Affirmations are one of the most powerful ways to create a vibration match for what you want to attract into your life. Strong positive affirmations are powerful means of self-transformation and they are a key element in the creation of the life you desire. Below I have included a list of positive feeling word that you may want to use when creating your affirmations.  Remember, when creating affirmations you want to create positive, self-affirming, self-empowering statements that uplift and inspire you – that raise your emotional set point.
I am looking around me at the faces of the people I am helping and I am thrilled to know that I have made a difference in their life. I am feeling relaxed and grateful to be sitting here in Hawaii with my toes buried in the warm sun, feeling the warmth on my face. Self esteem affirmations and self affirmations for confidence are vital for growing our confidence in ourselves. Tagged with: printable list of positive affirmations, printable list of positive adjectives, printable list of positive words, printable list of positive character traits, printable list of positive emotions. In the morning, take out your list and tackle the first task right away which involves simply tapping with your fingertips on specific meridians while voicing positive affirmations. Positive self affirmations are the most powerful way of creating the healthy habit formations you want in your life.
The positive self affirmations associated with this exercise are intended to become a daily habit just like brushing your teeth or eating breakfast.
With the soul mirror mind exercises you will have the choice of following either a Chinese system, a Classical system or a Yogic system of classification. The original exercise in the book by Franz Bardon only illustrates the Classical elemental system for use simply because that's the only one he was familiar with. Step #2Over the next week or two, you will begin to add to each page (out of all the pages designated to a single energy) every single disfunction you can come up with about yourself. For the final step on your list of affirmations you need to rate each negative habit formation for how often it occurs in your life. Step #4Begin by going through your list of dis-eased traits and rate each one with a roman numeral.
To change bad habits requires you to begin a daily practice of using positive self affirmations. The simplest way to do this is buy or make a rosary (string beads or tie knots into some string, you'll only need 20-40 beads or knots) and recite your positive self affirmations twice a day. The best way to begin working with your list of affirmations is to look at your totals on your grid. Spiritual affirmations and faith affirmations can assist us in growing stronger and more confident in our faith. My goal here was to provide the best list of spiritual and faith affirmations as possible, but if you didna€™t find the one that was right for you, feel free to use them as inspiration for creating your very own spiritual affirmations.If you have any favorite spiritual affirmation, affirmation prayers or faith affirmations that are not in the list above, please share them with us, using the commenting box below.
We are fulfilling our dream by providing fun yet practical seminars to people that not only improve their skills but just might change their lives forever. Our philosophy is to install in all our clients the resources, skills, tools and mindsets required to unlock their potential and produce outstanding outcomes. Striving for all our staff to develop themselves personally; to grow and learn and achieve the personal success we desire in others. Focusing upon the positive attributes of every person rather than their perceived limitations. Our mission is to contribute to a better world, by helping individuals and teams in organisations to grow personally and become more self aware and mindful in everything they do. Best Thinking:  We strive to seek and use the vast knowledge and wisdom in ourselves and others and to always offer the best insights we have to the world. Appropriate Speaking:  We strive to say the right thing to the right people at the right time.
Ethical Livelihood: We undertake only beneficial activities that do not harm others or the planet.
Best Efforts:  We are serious about our mission and strive to do as much as we can at any time for the people and organisations we work for (this includes our families, friends, charities and others for whom we do work without monetary remuneration).
Mindful Choices: We strive to remain mindful of our thoughts and actions and our impact upon the world and others.
Focus:  We strive to be present and focused with ourselves, with others and with our tasks including our mission and values.
At Extollo we use a range of tools in our seminars, courses and coaching to help people transform and grow. An affirmation is the act of affirming by way of writing, speaking aloud or silently to yourself what it is you want to accomplish or be. Then if you set goals that are aligned with your values, it will be easier for you to achieve them.
You can use to colour to help you stay focused while you are going into a meditative state. The different colours you can use while meditating and the different areas you are to focus on while you think about each colour are shown in the table below.
If you are new to the experience of meditation, it can sometimes be difficult to stay focused. Unless you are sitting in the lotus position, make sure your arms and legs are not crossed.
Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) is a set of techniques that positively restructure the brain’s thinking by aligning the conscious and the unconscious mind. The techniques Bandler and Grinder developed by modelling Satir, Perls and Erickson are now so concise and effective that behaviour changes which used to take years can now be made within a matter of hours or minutes.
