk, you should also try to approximate how important it will be in terms of you winning or losing the game. With experience you’ll gain a better understanding of the importance that each choice has for the outcome of the game and that will let you know when to take a bigger risk. I hope this helps shed some new light on randomness in Hearthstone and how you can look at it to facilitate your decision making process.
Share your opinions and post your questions in the comments, I’m always happy to answer them. Over 400,000 people each month use Hearthstone Players to improve their Hearthstone skills.
This article is well written and very helpful, especially for players who are not very familiar with how random chance works. My trainer was Maya, an extremely energetic and enthusiastic woman who managed to calm my nerves and actually get me looking forward to the challenge ahead. However, Maya didn't bring out my nemesis, as scales don't account for muscle weight, bone density or height - great as I’m short with very, very heavy bones. I left the session feeling excited, knowledgeable and looking forward to the summer body I would see at the end of the 8 weeks.
It shocked me that even though I go to the gym so often, I had muscles in places I never knew existed.
In a beguiling and an extravagant stage setting, the audience is witness to their adventures before the turn from their natural selves into the Wicked Witch of the West and the Good Witch of the South.
Static in Manchester City Centre will include some top current DJ’s playing a genre mix of Classic House, Old Skool and Anthems. The 100 ft floating spectacle, constructed with 300 LED lit balloons, will be accompanied by a 100 strong street dance performance choreographed by the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony team and the Honour Choir. Flare15, also dubbed ‘The Socio-Cultural Festival’, is opportunity for new and studying artists to debut their talents in interactive theatre displays. Manchester International Festival has given the dancers their first set of European performances, with support from Manchester-based dance talent. The game was long past the point of keeping secrets however, as he finished up the match and accepted his invite to this month’s World Championship at BlizzCon. I feel like that wasn't my hardest challenge but it was, shall we say, unpleasant,” Lifecoach tells us.
This manifests in pre-tournament preparation that takes into account as many factors as he can, but with the final test looming so soon, he is concerned how BlizzCon will turn out.
His reasoning, and it is a rare and unappreciated value within the cut-throat world of competition, is that above all else, he wants to help.
The elements of being a successful Hearthstone player overlap with the elements of being a successful poker player in many places. Since Hearthstone is a game focused entirely on your decision making, those skills are crucial to success.
I recommend that you look into the basics of poker and learn some of the poker strategy, as it will help you gain a deeper understanding of card games and games with random elements, including Hearthstone.
If we made that bet, but agreed to do it just once and it came up as tails, making you the loser would it still be a good bet for you?
Before we see the outcome, you have no way to know the result, but what you do know is the Expected Value. You can see that it adds up when we multiply it by 100, because we get the same $50 as in the first example. What’s most important is that you make your choices based on what is most probable and not based on the actual outcome. You should never let this outcome influence how you approach similar situations in the future.

Become aware of the bias that makes us notice and remember negative events much more than the average or positive ones, so that you can separate your decision making from it. Those 5% and less chance events have to occur sometime, and they will happen to you over the course of your Hearthstone adventure a lot of times.
Boom with 3 hp left, and you have a Darkbomb and Imp-losion in your hand, but only enough mana to cast one of them, which one should you use? Sometimes you’ll be in a very bad spot where the safe option will just not be enough and you will need to take a risk in order to make a comeback. Remember that everyone gets both, lucky and unlucky moments in Hearthstone and keep your chin up when the latter happens to you.
Many people think you need to run on the treadmill for an hour to lose weight when in fact, a core workout is much more productive as it keeps your body guessing. The Six-piece Band are a band which do gigs across England and focus on music types such as Swing, Jazz and Blues. This weekend sees the 'Extraordinary Flare Party' takeover the Z-Arts centre for an evening live performances, music and dancing (see full performance line-up here). The high-energy, high-impact display of bone-breaking, connecting and waving continues this weekend. In a massive turn of fortunes, the young Russian pulled exactly the card he needed from the deck, but in haste failed to carry out the rest of his turn in the right order, ending his qualifying hopes and sending his opponent to California. If we flipped the coin a hundred times, I would have to pay you about $100 and you would pay only $50, giving you a profit of approximately $50. Often people just throw it into something and hope for the best, but how much damage should you expect them to do?
If you predict a target to be hit by one of the bombs, you should play as if that bomb would kill a 2 health target, but not a 3 health target. Always try to figure out your chances and pick the option with the highest rate of success. Whenever that happens, try to just accept that this is one of those moments and realize that you’ve done nothing wrong if it came just to the RNG and you did everything you could to put yourself in a favorable position. While the outcome of each poker hand can vary wildly in terms of how much money you win or lose, the outcome of a Hearthstone match is always binary – win or lose (with the rare exception of a draw). We already know that we should expect implosion to deal 3 damage, but we also know that 33.3% of the outcomes will result in dealing only 2 damage. The Y Club goes above offering the standard gym equipment which makes your workout more interesting and beneficial. This event will take place 9.30pm on Friday night 17 July and will conclude at 1am and will be hosted at Matt and Phreds in the Northern Quarter. Other highlights includes challenging performance Body On'- two performers in an empty space, in search for each other. That painful final game against Pavel was one such match-up, which could have gone either way had his opponent taken his time. Today I will explain how to look at random effects in Hearthstone from a different perspective.
If you expect a target to be hit by two bombs (for example you wipe the board with Hellfire killing all minions in the process and sending the bombs to your opponents face), you should make your decisions as if the bombs dealt 5 points of damage, because that will be the average outcome.
Boom surviving lowers your chances of victory drastically, you should not take the risk and simply use Darkbomb. If your hero is healthy but this time your enemy is on low health and you realize that having few Imps on the board will greatly increase your chances to win, then you should take the Imp-losion route.

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