The Learning Centre tutors can help you with study skills including how to read textbooks efficiently, note-taking, memorization techniques, and studying for different types of test questions. Take this short online quiz about your study strategies to figure out which areas you could improve on for academic success.
University of Toronto's online assignment calculator breaks projects and papers up into manageable steps that help you meet your deadlines. A 6 minute video by a college student summarizing a famous lecture on how to get the most out of your study time using 7 easy strategies.

A great mix of videos and handouts on a variety of learning strategies from McMaster University- time management, note-taking, reading strategies, and preparing for exams. A privately maintained series of worksheets that cover just about every imaginable study skill. Interesting, short video explaining how the brain works when you attempt to multi-task and the negative impact on accomplishing work. Take a short quiz on how ready you are for your exam and learn some effective strategies for exam preparation and good test performance.

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