We are committed to the Lord Jesus Christ and believe that counseling produces greater results when founded  upon and directed by the Word of God. Christians who want to earn a Christian Counseling Degree and License, to enter the field of counseling as a profession. Christians who are called to empower and  lead others in meeting their goals through Life Coaching.
Pastors who want to learn how to counsel members of their church and their community and be connected to others who are doing the same. Christians who want a tool with effectiveness to use in Christ Centered consulting in the area of life they know most about (e.g. In His Image: Institute of Counseling and Training is a non-profit, professional organization that trains, licenses, and awards degrees for Christian counselors, and trains Life Coaches. In His Image: Institute of Counseling and Training is a Certified Academic Institution of the National Christian Counselors Association. The Wheel of Life is a great exercise and tool for helping you create more balance and success in your life.
As a starting point for creating balance, happiness and success in your life, the Wheel of Life is the perfect tool to begin your journey.
Before we get started, this post has a supplementary tool which can be found in the Success Starter Toolkit.
Essentially, the Wheel of Life is divided into different areas or categories that are important to you.
Remember, this is about you finding happiness and balance in your life so it will need to be clear and simple for you to understand.
One of the biggest benefits of the Wheel of Life is the pictorial representation it gives of your satisfaction with life. Now that you understand the building blocks of the Wheel, let’s go ahead and actually complete it! Print off one of the above Wheels to use as a template, or simply draw your own on a piece of paper.
Score your satisfaction levels against each of the different categories you have on your Wheel. If you have scores of 5 to 7 for any of the categories, you are reasonably satisfied in this particular area but there is definitely opportunity to explore ideas to move this up the scale.
If you have scores of 0 to 4 for any of the categories, you are not very satisfied in this particular area and you will need to explore ways of enhancing your satisfaction here. What is my ideal score for each category to achieve in the next month, 3 months, 6 months, one year? For example, you can spend all your time and energy working on your career and make some fantastic progress. The Wheel of Life exercise is the perfect starting point for goal-setting and this is why so many life coaches, career coaches and executive coaches use it as a tool. Get access to the Success Starter Toolkit and download the Wheel of Life templates, supporting guide and action plan.
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About Brendan BakerBrendan Baker is Australia's leading personal development blogger and and helps people build and grow online businesses based on their passions. While I certainly understand the intent of a tool like this, which is to take a thoughtful look at your life as a starting point to make changes, it falls short of the desired impact, in my opinion. The major aspect I see missing is an exploration into the beliefs going on behind a particular person’s answers to the questions. I would want to see a questions like, “What does your family have to do for you to feel supported?
In general, when we have lop-sided life wheels, it is often because we are compensating for feeling powerless in other arenas of our lives.
I think this exercise could be even better if you built in strategic questions that helped the user imagine new behaviors that could empower them to make change.
Add in another step that asks the user to pick one area they would most like to improve, and then lead them through a separate exercise to imagine new possible solutions. Perhaps you have this step elsewhere in the many free (and generous) offerings in this website, but by not including a link to it here, this exercise falls a bit flat for me. Key questions provide structure for short weekly 15 minute personal reflection which can be used to monitor, reflect and steer personal development next steps.
You pick out a single negative detail and dwell on it exclusively, so that you place disproportionate emphasis on negative comments. You exaggerate the importance of your problems and shortcomings, or you minimize the importance if your desirable qualities. Personalization occurs when you hold yourself personally responsible for an event that isn’t entirely under your control. Why coaching is effective -… by AnnaNew research carried out by Francesca Gino at Harvard Business School has presented evidence that our decision-making faculties are not at their best when in a state of anxiety.
Ambiguous Communication lea… by AnnaAnother example of how the traditional style of ambiguous communication is not helping Japanese companies retain staff in their overseas offices. Our purpose is to equip Christians who believe that God has called them into the ministry of counseling, or life coaching.
Using this tool, you will be able to reflect and gain some insight into the balance of your life and how satisfied you are in life’s different areas. Enter your details below to gain access to the Success Starter Toolkit and download your free Wheel of Life templates, guide and action plan.
You will find that with the above you will be able to score yourself in the majority of key areas in your life. No need to get down about these scores though, as scores of 0 to 4 are full of opportunity!
How efficient and effective are you going to be in life if you can not move forward in a balanced way?
To do this, you want to grow your Wheel, not balance your Wheel by trading off in some areas of your life. Through reflection, you have now identified your biggest gaps between where you are now and where you would like to be. What are the specific actions or steps that you are going to take to enhance your satisfaction in your desired area?
The Wheel provides a snapshot in time of your satisfaction levels and ultimately happiness.

The tricky thing is you’ll need a whole set of different questions for each category in the Wheel of Life.
Mind reading: Without checking it out, you arbitrarily conclude that someone is reacting negatively to you. Now, I would like to focus on the area of training and development in high-context cultures. Even after all this time in Japan, I still find myself coming across unfamiliar territory and having interactions that challenge my views and assumptions. Therefore, we equip and provide credentials for those who know God has called them to be a trained Counselor.Our Counselors provide answers, not just insight!
Below, you can download the free wheel of life template which is used by more than 3,000 people every month. Following on from this self-reflection, you can utilise this exercise to further delve into why your wheel of life looks the way it does, what you would like your wheel of life to look like, and further into how to make this happen.
There is a scoring system behind using the Wheel, where you simply reflect and rate your satisfaction levels out of 10, where 1 is closest to the centre of the circle and 10 is at the edge of the circle.
However, before you rush into it and complete the Wheel, you may like to have thought whether there are any other categories or specific areas you would like get an understanding of, such as Spirituality or Contribution to Society. It’s important you maintain what you are doing to ensure you remain satisfied in this area, however don’t overlook that there may be areas for improvement. I find this as quite exciting when someone has a lower score as often is the case the individual has not fully explored opportunities that are available to them.
It’s about moving forward, challenging yourself and pushing your boundaries to expand your Wheel and make it bigger while maintaining a balance. Fortune-telling: You predict that things will turn out badly without taking into accounts the facts and past experience.
They seek to be led by the Spirit of God, and use practical and spiritual tools to bring freedom, success, and victory to the client. We are able to empower each client greatly, in life and relationships, with the tools taught at In His Image Institute of Counseling and Training.
The above diagram is colour-coded to simplify it and also make it aesthetically pleasing… feel free to change this as you wish!
Perhaps you may want to have Family & Friends as two separate categories to understand each more specifically.
This is important to ensure you are not limiting your potential for even further growth and satisfaction in this area. I recommend at least once every 6 months, depending on what your goals are and when you have aimed to achieve them. Should statements that are directed against other people or the world general lead to anger and frustration.

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