Body Brilliance Coaching is the culmination of over a decade of education, research and personal and professional experience.
Ia€™m a health-nut through and through, and a hard-core believer in the phrase a€?anything is possiblea€™. I finished my first marathon with great success and was instantly ready to do the next one.
After college, I moved to Hilton Head South Carolina to intern at the Hilton Head Health Institute.
After my gig with Camp La Jolla, I started Grad School at San Diego State and would be receiving a Dual Mastera€™s degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition.
Being the stubborn person I am, and firmly believing that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to and you can always become the person you know you are meant to be, I did research and learned as much as I could so that I could fix myself, and eventually help others fix themselves too. It breaks my heart to look back and see all of those years, the best years, when life should be a€?easya€™ and care-free, were spent searching endlessly for answers and relief. Body Brilliance Coaching is the culmination of over a decade of education, research and personal and professional experience.A  It is a mind-changing, life-changing, body-changing method that spills all the secrets you need to drop the pounds, stomp your cravings, and step into that body youa€™ve always known you could have. Life Coaching Today can lend a helping hand when you want to improve and deepen relationships with your near and dear ones, maybe your spouse, sibling, or your long-term business partner.
Many people wait until their relationship is in trouble before seeking coaching assistance. Work with a compassionate and caring life coach at Life Coaching Today to support you to take care of yourself, move toward closure, and gain personal growth through this life changing loss. A trained professional offering wellness coaching at Life Coaching Today will listen to you and then sit with you to discuss an approach that can work for you. A trained professional offering health coaching at Life Coaching Today will listen to you and then sit with you to discuss an approach that can work for you.
Often times it is difficult to stay motivated and feel supported when recovering from an injury or illness. Chronic Illness and Injury Recovery Coaches at Life Coaching Today provide a listening ear, motivation through the difficult times, and genuine concern for your situation. Life coaches at Life Coaching Today can help you to find balance and support when you feel overwhelmed.
Speak with a caring and encouraging caregiver coach that knows from experience about the stress of taking care of the elderly or those with mental health issues, catastrophic injury or illness, a relative or spouse in need, or elder care. The owner of Life Coaching Today is a certified life coach who also has a Masters degree in Psychology, has held a license as a school Psychologist in Virginia, and has over 10 years of experience working in the areas of family and marriage coaching, career coaching, grief coaching, substance abuse, divorce, education, and child development.
The Life Coaching I offer is affordable with flexible hours either in the office or over the phone and by Skype. I am a professional life coach, certified through several ICF (International Coach Federation) programs.
My life coaching will help you focus on your goals, stay accountable, and support you to achieve the results you desire. I would love to answer your questions, and help you down the path to getting the most out of your life. Arlington, Falls Church, McLean, Reston, Herndon, Sterling, Ashburn, Leesburg, and South Riding.
Experience the Expertise of a Professional Executive Coach and Personal Success Coach with 1 Degree Coaching. We know that drastic change can happen quickly and drastic change has occurred in people’s lives.

