VAT (Value Added Tax) applies only to UK orders (and EU customers where a valid VAT number is not supplied). A collaborative teamwork activity which identifies key lessons to improve communication skills in the workplace.
Ideal team exercise to highlight common communication stumbling blocks - and agree how to avoid them. Training activities and business simulations to enrich your courses and enthuse your delegates. Sign up to the Northgate mailing list to receive latest offers, free icebreakers and our annual Catalogue. The power of Listening is recognizing that effective communication requires great listening skills. Unless you are a hermit and have no communication with the world, developing effective listening skills is a necessity for everyone.  Are you part of a team? It’s time to decide, are you ready to take a journey to create better communication in your life?  Developing any skill is not an overnight miracle. The fabulous thing about listening is that the time required already fits into your scheduled day. You have now made the choice, you know why you want to improve, and you know where you are at and where you want to go. Take a look again at your current level of listening and ask yourself: Do you hear what is being said?  Do you understand the words being used? The largest step is consciously making the choice every day to be aware of your level of listening.
Developing effective listening skills can be one of your best assets in life if you choose to make it a part of your every day.
Know yourself & others with incredible accuracy using the newest and most valid DiSC tool.
Dates for other areas available on request. This workshop can be customized and presented on site on request.
In this intense one-day workshop your business team will learn a sure-fire process to advance business, identify your true targets and how to achieve them.
Attendees will learn the number one rule of business and how to make millions using leverage. Delegates will discover how to use the power of marketing and the power of negotiation to generate more income today.
Using practical experiential exercises, the tools and skills you will learn will stay with you so they can be applied for an immediate improvement in results. One hour accountability session with CEO and select management, following the event for implementation. It’s a common and even understandable question and not an unreasonable one: So much training and education is done online these days instead of in classrooms, why can’t conflict resolution and communication skills be taught the same way? Back in the 1980s, when women’s bangs were big and shoulder-pads were bigger, I found a Yoga videotape (if you’re under the age of 30, these were sad things that produced video roughly the quality of watching a DVD underwater from the other end of a swimming pool). Every organization has rules, and leaders at every level are held accountable for making certain that their people follow them.
Leaders, no less than group members, find themselves unable to get their needs met because of some action by their boss.
A common problem for all leaders is what to do when a member of one of your team’s group comes to you with a complaint arising from some unmet need. Liz Carter was appointed operations supervisor at her bank.  At about the same time, Wayne Howard was elected president of his service club.
Raise your hand if you or someone you know has been promoted due to job expertise but lack the people skills to make managing more effective? Every week we post new Blogs about leadership on our website and there’s so much good stuff there that we wanted to make it easy for you to see what we have—hopefully there are some Blogs that you will find useful and interesting—and will aid you in your journey to be the best leader (or manager or team member) you can be.
This problem solving approach is based on the use of power to impose a solution on another. The “climate” of a relationship or of a group is a critical factor in whether the No-Lose Method will first be accepted and secondly be successful. The parties should believe that the goal of dealing with conflict is not merely to resolve the conflict but rather it is to find the most creative and fairest resolution that leaves neither party feeling that the other has come out with an unfair advantage.
Raise your hand if you have you ever found yourself in a discussion with a co-worker, friend, family member over an issue that you both feel strongly about and you’re clashing over it big time.
In our leadership training program (and in all the Gordon Model programs), self-disclosing messages are referred to as I-Messages. An I-Message is authentic, honest, and congruent — reflecting the actual nature and strength of your thoughts and feelings. However, if you are unhappy for any reason, we operate a no-quibble returns policy on unused goods. The VAT will show in the cart summary and will be cancelled where applicable during the secure checkout process.

Maybe you have had some unpleasant feedback in your life that caused a light bulb to blink in your head and tell you it is time to take action. Be aware of all your interactions throughout the day beginning with your significant other first thing in the morning, continuing with all your team members or clients throughout the day and ending with your kids or even your pets in the evening. Be aware of what is distracting you from a conversation and simply choose to remove it or move the conversation if the interference cannot be removed. From the article ‘The Power of Listening’ we all know that when we start judging we stop listening.
