DSL stands for digital subscriber line and is more generically described as broadband, compared with wireless. It is an instant and often normal decision to jump to a€?wireless is bettera€™ but that isn't always the case. If you have wireless and you are completely happy with it a€“ great a€“ ita€™s a good way to go. The download factor: As a final step to decide the best path forward, you will need to consider how much data usage you need a month. However, you will need a land-line connection at least to the property you are using for it to work. This will be particularly true if you are working from home and your family draws on the Internet usage as well! I hope this has clarified the choice of broadband question for you and you can now make your decisions with more confidence.
Creating A Niche Marketing Strategy For Life CoachesLearn how life coaches can create a niche marketing strategy that really works. It can be so difficult to ask for help, right?It is my belief that what keeps us from asking for some “coaching”, guidance, or just asking someone to truly help us through our vulnerability, is the fear of being judged; maybe it is even the belief that we could never be helped. Let me commit to you a safe space where compassion and non judgement are consistent and guaranteed….in an interactive-relationship counseling where we stimulate thoughts, ideas and feelings. There is a power struggle that exists when parenting, and it is due to parents feeling responsible to “raise kids right”.
This is killing our esteem, our health and that of our children, and honestly…these scars can last for a lifetime. New productivity will appear all around the office when your employees and you start “talking the same language”. If you interviewed them (thoroughly) you will realize that they’ve continuously invested in their learning process, they stay focused on moving to the next level in their personal and professional life….
Without continuous coaching & life long learning, every human being stands the risk of falling for their personality weaknesses and performing far below their inborn potential. Over the last few years I’ve coached and worked with more than 8000 clients from many countries.
In this short letter I’m going to reveal all the insider secrets about private coaching and you’re going to thank me for sharing these secrets with you.
Sadly enough, most people never learn how to identify & develop their strengths, nor do they realize their unique weaknesses that keep jeopardizing their success ….
What this means is that they keep doing the same thing over and over again and wonder why they don’t enjoy the lifestyle, health, relationships and financial success they deserve.
The truth is that people have short attention spans, they need quick help, they want HIGH value insights that will save them years of hard work, worry and  worthless stress. Your coach needs to have a well developed emotional intelligence, a good understanding of human psychopathology & be familiar with human motivation patterns to be able to pinpoint what YOU need QUICKLY. This will help you enjoy powerful results in your life and help you grow to your next level. Many coaches specialize in one of the following areas of life – Health, career performance, relationships or spirituality. If your coach is good with only one of the 4 areas of life, then (s)he will tend to give it more preference over other areas of life. When your coach is a full time professional and has made the investment to learn about these important areas, then it works strongly to your advantage. Imagine the benefit of having a professional by your side, with whom you can talk to every week & who would give you great ideas, tricks, insights and guide you step by step through all the important areas. Human psychology is intriguing, the ability to openly communicate and build rapport with another person comes from understanding human psychology and understanding another person’s comfort zone.
In order to stimulate your thinking, you coach must have the skill and finesse to address a problem from multiple angles and to offer mature solutions, your coach must have a basic understanding of interpersonal communication. The latest statistics reveal that less than 2% of private coaches hold a professional degree! Let me take a moment and explain what each qualification represents so you have a better understanding of what you are paying for when you hire a coach.