Let me assume that you would use this new found knowledge to make positive, productive change in your personal life or your career.
To illustrate this principle, imagine you draw a straight path from one side of the country (i.e. A great Executive Coach or Personal Success Coach (Life Coach) understands the concept that change made incrementally and methodically provides you with the best opportunity to make durable, lasting change in your life. At 1 Degree Coaching we have the Executive Coaching and Personal Success Coaching skills necessary to coach you to your true potential, and we provide our insight into many of the key success principles via our website or via our participation in social media. Whether you are looking for the keys to success in your job or you are searching to improve your personal life, 1 Degree Coaches have the experience, tools, and insight to help you along your way.
Create and maintain boundaries, contact us if you are ready to move forward and make changes.
Work on time management, organization, relationships, or build a resume and sharpen interview skills.
Paul Carlson, also known as “The 1 Degree CoachTM” founded 1 Degree Coaching on the principle that gradual improvement in our lives is more likely to make permanent change that leads to personal and professional success. There are success stories of people who have had a life changing event or idea that has caused them to implement massive, permanent change in their life. Working from the assumption that you want to know the secret of success and you are willing to apply the secret of success to your life, I will tell you what it is.
If there was a secret to success the secret would be held closely by a tight group of people who would not want anyone else to know it. When we think about it pragmatically we can quickly realize that a person cannot change every restricting habit overnight.
You are traveling along your path, and based on your habits and your actions you can project where you will be in ten or twenty years.
Ultimately, these changes will make dramatic impact over the course of many years, continuing to impact your success many years after you and your coach have parted ways.
Paul Carlson, also known as “The 1 Degree CoachTM” uses social media like Facebook to convey many of these principles to people who want to learn them and Twitter as a means to provide bite size inspiration to recharge your batteries. Take advantage of the insights we provide on the internet and when you are ready to get a coach, we will be ready to help you with whatever goals and objectives you are pursuing. Anyone who has attempted to make a drastic change in their life knows that radical change is very difficult to maintain. These events typically trigger a paradigm shift or change in paradigm (your paradigm is your mental model) and for them to be radically changed in a short time the event is likely a major event such as a car accident, cancer, the loss of a loved-one, etc. Through the expertise of a skilled Executive Coach or Personal Success Coach, sometimes referred to as a Life Coach, you can live the life you dream about. So here it is, the secret to great success in your personal and professional life: There is no secret – just great success principles! The odds are that you are not one of those people and so they would never share the secret with you. However, we can change one thing today, work on it until the act becomes natural, and then enjoy the rewards of that change for the long-term. However, if you decide to make just one change in your actions (1 Degree Course Change) that one change will alter your path, ultimately altering the outcome. The 1 Degree CoachTM also has a blog and a YouTube Channel that you can visit periodically to get new or refresher insight to the principles to success. I am embarking on a new career that allows me to work with people helping them to become their authentic self.

The best way to make a major change, or experience quality improvements in our lives is to make incremental, digestible, attainable changes that result in a constructive habit.
A very small percent of the population is ultra-successful while others toil away at life, hoping for their illusive dream life, financial freedom, or that promotion that will signal that they have “arrived.” So if I were willing to share the secret of success with you, what would you do about it? However – and here is the beauty of success principles – because principles are the true key to personal and professional success, and because we live in the information age, everything you could want to know is readily available to you. Then imagine you start walking that line, but after a few steps along the line you change your path by a mere 1 degree.
Now imagine you learned one principle on the first day of the month, incorporated that one principle into a habit over the course of the month, followed by learning another principle the next month, repeating the principle to habit, principle to habit cycle for a year.
These social media sites and the information on them are intended to help people learn many of the principles of success, with the hope that you will pursue the life of your dreams.
During the 70a€™s, awareness was limited which truly left her lost, confused, and misguided. You can change your personal and professional life, building a life that you are excited to live each and every day.
If you continue to walk the new path you will find that your journey will end hundreds of miles from your original destination, somewhere like Charleston, SC. In one year you would have made 12 – 1 Degree changes in your professional or personal course.
I began working outside the home, first as a wildlife biologist, later as a high school science teacher. She suffered from a severe bout of anorexia and bulimia, both emotionally crippling,which led to other obsessions and self-destructive behaviors.A As an athlete, she focused on nutrition, healing, and her spiritual condition, leading her on a road to recovery. Would you use this information as an opportunity to change your life or change your career? Likewise, while walking your new path, if you made another 1 degree change you would find yourself on course to Washington, DC.
I could not settle the feeling inside me that I wasn’t living the life I was intended to live.
In 1991, after years of being in an alcoholic and addictive family, she became a member of the fellowship Alanon, a 12-step program, and is still an avid member today.
Then I found life coaching, a definition for what I already did with friends and even strangers!
I felt like I had finally found that thing that would give me the satisfaction in my career and life that I was looking for. I believe we are all here for a reason but sometimes we neglect it and find ourselves living someone else’s idea of what our lives should be. I want people to be bold and fearless in their life and to live the purpose they were put here for! Quantum physics are pretty strange, but at its most fundamental level, it is the science of possibilities. Objectives."A PlanningPlanning creates specific actions and accountabilities (the "who" and when") so that the alignment, vision, and strategy work isn't wasted.

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