How do the inspectors from the Japanese Maritime Department react to the story Pi tells them? CliffsNotes study guides are written by real teachers and professors, so no matter what you're studying, CliffsNotes can ease your homework headaches and help you score high on exams. This Lit Note from the experts at CliffsNotes on Yann Martel’s acclaimed Life of Pi includes plot summaries and commentaries, and character analyses on this best-selling book. This EBOOK Lit Note from the experts at CliffsNotes on Yann Martel's acclaimed Life of Pi includes plot summaries and commentaries, and character analyses on this best-selling book. You have selected a product that is available for purchase only by a customer with an institutional account. With Life of Pi, Ang Lee turns in his most engaging and  confidently made feature since Brokeback Mountain (2005), and perhaps  his most visually resplendent one ever. Most of the movie takes place in flashback, as Pi Patel describes his youth in Pondicherry, a (then) French section of India, where his family owns a zoo. Years later, when financial troubles force the zoo to close, the Patel family is forced to relocate to Canada, taking the animals with them to sell to another zoo. It’s a long-running gag in Hollywood that directors are usually advised to avoid working with children and animals, as well as filming at sea. A decade in development, the movie was largely considered unfilmable — and it indeed it was up until the quality of digital effects and 3-D photography caught up with it in recent years.

Still, as many flops have shown us, all the gee-whiz effects in the world don’t add up to much if the story is lacking r if the cast is underwhelming. Click to sign up for the Advocate's weekly news digest and be the first to know what’s happening in Lake Highlands. CliffsNotes can help you prepare for whatever standardized, professional, or proficiency test you need to take.
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If you have an institutional account, please sign out and sign back in using an institutional account email address and password. The interviewee, the Pi of the title, relates a very personal, very elaborate, and very unusual story of loss and survival.
Growing up in a diverse environment, young Pi (played by Ayush Tandon)  is exposed to Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity; being a broad-minded, inquisitive, and receptive child, he adopts all three.
Lee outdoes himself visually, following the lead of Martin Scorsese’s Hugo by using 3-D effects to enhance the story rather than as the focus of attention. For the most part, the entire movie rests on the lanky shoulders of Sharma, a young actor who bravely and ferociously inhabits the role, establishing Pi’s complex mix of sensitivity, intellect, heartbreak, and courage.

Here, you can find helpful advice and test-taking strategies for the SAT, Praxis, ACT, GRE, GMAT, and many other tests. Eventually the numbers are reduced to two: Pi and Bengal tiger with the unlikely name of Richard Parker. In adapting the novel to the screen, Lee and screenwriter David Magee (Finding Neverland) take a huge risk that has paid off in full. Virtually every scene is stunning, with a painterly dedication to detail, and Richard Parker is an incredibly realistic creation. It’s an impressive performance from an unknown, one that will undoubtedly put him on the proverbial map. Here, the deliberate pacing and a final-act revelation rock the narrative boat a bit, but don’t quite capsize it. Lee proves himself more than comfortable with pushing the boundaries of storytelling, navigating some very choppy waters indeed.

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