I love the color palette that Crystal chose for her planner and she’s got SO many wonderful pages to fill it! I LOVE how Crystal was inspired by my “Right Now” Challenge and included a page for that in her planner!
Now onto the super fun stuff – Crystal has generously donated one free download of her entire planner to one of my blog readers! Kristina Proffitt is a wife & Mama of three living in Nashville, TN and the happy Mama behind One Happy Mama. I want to organize my time better, time with the kids and time for my hubby and my hobbies.
I think I may be the only person in the world who did NOT order photo stickers and I’m kicking myself.
I use the top column for my workouts and other “to-do” and reminders for non-school related things. Since I’m a teacher, I use the middle column for all my school appointments, deadlines, etc. During REALLY hectic weeks at school such as first 4 weeks, around Christmas, and last 3 weeks, I’ll keep a post-it with a running list of stuff to keep in mind.
First, I love your detailed review on the life planner since I’ve been considering buying one. If you are a new Erin Condren customer and are interested in ordering, you can use my link to save $10 off your first purchase (you’ll get a code via e-mail after you register). DisclaimerAll information provided within this blog is for informational and educational purposes only, and is not to be construed as medical advice or instruction. And this is my corner of the creative world where I share my work, ideas and scrapbook pages! If you want to download and print my cleaning schedule go here.  I made sure to save it in a way that you can change anything on there and personalize it the way you want!
Come back tomorrow for more on my planner – and I’ll share about how to have the easiest meal planning system EVER! My sweet friend, Crystal, has just released her awesome (and totally cute!) new planner for the upcoming new year! Crystal is even offering printing of the planner – so check it out and see all of the different size options and printing options that are available!
I am a mom of 7, so I definitely need some more organizing.My biggest need is to get all the things and ideas in my head into a organized notebook, so would be more peaceful and focused.
Between work, school and my daughters medical appointments I never seem to be able to get everything done.

First because I have a fascination with school supplies and because this is my second Erin Condren Life Planner and I already knew what to expect. In the previous planner, the end-of-month weeks were broken over two pages so you had to flip several times during that week to see your whole week view.
HOWEVER this feature is not on the weeks that show the end of the month and start of another. I really like these, but I need an address book that I won’t have to change each year with a new calendar.
In the zipper pocket in the back, the EC team leaves some custom made (some match the planner, even the custom color, some are random designs of their other covers) gift labels and address labels and a few “call me” cards.  The planner arrives in a bubble wrapped and sticker sealed box.
These are click top but my green one didn’t work out of the package so I’ll be returning them. Due to changes to the state mandatory start date and a bunch of inept admins who can’t come up with better ideas, we now go to school on Labor Day.  (yes, I posted that and said that out loud in front of God and everybody. You have a few choices about the start date but the last month for all planners is December 2013.
So don’t worry about the stickers because from what I have heard many people did not like them. I have read a lot of reviews that display the planner for you, but few that actually give examples of how they use it. This planner is FULL of amazing pages to keep your life organized and to help you find that daily balance that we all strive for.
Get going now so that you have your planner all ready for the new year that is fast approaching! Plus I have a hard time remembering whats suppose to happen when, what time an appointment is or when my assignment is due. I'm a homeschooling, Mamaprenuer who loves Jesus, essential oils and documenting the every day. Look at the picture above and you will see that instead of the “to-do, goals” column, it is a large column showing a new month is beginning and the new month color.
1) bigger spaces for more writing and 2) the stickers fit these boxes so you can use those great stickers on the month pages and the week view pages. While the addition of tabs in last year’s planner was a huge selling point, we all found out that they got ragged and some tore off throughout the year. I like keeping them all in one place and then I add them to the month pages throughout the year. It’s very obvious that the customer service team goes the extra mile to make sure the planner is in pristine condition.

You can use them to mark birthdays, important events (I’m thinking I should have photoshopped some Game Day stickers!), concerts, anniversaries, memorial events (April 27, 2013, return to new church building, etc).
So I went online and found a site called printstagram that links with instagrams account and they will print you 254 stickers for $10.
I am also a teacher and a reading specialist so I am thrilled I found your blog by googling Erin Condren. And to start it, the daily gratitude journal will come in pretty handy, so I can write the small (or big!) blessings in my or my family’s life. I have a quick place to find birthdays in just a few pages instead of flipping through all the months. My question is, do you have to fill in the important contact (phone # and addresses) each year? I know several people have had problems with ordering, receiving, errors, etc and unfortunately, that has to be expected since PEOPLE who are not perfect are making the planners. Not all covers have the option for custom colors, but do not hesitate to contact them through email to ask. It seems a little different from say, a day runner which is kind of like a tiny binder and you keep the address section in there and replace the calendar part each year. The customer service with this made-in-America company is one of the best I’ve ever experienced.
They have even shipped a brand new custom planner to another customer because ONE month tab was not laminated in the original planner.
I feel better knowing my hard-earned money is going to support a small business in the USA.
Thank you Erin Condren for another outstanding product but also for the reputation for outstanding customer service! However, I still have a small binder with stuff I need to keep on hand such as faculty meeting notes, our common core unwrapped standards, specials schedules, copies of my newsletter each week, teacher eval stuff, etc.
On my desk I have my lesson planner open, my EC life planner open, and my binder of quick needed info.

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