Understanding how the body and mind’s neurology works to better direct it toward more effective thoughts and behaviours. Understanding the mind is like a computer with thought patterns as the software and discovering which programs are currently in control. Extollo has incorporated NLP techniques which produce rapid positive change in its seminars. Can you remember a time in your life when everything was going well (or even if it wasn’t going well, you were at least able to forget about it for a few moments)? When you achieve this state, you have generally triggered a slower brain rhythm… the alpha brain rhythm. In the 1950’s Dr Jo Kamier made a machine that showed the electrical output of the brain – an electroencephalogram (EEG).
At Extollo we understand the importance of having a working knowledge of how the brain works if we are to bring about lasting change in our clients.
To process a new idea we create a map of that idea in our mind, and then compare it subconsciously in a fraction of a second to our existing maps. As our brains like to create order out of the chaos we are surrounded by, we make links between information so that things make more sense. When we are processing complex ideas we use the visual centre of our brain; we see ideas as flashes in our internal movie screen.

Creating new maps is energy intensive, but when it is done it releases a huge wave of energy along with changes to neurotransmitters and brain waves (we begin operating in the gamma brain wave).
People experience a degree of inertia around thinking for themselves due to the energy required.
Changing the way people think can be challenging as people tend to fight hard to hold on to their view of the world. Given that our wiring is all so different, any group of people will see the same situation from substantially different perspectives. That is why at Extollo we are passionate about improving not WHAT people think but the WAY people think, i.e. Your thoughts and words are declarations of who you think you are and how you perceive the world to be.
They work by purposely replacing the limiting ideas, negative beliefs and self-talk that you have taken on and internalized over the years with positive statements that assert who you want to be and how you want to experience life. The reason I have given you these choices is because students of varying systems will do better with a system that is already a part of their practice. Place an "I" (1) beside the traits that happen often, a "II" (2) beside the traits that happen sometimes and a "III" (3) beside the traits that happen once and awhile. You must put all your focus into imagining this so intensely so as to "trick" your subconscious mind into thinking this is already happening. So you want to work on the elements with the highest scores and bring them all down to the level of your element with the lowest score.
Born from the passion of our director to transform the world by helping people grow, discover and harness their potential; it provides personal and professional development seminars, resources and coaching to businesses, schools and individuals.
Everything we do comes from our genuine desire to make people’s lives easier and more understandable.
We are striving to help ourselves and others grow, to become happier, wiser and more effective in all areas of life. Our objective in any communication is to focus on the other person(s) and to speak only when it is beneficial for them. Our objective is to act only in ways that are beneficial for others and not in ways that are only self serving.
At all times we strive to focus our mental efforts and actions towards helpful states of mind including patience, respect, kindness, generosity, cooperation and honesty.
Albert Einstein was quoted as saying that his intuition was more important than his knowledge.
You can either imagine seeing that colour (or something that is that colour) as you move through the colours of the rainbow. Neuro linguistic programming enables people to pro-actively design their responses to life. Bandler and Grinder studied three US therapists who achieved outstanding results in transforming their clients ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. He found that the brain produces different levels of activity that can be measured on an EEG machine. More recently researchers have also discovered a gamma rhythm which it appears bay the the brain rhythm that controls all of the others.
The only things that you can do are all the basic movements controlled by the reptilian phase. It looks at associations, connections and links between bits of information.1 All our thoughts, memories, skills and attributes are vast sets of maps joined together via complex chemical and physical pathways. If we can find solid enough links between the new idea and our current maps, we then create a new map that becomes a part of the layout of our brain. Rather than fighting this fact, the best leaders harness this reality by bringing together a balanced team of people who think in different ways. People can have difficulty letting go of the beliefs they have as a result of a past experience. It has a remarkable ability to rewire itself when things go wrong, for example in stroke patients. Every time you think a negative thought or make a self depreciating comment you are actually affirming it as your personal truth. So, Recite these positive self affirmations over and over again until you truly believe them. This exercise is adapted from a practice from "step one" in the book "Initiation Into Hermetics" by Franz Bardon.
