Google has confirmed to TechCrunch that the company is currently testing a new chat service for business listings right inside of Google Search results. The service appears to be entirely powered by Hangouts, and can be accessed via desktop computers and mobile devices.
If wait times are not going to be an issue, then I could see this being a great alternative to calling for customers.
Call me lazy, but I would greatly prefer this chat feature to actually calling a business on the phone. About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life.
Amazon and Google are undoubtedly the leaders in online customer service and their new developments in video chat integration have proven that there is a market for live video assistance. When you connect with Amazon Mayday, you are able to see the Mayday support person live on your screen. Right now the option is purposely difficult to find as Google is testing the service, but once you see it the process becomes as easy as clicking through a link. Adding Human Interaction, through a simple one-way video chat, helps demonstrate the device by engaging with an expert.
I didn’t end up buying anything from Amazon or Google this time but I was impressed by the overall customer experience these two companies provide.
The average call time as well as the call backlog is reduced because of the agent’s ability to quickly understand the issue, see the customer context, and walk him through to a resolution.
People buy from people, 22% of shoppers prefer face-to-face interactions with a company rep to answer their questions. Real Time interactions reduce shopping cart abandonment, improve conversion rates, and increase average order value by handling objections and offering discounts, all in real-time. SightCall Video Service can be easily integrated into your website and mobile applications for your customers to request assistance. I hope this does not come across as too naive, but how is this technology superior – and in what specific ways – to Skype, Yahoo Messenger, or any other of a host of video chat services that have been out there for years, some of which include screen sharing, and are free? Google Photos for iOS just received a major update, finally enabling support with Apple's Live Photos. Google Photos for iOS just received a major update, finally enabling support with Apple's Live Photos.

Google has rolled out its latest update for its Photos app, and it's proving to highly focused on Apple software this time around. Now users will be able to store with users now able to store, view and organize their Live Photos separately from their device's Camera Roll inside Google's app.
In addition, the animated images now receive a "Live Photo" icon at the top of the screen, allowing users to be able to distinguish between those and normal ones.
Rounding out the news is the fact that the Live Photos feature on Google Photos is retroactive. You don't have to be a booze hound to enjoy the travel adventures of Jack Maxwell, host of "Booze Traveler" on Travel Channel. Louise Harrison, the elder sister of George Harrison, had a front-row seat to musical history. Lukas Nelson, the son of Willie Nelson, has released a new album, "Something Real," with his roots rock band Lukas Nelson & Promise of The Real. Google Play is a great resource for buying devices straight from the source, but because Google doesn’t have its own retail stores, customers can’t really speak face-to-face to a Google employee and get answers to any questions that they may have. Google is now testing a live video chat service that’ll connect you with a Google Device Expert over a Hangouts-based service. Google has confirmed that it’s testing live video chat, saying that it’s “in a limited trial of an experimental support feature and gathering feedback.” TechCrunch sources say that Google has been testing the live video chat since November 2014 and that it may expand the service into retail stores in the future. Many of us are likely pretty knowledgable about the products that Google sells in the Play Store, but for folks that may not have an intimate understanding of Nexus and Chromebook hardware, this live video chat could be a good service. So for now, don’t expect to be chatting with your favorite local businesses right from Search results. Google is fortunate to have an ever-growing index of businesses on Google Search, and essentially, all they would need to do is provide it to the business owners for implementation. These companies understand the value of human interaction and the benefits it can bring to online shopping and customer support.
When you tap the Mayday button you instantly get connected with an Amazon customer service representative. Today it is available only to buyers of Google smartphones, tablets and Chromebooks but many experts believe that Google has a vision to bring Virtual Help Desk into physical stores.
Scott Brown, Director of Customer Service at Amazon said, “When we set out to invent the Mayday button, we wanted to revolutionize tech support – and we’re happy to report it’s working”.

Not only will you have the ability to talk to customers directly but you can use annotations to guide them through a purchase, share screens to understand the issue as the customer sees it, and save a recording of the session directly in your CRM or agent portal.
In addition, the update is retroactive, meaning that the change benefits Live Photos that were taken beforehand.
Once uploaded to Google Photos on iOS, users can Force Touch on the image (hard press) to see them animate, akin to what users would see when viewing the photos in Photo Gallery on iOS. It's noted however that this functionality only applies when migrating photos from Live Photos to Google Photos. Other major photo sharing sites like Tumblr and Facebook already allow users to post and share Apple's specialized image format. Not only will it give prompt answers to any questions that consumers may have, but the face-to-face interaction gives the help a more personal touch that could help push shoppers to actually purchase the product that they’re interested in. So it doesn’t matter for me if they are making any changes for Chrome Book or Nexus series Smartphones.
Amazon’s goal is to answer Mayday calls in 15 seconds or less, and as of April 2014 they were achieving a 9.75 second response rate.
Once the support person has verified your identity and assessed your issue they guide you through features on your Kindle Fire by drawing on your screen and teaching you how to use the features yourself. You can access the live video chat by going into the Devices section of Google Play, clicking the Help button in the upper right corner, then selecting the Live Chat option.
As I use Skype on my Nexus 6 powered by quick charge 2.0-technology and satisfied with its performance. That’s a buzz word to basically remix and claim the WHOLE invention product as our own. Amazon Mayday support personnel have an option to take control of your screen and even change settings, but only after you give them your permission.

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