Lifehacker UK is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Forum Categories All Topics New Topics Watched Topics Search Do I need to play any previous game before shin megami tensei IV? Nintendo of Europe confirmed earlier in the year that it was bringing some desirable Legend of Zelda cover plates to the region earlier than originally planned, but naturally fans have been keen to jump in once they became available.

Importantly, these have a 1 per customer rule on the site.We've had a look around at Amazon in Germany and France, too, to see what's happening with these designs.
Amazon France is currently showing as unavailable, but both designs can be found on Amazon Germany, available right now; in the case of the Majora's Mask design it's even distributed by Amazon, with the product having been listed only today. He's the guy to thank for the generally brilliant nature of the content which massages your eyeballs on a daily basis.

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