The candidate has to first start as a medical student and complete 5 years of training and 1 year of internship to become a doctor.
After the candidate becomes a doctor, (s)he has to further pursue a specialist MD post-graduate training for 3-4 years.
During this training period the candidate trains in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, psychopathology, human behavior and psychiatry. The candidate is required to work at the hospital and clinic everyday, meet clients everyday, work under the supervision of senior psychiatrists to finally develop a working knowledge of human psychology & psychiatry. At the end of 3 year training, the candidate needs to take board exams and present various cases & discussions to senior psychiatrists who will then decide whether the candidate has enough knowledge and experience to deserve an MD qualification in psychiatry. Upon successful clearing of the board exams the candidate earns a registration that is approved by the National Health Ministry.
The candidate is then called a Psychiatrist and has the power to administer behavior therapy, coach clients, provide counseling or prescribe medicine if necessary. Some Phds are conferred quickly, while some universities take up to 3-4 years to process a Phd. The information above is provided with the good intention of informing the customer and to prevent malpractice or misrepresentation.
A professional qualification shows that the candidate has the patience, persistence and discipline to pay the full price required to earn a professional degree (many people quit halfway). This reveals that the coach has not invested much in learning high value knowledge and consequently charges a low fee!
What if the coaching is so mundane & poorly thought out, that you don’t even make 5-10% progress in your life? Look, what people need is not another bunch of brainless advice, they need someone that will grab their attention and add massive value to their life.
Scenario B) Now, if you hired a well qualified, well trained specialist who is there for you every week, helps you perform better & stay at your peak in all areas of life.
Good coaching inspires intelligence and helps you attract the right kind of attention, your strengthened mental powers command respect from your friends and colleagues and can open up new avenues for future connections with many smart people. Your coach should have the ability to break down valuable knowledge and explain it very simple words. This will help you understand the concepts easily, take action quickly and enjoy great results.
Over the last few years I’ve coached and worked with more than 8000 clients from many countries around the world. Everything I’m going to teach you I hope you will learn with a spirit of mastery, with a spirit of learning everything there is know about this area of life, so that you can not only help yourself but also those around you.
You can do it, you can start from scratch and create a great lifestyle for yourself and you can also help your loved ones with the knowledge you acquire. So now it’s time for you to make a commitment that you owe to yourself, your family and your future. With that said, let’s look at the investment you need to make to get access to this high value private coaching.
It’s taken me a total of eleven years in medical schooling and practice and specialist MD training in psychiatry to learn and acquire a working knowledge about psychology. Knowing that you can deal with any type of challenge you face in life, knowing that you will be able to break down any problem instantly and stay calm, confident and balanced all throughout your life, that’s priceless, isn’t it?
Knowing effective communication approaches that create strong relationships and get you the results you deserve, that’s priceless, isn’t it? By eliminating stress from your life you are instantly eliminating a wide range of diseases from your life. All the above information is provided with the intention of helping you make a good choice.
To be able to connect with people on a fundamental level and help them become more resourceful and enrich their experience of life. And creating a comprehensive coaching program and getting it online takes it to the next level, because people don’t have to spend time, money and effort to make an appointment, wait at the doctor’s office and pay a lot of money for high quality expertise and help. I like to create each training session with intent and keep my coaching 100% original and valuable.

If you are looking for high value coaching, then I can help you, you’ll find reaching your goals much easier.
Giving life to your thoughts with action steps that inspire you to create your life, your way. For college life or life after college, life planning and educational skill support can help. Support at your fingertips, accessible, convenient, confidential help that suits your needs.
Helen spent many years searching out opportunities that would make a positive difference in the lives of others. Do you know someone who loves personal development, has expressed interest in coaching or is stuck and doesn't know how to move forward in life? So why not give the gift certificate you know they'll love and the tool they need to get real life results? It is generally faster than wireless and can be purchased with or without a phone line (Naked DSL). She is on #1 New York Station WOR710 and streams through IHeartRadio; this interview is with Joan Herrmann! This can harm business, (google rankings) so I have been asked to request anyone who is kind enough to become a follower on what has been finally found and reset….
I’ve helped them in the areas of personal psychology, relationships, health & career success. On the other hand a coach with poor emotional intelligence & skill will spend many hours administering unnecessary tests, beat around the bush and waste your coaching sessions with mindless advice that doesn’t work! What if they claimed to have read 50 books on the subject & claimed they knew everything about the heart? I personally know several good psychologists, hypnotherapists, life coaches & NLP coaches. I’ve helped people in the areas of personal psychology, relationships, health & career success.
It took a lot of time and money, effort, discipline, and working with nearly 20-30 clients every day at the office and sampling out new methods and ideas to finally create a system for coaching that is simple and works every time. It’s one of the things that gives a lot of meaning to my profession as a doctor and what I do for a living. You can help that special someone in your life start to make changes with a gift of passion, value and purpose. Life Coaching is a gift of opportunity to make that change and live the life of their dreams! No matter how impossible it seems to shift the painful, confused state you are in, it is possible.
It all goes together, and a specialist who understands this can offer Health Integration strategies for wellness. I’m a trained psychiatrist (MD) with a background in business leadership, psychology and medicine. The candidate is NOT authorized to prescribe any medication, it is considered illegal, neither is the candidate a medical doctor.
But sadly, there are also many smooth con artists out there who want to make quick money without putting in any hard work to acquire professional knowledge & experience. I specialize in creating powerful personalized coaching programs for my private clients and help them grow, win and outperform in all areas of life.
I specialize in creating powerful personalized coaching programs for my private clients & help them develop, win and outperform in all areas of life.

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