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I looked at my class – mostly from public schools, eight of the fifteen came from broken families, only four professed a strong belief in God, two were atheists and the rest stood somewhere in between. But what I do not understand and what really bothers me is the unforeseen consequences of our “hookup with no strings attached” culture. The articles on this blog are the personal responsibility of each author and are not meant to be the institutional voice of the congregation of the Legionaries of Christ or the Regnum Christi Movement. Live as you`ll die tomorrow, dream as if you`ll live forever!!!! Live as you`ll die tomorrow, dream as if you`ll live forever!!!! One of the best quotes ever !!

Please select category that most closely reflects your concern about the post, so that we can review it and determine if it violates our Terms of Use or isn't appropriate for viewers. To introduce the topic of true happiness, I wanted them to think about their own plans for happiness and eventually lead them to the idea that only God can give us happiness that lasts forever. Most were “normal” dreams: have a lot of money, travel around the world, be a professional football player. But I’m guessing that watching her parents fight, scream at each other, and divorce imprinted in her the message that a lasting commitment of love isn’t real. Fourteen year old girls, who naturally idealize love, have already given up hope of finding a love that lasts. I have committed my life to Christ and these past four years have been wonderful, but there have also been many moments when I’ve had to fight with all my strength to stay faithful to Christ.
Taking that a step further, try to convince them that God loves them unconditionally and eternally when they have absolutely no concept of that from their life experience. God can always find ways to reach the human heart, no matter how wounded, disillusioned, or broken.

In girly handwriting that I knew belonged to Ashley was the only dream she could think of: Have a true boyfriend.
Somewhere deep in the human heart is the desire to be loved unconditionally, totally, passionately, eternally. Every girl wants to meet the man who will commit himself to her, take care of her, and love her for who she is. But also He might appreciate a little help from us because our love for each other can be a mirror of God’s love for us. Ideally, this man becomes a husband, because then their love is protected and strengthened by the commitment and bond of marriage. What really broke my heart was that word, “true.” The spark of desire in her heart for a true love hadn’t been totally extinguished yet.

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