Courses provide students the ability to identify people who are in need, but do not require the services of a licensed professional. The staff at Liberty was more than helpful and blessed me by working with me with helping make my dream of graduating come true. Michelle is also 4th degree black belt in the martial art of Taekwondo, a busy mother of 2 children plus 2 step children. Whether you want to create your dream business or create the body of your dreams teaming with Michelle as your coach is one of the most powerful decisions you will make.
Together you will create massive momentum and achieve things you never thought were possible. Michelle is practical, insightful and does what it takes to ensure you achieve the goals you are aiming for. Michelle's success rate for clients acheiving their goals is almost 100%, this is in large part due to a strong committment from both coach and client to work hard to get the job done. Michelle had the very rare talent of enabling me to truly find my own path and take full ownership of the gains I made, rather than her imposing solutions on me.
I can certainly envisage using the coaching approach in future as a leadership and management approach at work.

Courses will immerse students in theoretical approaches to psychotherapy and will present counseling principles based on a Christian worldview.
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Liberty University’s Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a specialization in Life-Coaching prepares you for a rewarding career that is focused on helping others achieve their goals and overcome obstacles in their lives.
In addition to providing insight into the development and influence of personality based on psychological theories, courses will immerse you in discussions on diverse theoretical approaches of counseling and psychotherapy by evaluating associated methods and techniques from a biblical context. Expand your degree options by choosing a Minor from the Bachelor's Degree Programs web page. This program also teaches how to build relationships and effectively communicate with the client through the process of facilitating healing choices. Michelle challenged me to look at what I really wanted with my business and to implement the changes that would get me there.
Students in this program will learn to help individuals identify and achieve their personal and professional goals through financial life coaching, leadership and professional life assistance, health and wellness evaluation, and more. This degree may assist students seeking professional licensure, although licensure requirements are not completely met through this program.

This program provides you with the skills and knowledge you need to be confident, relevant in the industry and successful; meeting a growing demand for professionals in this career field. Career coaching can help give you the direction you need to reach any of your professional goals.
Usually there is the fear of the unknown, the fear of loss of income or security if it does not work out, the fear of failure, the fear that you started this change too late in lifea€¦but I say the fear of "What If" is much more debilitating!
If you are ready to do this for yourself, then sign up today for a session and let's get started!!
Sign up for my daily free mini "Today's Reflection" email and receive great tips, inspirations and success stories! What if you would find working with children much more rewarding than working in accounting? Through careful soul searching, planning and execution, you can build your confidence and overcome your fears as you become stronger, wiser and closer to your dreams.

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