For instance, a yogi or yogini will naturally do better in creating their list of positive affirmations if they use the chakra (Yogic) system for creating their Soul Mirror and a Tai-Chi practitioner will do better if he uses the Chinese system of the five elements. Each element corresponds to a pair of organs which also makes this system great for dealing with physical diseases or issues that need healing. Along the shorter vertical side of the page you will write out in roman numerals I, II, III (1, 2, 3) as well as the word "total". Using a keen eye of self observation and judgement, you must acknowledge every flaw and every undesirable trait you can muster up. To change bad habits into positive personality traits, all you need to do is overwhelm your consciousness with its polar opposite positive characteristic. The reason for putting roman numerals beside these habit formations is so that when you begin to conquer it with positive self affirmations, you can simply add a line to it indicating that it is happening less frequently then it was when you first created the chart.
These two times are when you're in a very relaxed state of consciousness which makes it easier to imprint these different affirmations into your subconscious mind. Use as many senses as possible, with emphasis on seeing and feeling that you've already succeeded in breaking the habit and are now experiencing your new positive personality traits.~Work with one, or at the very most two, positive self affirmations at a time. They modelled family therapist Virginia Satir, Gestalt therapist Fritz Perls and hypnotherapist Milton Erickson (who legitimised hypnotherapy as a healing treatment modality accepted by the American Medical Association). You may have noticed that time seemed to fly past as you were so absorbed and had no worries, just an intense focus upon what you were doing.
In the book, the exercise is called creating a "Soul Mirror" because it is a way of getting an accurate and complete look at your inner negative and positive personality traits.
Classical: The Classical elemental system is composed of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. This is a pretty intense process, and through these two weeks you'll want to be kind and not too hard on yourself in other aspects of your life (actually you should never be hard on yourself about anything!). For example, if you have "(I) frequently bite my nails" in your dis-eased list of affirmations chart, then the opposite characteristic would be "(I) only use nail clippers to cut my nails" or even "(I) avoid biting my nails" (don't use negatives like "don't", "quit" or "not" as the subconscious isn't able to recognize them).Write out your list of positive affirmations next to each of the dis-eased traits. This is so you don't overload your subconscious mind with too many requests.~Work with each of your positive self affirmations for a minimum of 24 days. If you did please share this page with your friends on Facebook and Twitter with the social media buttons below.
The intent of this mind exercise is to begin changing or "transmuting" all your mental, emotional, spiritual and even physical "negative" flaws into balanced and positive personality traits.This practice is not something you do here and there when you feel like it. The first four all "originate" from Ether which differs from the Chinese system which has five separate and distinct elements.

You can now draw lines between each word or number to the opposite side of the page to create a grid of boxes. Many people might think this is a bad thing to do because it is "focusing on the negative". Fill it out so that you know the number of dis-eased traits in each elemental category that fall into each level of "frequency of occurrence" (the level of how often the trait happens in your life). Psychologists tell us that it takes a minimum of 21 days for a new habit to form, so do a little more than the 21 days, even if it feels like you've already "got it".
You'll want to keep the elements relatively balanced while you work on this too, alternating between them so that none of them are ever much lower than the others.Once you've completely finished and integrated your entire list of positive self affirmations, you will probably have had plenty of opportunities to realize other dis-eased traits that you could have added to the list of affirmations.
We normally experience theta only fleetingly as we rise up out of the depths of delta upon waking, or drifting off to sleep. When we create this new map we feel motivated to do something and both our face and voice change. For the sake of anyone not involved in any other discipline, just pick a system you feel drawn to, or go with the original classical system that Bardon taught. Here are some things to keep in mind when creating these positive self affirmations:~Don't use negatives of words, such as "don't", "quit", "not" or "non-"~Instead try to find its opposite (ex.
By giving each level a different value, you can then total each elemental column to come up with a total value of which elemental category needs the most work with positive self affirmations.Give everything in the horizontal column "I" (1) a value of three, everything in column "II" a value of two and everything in column "III" a value of one.
The worst that could happen is that you only fortify a habit deeper into your subconscious mind and make it more difficult to ever fall back into your "old ways".~Say the affirmations (out-loud or in your head) with passion. If you adopt the healthy habits you set for yourself outlined in the exercise below then you will begin to see profound changes in your way of "being in the world" (and this will take no more than 5-10 minutes a day). Different systems will be slightly contradictory if you try to use more than one due to the varying energetic qualities and number of "elements" therein. The Classical elements actually fit into the chakra system except that there are an additional two chakras (brow and crown) that are said to be "beyond the elements".
If you have an old house full of junk that you want to turn into a fully transformed, renovated and beautiful new home, you have to first take inventory and remove all the junk, dirt and undesirable furnishings before you can even repaint the walls.You must first have knowledge of dis-eased blocks or "habit formations" before you are able to use specific positive self affirmations geared towards dissolving or transmuting those blocks into positive personality traits.
