Cost too much, having to wait too long and Alexander Arms has poor customer service as far as being able to tell you anything at all about anything. Orest Michaels would let you know what month orders were shipping from so you could estimate the time.
Other than obvious wear, is there a way to tell if the black grips are original or newer replacements on a black widow?
So if I see what looks like a black widow at a gunshow, do you think the seller would mind if I took the grips off to inspect them?
I politely asked a seller if I could examine the SKS internally and check for corrosion caused by corrosive ammo (I'd been taken this way before). I offered him fifty bucks less for the gun than he was asking - which was low to begin with - and he balked. Since this is now the British rifles forum, I though it would be fun if we could get a gallery of pictures posted of many different ones. I have one of the DSA M4 uppers coming this week and I am picking up parts to complete the M4 clone. Oh, and for those that notice it, that is a set of CAR hand guards on it as I don't like the feel of the overly thick oval M4 handguards much at all.

I'll be shutting down my system now to clean the coffee from my monitor and keyboard now. Rock River Arms Entry Tactical - RRA NM trigger, MI quad rail, Tango Down front grip, YHM BUIS, and Bushnell MP sight. And a comparison shot, showing the RRA Entry Tactical (with the Magpul CTR stock and Pmag) and the Ferret50.
The bayonets, mags and mag pouch are Yugo, the carry pouch is for the CETME, but that jewel fits just about anything with a pistol grip! I might switch em out since the GG&G is a little quicker to adjust, just not as precise.
As for monetary value, if I was set up at a gun show and you walked by my table I would offer you no more thant $150 for your rifle. They went from milled parts such as a trigger guard and magazine plate to stamped sheet metal.
This is an aftermarket magazine but gives you the idea of what it will look like when I get a correct fxo eagle 37 magazine for it.
One theory is that it was a placed to put the grip screws after removal to prevent loss of such a small part.

Ken, it's funny that you should mention the SKS disassembly at a gun show as I did exactly the same thing not long ago.
Ceturion P-14 sporter in 303 Impon the left is a Centurion P-14 303, and on the right is a target rifle in 7.62 Naot, this was a No4T till they converted it This one now resides in the US with a happy new owner, no it was not mine I just acted as the scout I think that will do for installment No2 Best Regards.
A flashlight is the only thing I plan on hanging on it, so I didn't need anything fancy.
Pistol has some holster wear on barrel and side plate, but hey it's a "Black Widow and I did not have one. Another, and the one that seems most plausible to me, was that it was from the actual manufacturing process.
I had it COMPLETELY apart in about thirty seconds, found some corrosion in the gas tube (just as I suspected) and put it back together an another thirty seconds.
If I bought the rifle from you I would use it as a basis for another sporting rifle, probably keeping the Lyman sight on the rifle.To use the sights center the top of the front sight post in the rear sight aperture.

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