Without backstory, igotscrewed may appear an odd bird, but we are here because I believe good people should not be unfairly punished for respectfully standing up for themselves and speaking the truth in their defence.
My own troubles with formerly-trusted business associates provided me this voice and motivation so honest hard-working nice people may benefit and learn from my real-world negative experiences and hopefully get over getting screwed. 3) Putting unqualified, unprofessional friends in management positions is very risky business — they are bound to make serious mistakes on the job that can adversely affect working people's lives and make a company and its officers appear dishonest if they don't address them in reasonable good faith.
The truth, the facts are offensive to these people because it holds a Mirror of Truth up to their face and they don't like who they see looking back.
But in reality, who wouldn't want an effective charismatic leader of low moral character to do the people's dirty work while they look the other way and receive unjust enrichment? For example, a dishonest or evil person will gravitate to calm, non-aggressive people and project his or her dishonesty and violence on the less-dominate personalities.
The first line of defence against these types of attackers is to stand up and tell people who you are (or people will naturally project themselves upon you) — which can't be good if you have to be around jealous, insecure, dishonest, incompetent or violent people, or people who hate themselves.
The real pisser about getting unfairly screwed over is the psychological phenomenon: VICTIM BLAMING (Wikipedia).

Blaming the victim exists in human society most flagrantly in racist, sexist, and classist forms where the victim is not able to defend himself or herself against a wealthier, more-powerful, better-connected perpetrator. GIRL AND THE SNAKE STORY to teach young boys and girls life's lessons about the Spiritual and Mythological nature of snakes in history. How a person fights back or deals with being wronged mostly depends on his or her personality and the backbone and morals their mother or father or guardian instilled in them as a child.
What do you say to this child's family (assuming it's true and that they had nothing to do with it)? Facebook Covers InformationFacebook Quotes Cover - lifes like a book if you dont like what your reading turn the page made by our users. MenuFearless doesnt mean you're completely unafriad and it doesnt mean you're bulletproof, it means you have alot of fears.. Quote: Life is like a piano, the white keys represent happiness and the black show sadness. I am in no competition with anyone else, I am in competition with my Yester Self and I Am Winning!!

And to create a positive Web portal to share life's universal hard lessons learned and tips about how to avoid making the biggest mistakes in business.
History, relationships, governments and the business world are full of such amoral characters and cheating scenarios.
And a few blunt words of truth are nothing compared to how mean-spirited, unlawful or negligent actions of a perpetrator can continue damaging someone's family financially and emotionally long after everyone else has moved on and forgotten all about it.
Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) as a defence mechanism in which a person unconsciously rejects his or her own unacceptable attributes by ascribing them to objects or persons in the outside world instead. Gates got screwed and got over it, or if he screwed other people and was telling them to get over it. Even Steve Jobs’ (Apple cofounder) biography contains this paradox of cold-blooded ruthlessness to get ahead versus morally doing the right thing by his business partners.

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