View and Download Diane Lang's Electronic Press Kit - Offering Resources, Solutions and Tips for Creating Balance and Finding Happiness! Research indicates that whether or not to reenter the workforce after children is one of the biggest stress factors affecting women. Baby Steps: The Path from Motherhood to Career, Reentering the workforce after staying home with children is a new book that takes mothers through this emotional decision-making process by taking a pragmatic approach to both the figurative and literal steps women take before returning to the workforce.
In addition to author, Langa€™s titles also include professor, life coach, therapist, speaker and, most importantly, mother. Please CLICK HERE for a complete listing of current appearances and weekly broadcast times. As I've explained in this series, strategic planning is an old school approach that is not strategic and focuses leadership in the wrong place. The aim of ZEN LEADERSHIP is to bring simplicity, clarity, and focus to organizational leadership.ZEN LEADERSHIP promotes "Beginner's Mind" to encourage innovation. According to the Pew Research Center, 60% of working moms now say part-time work is the ideal situation, compared with 48% in 1997. It was this experience that taught her how the transition road is filled with trials, anxiety and excitement. You need only maintain a "beginner's mind" as exemplified by the Shunryu Suzuki quote: "In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities.
Full-service Association Management for national and international professional associations. It also helped Lang realize how much smoother the transition could have been with advice and coaching from someone who had been through the steps from career, to motherhood, and back to career. We'll begin by replacing the "Strategic Planning Pyramid" with a "Strategic Leadership Pyramid," both illustrated below for comparative purposes. In the expert's mind there are few." Join the Zen Leadership Circle LinkedIn Group to engage in leadership discussions that include bringing simplicity, clarity and focus to business.

So how do women sort through all the information and get it right for themselves and their family? As stated in previous posts, what we've been calling "strategic planning" is really operational, not strategic; it is, in fact, project planning methodology. I think that a one size fits all is not the solution to the struggle organizations have with strategic planning. After you develop your strategic plan (versatile and living) you develop your tactical plan.
In fact, it's the best approach to take when hard deadlines exist and detailed action plans are critical.
That plan requires a leadership strategy to translate the strategic plan or vision into an operational product. A strategy is a choice, a focus, not a destination, and it requires an agility that a written plan can't provide. Influencing culture, visioning, strategic thinking and strategy making are leadership tools, and they are all people-focused.
Therefore, the most effective approach to ensure vision execution is one that is people-focused, not process-focused.
You'll note that none of the activities in the Strategic Leadership Pyramid include goals, objectives, action plans, key performance metrics, etc. If those who execute on vision (including top leadership) want to use goals, objectives and action plans as part of their operational methodology for executing on vision, great. Goals, objectives and action plans are good tools for personal time management, as well as focusing team activities when accomplishing complex projects. But as I've also previously written ("I Still Say Strategic Planning is a Flawed Concept"), planning and goal-setting methodologies are just one among many tactical approaches to taking actions aligned with organizational vision, and not always the best approach. As I explained in "Alignment Comes Before Vision," the "way we do things around here" supersedes desired outcomes.

Before we begin crafting vision statements, we need to be sure we have clarity on the organization's "personality," the unwritten rules of behavior. We should know in advance of crafting a vision whether the organizational culture will support it. For example, even though it may not be innovative, perhaps it creates traditional, timeless quality products with unparalleled craftsmanship, which gives it a competitive edge in the market. What makes organizational culture problematic is when it lacks alignment on identity, values, ethics or trust.
If leadership and fraction of the staff is daring and innovative but the vast majority of the organization is conservative and risk averse, the ability to find alignment around a vision focused on innovation will be highly compromised.Vision and values are among the few items from the Strategic Planning Pyramid that remain on the Strategic Leadership Pyramid. They belong there because they are aspirational and inspirational, not operational or tactical. But, for further thoughts on strategy, see "Strategy, Plain and Simple" and "Haiku Strategy."Co-creating and telling the story means, let's describe vision and strategic focus in a compelling story format that is memorable and actionable. I'll get into further detail on how to do this in future posts, but I touch on the concept in "Developing Intuitive Alignment."Last -- and this is where strategy gets operationalized in case you're wondering how strategic focus becomes manageable and measurable without the goals, objectives, action plans and the like -- is Ongoing Strategic Conversations. Instead of going back into an operational, project management-type approach, this approach requires ongoing strategic conversations with the operationalizers. They involve asking questions that surface incorporation of the vision and strategies into the various roles in the organization.
I'll go into detail on this in future posts, as well.In short, this approach provides a blueprint for keeping leadership focused in the right place -- on leadership (people), not management (process).

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