Nothing losses respect like interrupting someone trying to get their message relayed to you – especially when you interrupt to impose your own solution.
When you offer feedback (again, after you have listened to understand) the speaker believes you care about what was being said.  Ask questions to clarify and ensure you do understand as well. When you do this you are providing acknowledgement that you are listening and are legitimately interested in the dialog. Everyone will walk away with their own personalized 90-day Acceleration Plan to implement immediately.
I was re-reading Leader Effectiveness Training the other day and ran across a singular, simple sentence that made me stop short and then go pour myself a strong drink. How could such a positive book send me to the liquor cabinet with the tallest glass in my condo, full to the brim with ice? Why should organizations have to spend the time and resources on coordinating schedules, travel and on-site instruction?
Some of these rules were in effect long before group members joined the organization; some may have been set by higher authority and hence lie outside “the area of freedom” of leaders at lower levels. Without consulting you, your boss makes a decision that interferes with your doing your best job or deprives you of something you need. Typically, when a person makes such an appeal to her boss’s boss, it is called “going over your boss’s head.” This is almost universally condemned as reprehensible. Should you wish to, you can browse this page to see ALL the many Blogs, videos and articles we’ve been posting)…or you can email me and request to be added to my Blog group where I send out a link to a new Blog 2-3 times a month. Climate usually refers to the prevailing attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of relationships.
It is a clear message, understandable, and to the point, not masked in indirect or vague language. Something has steered you to read this article and maybe, just maybe, this listening stuff is for you. All you have to do is understand a few key factors and then just choose to make a change in your ever day behaviors and interactions.
First step is to pay attention to where you are at currently with each person you interact with.  Be honest with yourself and ask for feedback if you are not clear. Make a choice to be open to the speaker and whatever the results of the communication may be. After you fully understand what is being communicated there is an effective way to share your solution in a non-threatening format. Do you respond in a productive way? What are your strengths when it comes to being a good listener?
Continue to make those same choices tomorrow and every day after to become a good listener.  Just as with any skill, if you stop using it, you will lose it. I hadn’t been around many disabled people before and I didn’t want to do or say the wrong thing.
Many such rules, obviously, get established without the participation of the people who are expected to abide by them. They then have the floor until someone else stops them by putting one of their counters in the pot – they can now speak uninterrupted. Write your reason down and then share it with someone close (this is an important step to any goal – share it!).
Or your boss settles a conflict between the two of you by using Method I, causing you to feel she won, you lost.
The additional types of I-Messages below were created by Gordon Training International’s President, Linda Adams.
At the end of the meeting everyone gets a list of questions about what other people were saying at the meeting – and guess what? Because who doesn’t want to become long and lean and strong and metamorphose into a supermodel-actress, amirite?
From the Oxford Dictionary: “values [plural] beliefs about what is right and wrong and what is important in life”. However, it volunteered to protect the tourists during this monsoon.A The Kurla residents Shahjad Ahmed, 21, and Nuruddin Shah, 22, had gone to the silver beach opposite Godrej bungalow in Juhu for swimming around 5 pm.
No matter your role in life, choosing to listen effectively will serve you and those around you well. Unfortunately, many leaders do grin and bear it, although their grin is usually a cover-up for resentment and anger.

As soon as they entered the deep water they started drowning as they are not trained swimmers.
