Coaches now have options to set their own fees and offer Package Deals based on their own pricing. I am happy to say that my crowd size went from this group in 2013 to being the Keynote Speaker in 2014. These kids and teens show up early on weekends to support their local ADA in order to promote Diabetes Awareness! See some of these great ADA Youth Leaders and Ambassadors helping out in the Youth Zone at the Mesa Convention Center in support of diabetes! Some of the following websites may be helpful to you as a PWD or parent of a child with diabetes. One of the biggest obstacles people face when trying to transition from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy one is the social pressure of friends, extended family, co-workers, events and gatherings, and even the people in their own homes. Maybe they assume that we are judging them when all we are doing is trying to better ourselves, or that we’re going to try to force change on them as well. Certainly no one ever voiced their concerns at my former lifestyle, when I was drinking nothing but diet soda all day long and living on processed foods, 30 pounds overweight. I’ve actually been lucky to be surrounded by mostly supportive people, but clients tell me all the time about their ill-received refusals to participate in eating junk food with their peers.
For some, especially those who face the negativity in their homes, it can be so overwhelming that it takes them off the path to good health. Just remember…YOU are the only one who has to live in your body, for the rest of your life. Remember that they have their own reasons for speaking up that have absolutely nothing to do with YOU and everything to do with their own insecurities, fears, and lack of correct information.
It might be helpful to remind your loved ones that you’re not judging their lifestyle by changing yours, but that you just want to feel better.
Most of the people in my life who made the hurtful comments actually thought they were paying me compliments. Make sure that you are surrounding yourself with people who have a similar lifestyle to yours, and are supportive of your goals. Thanks for sharing I really enjoyed reading this I do have people who say this daily to me and keep telling me the unhealthy choices they make in there foods. I think its an awesome article, and it also applies for drinking, sometimes i get comments like: “Are you drinking? I think people generally like to see others fail (not only when it comes to health)especially if the person criticizing is not healthy themselves.
It’s true, you have to either have a backbone or learn to, but I think that most people have no idea what they will be up against, I know I was surprised by it!

So sorry to hear that one of your closest friends didn’t take the opportunity to learn from you and saw it as threatening instead. I’ve been really lucky that most people are either indifferent or supportive of my healthy choices. Isabelle I can’t imagine how difficult it is when someone else is doing the cooking for you! And while you cant control what people say to you, you can definitely start working on how you react to what they say.
Making changes to your life always rocks the boat for everyone else, but there is no reason not to keep going! Yep, it’s always people who lead an unhealthy lifestyle that try to lay the criticism on thick. The worst for me is that I track macros and my husband gets all bent out of shape when I pull my scale out to measure some chicken.
Recruitment Become a swim coach in Singapore.
We had face painters, arts and crafts, exercise challenges (Thank you Power1K Fitness) and WII Fitness!
My choices had nothing to do with anyone around me and everything to do with my own health and my own body. Has our society become so unhealthy and uninformed that HEALTHY is actually met with negativity and suspicion? Remind them that you’re too busy thinking about your own health to worry about theirs. If and when they want the help, you will likely be the first person they come to and ask for it.
You don’t have to replace any of your old crowd, but having the positive influence will help to balance out any negativity you may be facing. I have some loved ones in my life that seem to put me down about my healthy lifestyle and this reminds me that I am a healthy me!
I feel sometimes like I am doing something wrong in eating healthy and doing it for me not them. So important to keep your eyes straight ahead and focused on what is important for yourself. It’s like people want to believe there is some secret other than just hard work and commitment. EVERYONE in my household (and extended family) eat unhealthily and constantly critisize me for the foods I’m eating.

Hopefully things will take a swing in the opposite direction here soon and word will get out about clean eating and exercise.
So many people told me to stop losing weight and looked at me weird for my food or exercise choices.
When I stopped drinking everybody gave me wine for Christmas even though I had let them know I was worried about abusing alcohol. Keep this in mind, smile and know that you are doing the best that you can for your body and your health.
If you don’t know anyone who is fit, there are tons of online communities for fitness and health, even websites that hook you up with fitness partners.
I had a friend approach me and tell me to stop posting my workouts and some food choices on my Facebook page because people were asking her if I was anorexic or bulimic .
But i would also question your readiness to change to a healthier lifestyle if you can be so easily persuaded.
Like tonight, my dad just bought a huge tub of ice cream, 3 chips ahoy cookies, and random junk. Every person who makes a change makes an impact on those around them, which hopefully eventually leads to overall change in society!
It helps drown out the negativity of some people, especially with politics and keep me motivated. As an emotional eater I’ve struggled with sticking to healthy eating for a very long time.
Your comment that the things people say to you about your own body has more to do with their body than yours is so true.
I am not obsessed with myself, I am not too skinny (I am actually the exact recommended weight for my height). If we bear this in mind when we hear negative criticism it suddenly doesn’t mean as much.
I feel like I am in middle school again where you wanted to be accepted, but you were constantly worried that someone thought you were weird.

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