In 2011 the Nebeker family placed a single grave marker in the Payson City Cemetery for the above five children and located it block 20, lot 19, where we believe at least three of these children were buried. Travel to 6th South & 7th East in Payson -- home site of John Bolton and his wife Sarah Ann Baldwin Bolton. They also owned land on the north side of 400 North near 400 West, which was down-stream on Peteetneet Creek.A  This land contained the old a€?Nebeker Grovea€? and a molasses processing facility.
This land was inherited by their son, Ammon Nebeker, who lived in a house (still standing) on the NW corner of the intersection of 400 N.

Henry and Ann Nebeker also owned a lot inside of the fort on the SE corner of that fort (corner of Utah Ave.
City map of Salem, Utah showing the property purchased by William Henry Havens Nebeker in 1877.A  The northern boundary of this property is along the south side of State Street today. Although Henry was not able to afford much more that this lot at this time, it is likely that he rented the 4+ acres immediately to the south until such time as he was able to purchase that parcel too.A  It took about 18 years for him to be able to save up the money to buy the next piece.
This description is a bit difficult to follow but would be the 4.77 acres immediately to the south of the home triangular lot where the Nebeker family had been living for 18 years.

Joseph Wiley Nebeker was born and raised in this home, as were all of his younger siblings.A  He lived here until age 15 when he moved to Oregon with the Monroe Manwill family.

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