Okay, so here are some ways to help you navigate through values collisions with another person, so you can continue the relationship and hopefully, even make it stronger. Later, they were handed over to the Juhu Police for further questioning.A The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is responsible for appointing life guards at the city's beaches. However, as the civic body did not appoint anyone, Sea Guardian had started guarding the Juhu beach in 2007. They bought their own machinery and life jackets and guarded the beach without charging any fees.A "We were expecting the BMC and other government agencies assist us in the job to save the tourists' lives. Such was the apathy on the government side that they did not even recognise our life guards as the official ones. As we were fighting the battle alone with limited sources we started the operations," Sunil Kanojia, head of the NGO told India Today.A After Sea Guardian stopped operations, 10 tourists drowned at Juhu beach in the last 2 months. And I am pleased to say that we have not allowed anyone to die till date," Kanojia said.A An official from the BMC said that the civic body has appointed one life guard at the beach. Laxman spotted femal wearing maroon silvaar & white Kurta rushing in the deep water, he ran from post to stop her, on seeing Lifeguard coming to stop her she rushed in the deep water but in vain Laxman Reached her before she could enter in deep water. Kistamma refused to come out of the water she started dipping herself saying leave her alone she wants to die.A Seeing to all this from Kistamma police was alerted to reach Silver beach, control room alerted 3 number mobile van in charge Chaudhary to rush at silver beach, Beach, Volunteers started inquiry from public if Kistamma was accompanied by anyone. A lady visitor pointed out a boy wearing white shirt name Krishna Poojari was her boyfriend. This species is a fairly stocky whale, with a low, rounded dorsal fin that is set one-third of the way along the body, and with long pectoral fins. A It was Great Achievement by Sea Guardian Lifeguard there was not a single incident on the beach till the time Pavit stayed.WE MADE HOLI SAFE ON JUHU BEACHa€Z20 sea guardian lifeguards kept high vigil on swimmers during Holi festival on 20th March 2011. Chaggan Bhujbal along with MD MTDC A at his resident Ramtek in Mumbai On 19th March 2011, with the members of RLLS, Surf Lifesaving Australia and Sea Guardian Lifeguard.
The Mumbai Fire Brigade on Friday, flaunted these 23 lifeguards and demonstrated their skills at a press meet at Girgaum Chowpatty.Mumbai 13th Nov. They reached Silver Beach at around 13 hours, Islam Khan went for swim in the sea water while Samir and Dhanlaxmi enjoyed listening music and talking to each other soon Islam approached Samir and Dhanlxami to join him for a swim in the sea, Smir agreed to go for swim with Samir but Dhanlaxmi refused to go, but Samir and Islam pulled her in the water, as they were enjoying wave pulled them in deepwater. Samir and Islam ran away with their cloths without raising any alarm for help of Dhanlaxmi, seeing someone in the deep water Volunteer lifeguard Rakesh and Ganesh rushed for Dhanlaxmia€™s HELP.
They rescued her alive.Lifeguard Rakesh and Ganesh gave CPR to Dhanlaxmi and rushed her to Cooper Hospital with lifeguard Kamlesh for further medical. Norman FarmerESM with Manager a€“ Operations & Training, Rashtriya Life Saving Society India Mr.
The sea water is also polluted and garbagea€™s are seen all over water on Juhu Beach.A We request all sea goers not to go swimming in the sea. Its for sure if you get stuck in this wave No Police, No BMC, No Firebrigade will be able to rescue you on time. Time 10am to 5pm.A i»?Add- Ever shine club, near Ever shine Garden, Thakur village, Kandivali (e), A Bus no -287 Thakur village last Bus Stop. Thousands of people gathered to see the dead whale fish, national media reached the spot and LIVE news was flashed on Indias most of the channels.
Police and lifeguards keep people away from the fish as to keep people safe from any viral infection if fish cascare had carried.While this whale shark may be huge and rarely seen, it joins many other sea creatures that have unfortunately been washed up on the beaches.
Some of the deaths of these animals may be a mystery, but many can be related back to drought and humans.A study by Baylor University showed that drought conditions not only affect water levels, but also water quality.
The study found that when pH levels shift, ammonia in the water can become toxic and affect the fish.According from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 80 percent of pollution to marine life comes from the land. Non point source pollution is the largest cause, which includes septic tanks, cars, trucks, and boats.
Lifeguard Complained about the cascara lying on the sea shore cleaning department was deployed to lift the cascara and clean the beach. SGL Volunteer Lifeguard Service runs on volunteers, so if you can spare some time to help us help others, then don't delay!
Lifeguards are provided in an effort to reduce the number of accidents at our beaches, but we cannot do the job alone. An informed public is essential to maintaining adequate levels of beach and water safety.The objective of Beach Safety is to make citizens aware of the need to be safe while in and near the water. Our member includes professional beach lifeguards in this area, joining lifeguards from across Mumbai.Thank you for considering this request.

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