This is because a dis-eased trait that happens more frequently in your life is obviously more important to take care of then one that happens infrequently.
Some people might say "what's the point of doing this if I'll never finish it?", but what they don't realize is that it's not about finishing your list of affirmations, but rather what this practice does for helping create positive personality traits within yourself.If you're not already keeping a journal for your meditation or other internal practices, then keeping one is a good way of tracking when you started new positive self affirmations and when you've completed the 24 days (or you can simply mark it down on a calendar). A brief period in Theta (about 5 – 15 minutes) can restore the normal brain ratio of sodium and potassium levels giving a feeling of being mentally refreshed rather than mentally fatigued. Once you have this first taste of having control over and ability to change yourself, you won't even be able to stop yourself from following this simple routine since the benefits are so rewarding and empowering.After you have your "positive self affirmations" chart completed, you will find, like I already mentioned, that the exercise is very simple and takes no more than 5-10 minutes a day.
There are other qualities about the chakras that make it quite a different system to use than the Classical elemental system, yet many of the same classifications will be the same.
This is perfectly healthy and anyone who is afraid to look at their "dark" side is merely suppressing it (on the other end of the scale you have people who dwell in their "darkness" and this is just as unbalancing as not acknowledging it at all).
Add up each elemental column which will give you a total that can be compared to the other elements. There are also a number of other ways you can work with your list of affirmations along with the daily positive self affirmations. On an annual or biannual basis (or even quarterly basis) you will need to spend a little more time reviewing your chart and making updates. If you do choose to switch your positive self affirmations chart at any point, you will need to re-categorize all your various attributes which will be quite tedious.I won't go into great detail about each system since you can easily research that from other resources on the web or in books. Once you've brought "light" to your negative characteristics, you'll find it very easy to change bad habits through focusing in on all of its opposite positive personality traits. Write it opposite the negative trait it corresponds too.~Avoid repeating the same opposite trait for different words (ex. Your element with the highest rating might not be the element with the most number of dis-eased traits. It will have more power than before since you've boosted it with so many positive self affirmations over a couple of days. You will find it easier to focus on the feeling of the positive affirmation this way as well.~To change bad habits, along with repeating your different daily affirmations, you have to take an active role in your life.
The chart of your negative and positive personality traits is the so called "mirror" which allows you to see in plain view what you have chosen to rank as "dis-eased" personality traits or flaws that require you to change bad habits.
Positive self affirmations build up your willpower, but you are the one that has to make the change. Creating this chart is also like a large goal which you are striving to attain at some point down the road (without being attached to the outcome of course). You will be sorting your various negative and positive character traits into the different categories according to which energy they most closely resemble. When compiling your first list of negative habit formations, you need to keep the following things in mind:~Strive for a list of 100 traits at the absolute minimum.
The average person's "will batteries" are dead all the time and they drift along succumbing to life's unhealthy indulgences. For example, if you are someone who is hot tempered, this would fit under the wood element of the Chinese elemental system, yet it would fall under the fire element of the Classical elemental system.
If you fill your "will battery" up with positive self affirmations, then when the time is right, you unleash that power to empower yourself to make the right choice.
This means you actually have to want to change, not secretly hope for someone or something else to do it for you.~Think about your current positive self affirmations that you're working with throughout the day. When doing a breathing exercise for example, you could imagine that the air you are breathing in has the quality of "calmness" or you could imbue your food with this quality as a prayer before your meals, etc. Doing this in a meditative state makes this easier.~Make them as specific as possible such as instead of writing "easily angered", try "angered by authority figures" or "easily angered while driving".
Each time you make the right choice, it gets easier and easier since you are developing good habits.
This will further "impregnate" your subconscious mind with the intent for creating positive personality traits.
After you are finished don't add any more negative traits to the list, unless it is a major one that had completely slipped your mind. Once or twice a year when you update your list, you can add a few more if you think it's necessary.~Be totally honest with yourself! So much so that you will absolutely have to keep this list of affirmations hidden away in a notebook (which is why I recommend not typing it up on a computer).
This will begin healing them.~It doesn't matter if there are more dis-eased traits under one elemental category and few in another. This just indicates more of an imbalance in the one category that you will work on correcting once you begin practicing your positive self affirmations daily.

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