At Life Playground Coaching, we meet with clients 45 minutes each fortnight by telephone or Skype, Google Hangout or Facetime. Coaching is a investment in you, your life, your career, your business, those around you and those you are responsible for.
Be held accountable to pushing you through blockages and taking action ie having your butt kicked!
Know as the Kick-Butt Coach, Janet McNally of Life Playground Coaching has extensive senior executive management and leadership experience in a range of multinational organisations and behind number of start up companies. Janet’s exceptional skill and precision as a coach comes from years of experience in an industry where results, transformation and seeing dreams turned into reality are the linchpin of your career. Within 5 minutes of speaking with  people, Janet clearly sees their strengths that MUST be capitalised on for exceptional results. I watched with guilt, fear and sadness as our son lost his home, friends and familiar surroundings and shuffled between two houses and feeling split down the middle. I also lost my status going from married to single mum, and bewildered how I would be able to financially support us given I was still studying at the time.
For mums already struggling to balance work and family responsibilities, divorce can make the work-life balance juggle even harder to cope with. It’s not easy to get up every morning and meet the demands of your children, your emotional needs and your new job, and all on your own.
Some days you might feel like hiding under the bed covers and hope the world sorts it self out, but you can’t. I remember feeling so trapped, and angry plus frustrated at having to stay constantly connected to my ex-husband (when we weren’t getting along), plus deal with the new co-parenting, living arrangements and schooling, just to name a few.
What can you do to recover and move on from divorce more easily, and build a new, confident happy life for yourself? To help you move forward and start your new life, I would like to share some personal advice and strategies that have helped me get through some tough times. Accept offers of help and people who understand how you’re feeling, who want to help and are prepared to give you a boost sensing you need love and support.

I’m a life balance coach and know the importance of balancing times of being busy and productive with rest and reflection. Inject some positivity and personality into your surroundings, even if they’re only temporary or you’ve no spare cash.
Look to the future                                                                                                                            Start creating a vision for the future and schedule in things that you can look forward to like a movie, art gallery viewing or museum. Fiona Craig is a work-life balance coach, business mentor, upcoming author, speaker and busy mum who loves helping women become better at juggling career and family. I congratulate you on your strength, on your ability to mother your son and bring him to safer ground with a healthier mom.
What I Can Do For YouI specialise in helping you become better at juggling work and family life by tapping into your innate wisdom and internal power to succeed in business and life.
Receive a chapter from my self help book, "Stuck in a Rut - How to Rescue Yourself & Live your Truth" and discover the reason you're stuck.
It was both a pleasure and an honour to interview John for my website, he was very free with his time and views.A  It was great going back in time when Westa€™s and StGeorge ruled the SCG almost every Saturday for 3 years. We work with people in corporate, small business owners to entrepreneurs, sport and entertainment professionals across the globe. When you feel ready, start entertaining such as having friends round for a coffee or supper. Over time, I found my tribe of single mums and started accepting invitations to go out more, but I still needed to process what happened. I am sure you would make a great work-life balance coach for busy men juggling career and family too. If you live alone or have shared custody of children spend some of your alone time constructively – yoga, coffee with the girls, reading a book, painting, spending time in the garden, walking on the beach.
He has done so much for so long this is just the Readers Digest version of Johns interesting life.

There was a big custody battle and a drawn out financial settlement that I was unprepared for. Many women discover that they’re much better off in a small rented place that is a safe home than in a grand mansion where they feel unwanted and unappreciated. The patterns of NLP and the life changing potential this field can bring has made an impact on him, and continues to bring together the larger patterns of human excellence he strives for.Patterns of excellence are found in many diverse areas. Neil has trained and competed in Karate for more than ten years, and has worked and studied in Mechanical Engineering, Theology, and Education. The many patterns inherent in both the new fields and ancient traditions are emerging through his experience of NLP. Thus allowing him to generalise and connect these learnings as a natural continuation of his own learning. Themes in Neil's approach to life include the pursuit of excellence in himself and what he does, living a balance between work, family and helping other people live to their potential.Neil has been trained in NLP by Jules and Chris Collingwood, John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair, Christina Hall and Stephen Gilligan.
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