You are the one others go to – the attentive listener who compassionately supports friends, co-workers and family members.
The secrets of professional coaching have been discovered, and are no longer limited to CEOs and celebrities. Most importantly: you want to be rewarded for your impact and influence on others, enjoying a lifestyle and career that suit your needs. Operating within the framework of ICF Certification, our Whole Person Coaching ® Certification Programs offer over 140 hours of beginning and advanced coach training, coupled with ongoing master-level mentoring. Train at our facilities here in Portland, OR, or complete coursework at your convenience through one of our live, interactive online coach certification programs.
Learn what it takes to keep your body, mind and spirit in optimal health to go the distance of your life.
Understand the operation of your mind and ways to work with it to ensure you succeed in all areas of life. The process of becoming a better you begins with developing an awareness of what is not working in your life and wanting to change this. When moving forward in life, it is common to have issues from the past come up and get in the way causing emotional distress and a feeling of being stuck.  Rather than gloss over these issues, examining them can be very helpful within the framework of a therapeutic process. My approach to working with you is humanistic, interactive, and integrates many different therapeutic and coaching modalities. Skills and tools for healing physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually, in order to live life fully, are an important and effective part of my coaching process. Your mind is enriched by the self-help and psychology content you’ve read over the years, making you no stranger to the power of personal and professional growth. More than ever, individuals and companies are hiring people just like you to help others become highly effective in their lives and businesses. You’ve been searching for an approach that allows you to be highly effective in your own process by leveraging the best you have to offer: your knowledge, experience and expertise. You’ll appreciate the depth of learning and credibility you gain with our Whole Person Coach ICF Certifications or Board Certified Coach Certifications.

With two levels of certification and a coaching business school, you can get started with your coaching program immediately and embark on a life-changing career or business within a matter of months. Whichever path you choose, you’ll find a rigorous, year-long program supported by leading instructors and a large network of professional global graduates – all delivered in a way that fits into your busy schedule.
Whether you fall on one end of the spectrum or the other, at some point you’ve had to navigate an interaction or event that either felt like too much or too little stimuli. What if I told you the key to letting go of the past and building self-confidence was to live in the present?
Mastering life skills is essential for living your best life with great health, purpose and intent.
Perhaps you feel that you’ve been coaching all your life – a feeling that’s continuously validated by others suggesting that you become a life coach. You desire to release those who seem to be forever caught in their stories and struggles, enabling them to reclaim who they are as they reinvent their lives. Whether you want to become a holistic life coach, wellness coach, or offer your wisdom through another specialized coaching niche, you’ll gain the skills, tools and client-attracting business platform to support others and generate exponential results by strategically working to elicit the very best from your clients.
That’s why holistic transformational coaching (Whole Person Coaching®) is the #1 choice for those who understand the transformative value of working with the whole person – mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. It’s not easy to fully honor your partner each moment of each day, after all life gets busy, the job, the kids there’s very little time for yourself let along for your partner.
Once we become aware then we can begin to make a connection to all the situations in which this is happening which further reinforces the need to make some positive changes.
Taking action, no matter what you are up against or how much you are resistant to it, is key to your physical and mental health and life success. I will help you recognize your patterns and beliefs systems which have guided you in how you experience and relate to yourself and others in your life (ie: what you think, feel, and do). So they’re seeking well-trained coaches who can address a wide variety of challenges and be adaptive and flexible in their approach. You seek a holistic approach that addresses the mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual aspects of change – an approach that works with the whole person and the many aspects of their life.

Whole Person Coaching® has become the go-to method for seasoned coaches, holistic healers and other professional change makers who value an advanced holistic approach for working with their clients. Learning and integrating new skills that can assist you in making healthy changes and enhance your relationships will help to make your life more successful.
Tamara has guided me to make decisions based on what I want not what I fear, changing negative thinking to positive. Or incorporate the self-motivating techniques of coaching into your existing wellness, medical or service-related practice. It is especially useful for helping those who are navigating the fear and uncertainty we all face when going through life’s bigger changes to circumstance and identity. Once you have mastered these skills and can automatically use them in a variety of novel situations then healing has occurred.
She has taught me how to make plans that are achievable for the future and most importantly how to enjoy and live more in the present moment. Regardless of your intended application, you’ll find the tools and methodology of Whole Person Coaching are universally adaptable. I appreciate your own ability to heal and share your life experiences within the depth of the material you are presenting to aid all of us in class. I, as well as the others in the group, were stretched to think out of the box in many areas of our lives. It gives me more to think about, topics that I wouldn’t have necessarily tackled myself anytime soon.Leila S., Portland, OregonI just want you to know how much I appreciate you for all you have done for me!

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