Business-wise, I was introduced to Max Clifford whilst signing up a new client in Weybridge and have had a mammoth response to my latest blog post with almost 8,000 views on Facebook. When you get into power play with your child, they are usually coming from a place of integrity and think they know what is best for them. Notice when you are locked into a situation with your child when you want to win or be right. One lady shares her story here of how when she told her children this very insightful statement and shared her expectations, she didn’t have to repeat herself again.
I hate to point out the obvious (as that would be patronising and irritating wouldn’t it?) but I think we sometimes forget that they are children and sometimes we may expect too much of them. There are lots of ways to reconnect with your child and it’s important that you do this as often as possible. It’s a misconception that connection means spending hours and hours of doing fun things together and having expensive outings. Routine that contains repeated acts of emotional connection (some of these you may do without thinking) will reinforce a secure and loving environment.For example, saying goodbye and hello is a basic way to connect.
If you have found any good ways of getting your children to do what you have asked, please share them with us in the comments section below.

Listen to my interview on Brooklands Radio's Fabulous Women programme which gives top tips for teenagers who face self confidence challenges. This type of child likes to have some control – so give them choices instead of orders and allow them to do some things for themselves.
I think we are less likely to remember things we are told if we don’t think they directly concern us. I saw a Dad and his son connecting before they said goodbye at my Get Your Worries Out workshop last Sunday. In the week I've spent with you, I've enjoyed learning as it's fun but you still make me think!
This much needed move has been such a long time coming but that doesn’t make it any easier.
Find out how you can do this for your child by reading more about love languages  – how you can love your child in the way they like to be loved,  It is advisable to keep distractions to a minimum while you reconnect.
It’s been sad and weird but also peppered with lovely moments like  inheriting old family furniture and wading through old childhood certificates and school books. I love Facebook as a great way to share parenting wisdom or rant amongst the the little parenting community I’ve created.

I was avoiding a power struggle as this little boy had an iron will and I could feel myself reaching boiling point. It can be more explosive if you insist on having your say when your child does not want to listen (See point no 2 below). I also came up with 3 other reasons why your child doesn’t do what you ask of them which means you resort to nagging and nobody wins.
We used to call this a pinky promise when I was at school and this was completed with eye contact and a huge smile. This value of integrity is great, but it becomes a real challenge when you are this child’s parent (you may even call them difficult or stubborn).
This can be difficult when you are short of time or they are testing your patience by not listening.
Also if somebody was barking orders at you all the time, like a boss or a co-worker, would you want to do what they were asking?

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