Here is a thought: How many additional customers could your business get if there was a kindly, professional operator attending to your calls live? There are instances when website visitors may have questions before making a purchase and may not want to communicate via telephone, or may not have a phone available when they visit your website. Our Live Chat support outsourcing gives your business a way to provide support for customer service related issues. Our Live Chat support means customers don’t have to spend time on the phone waiting for help, which increases customer satisfaction. Call Center Pros would love to hear from you so we can learn more about how we can assist your business with our outsourced live chat support services. This service was especially created to help you with the customization and installation of our files.
Our Free Live Support service was designed to be able to deal with the majority of issues our users encounter. Once the allocated period of time for the Free Live Support has ended, the operator will suggest the best approach to deal with your request. Through the Paid Live Support service we will do our best in helping you resolve any problems you might encounter, even if your requests are not related to our products.
Our experienced staff, during the Paid Live Support service, will be able to help you in any other matter, hardware or software, limited only by their own knowledge.

Toon de online status van uw web chat-service en toon een e-mail alternatief wanneer uw operator(s) offline is (zijn).
Transfer chats van de ene operator naar de andere of nodig andere operatoren uit om u te helpen om veeleisende vragen te beantwoorden.
Controleer de basisgegevens van de bezoekers, zoals hun ip-adres, de huidige webpagina, de webbrowser die zij gebruiken en imponeer hen zo met vindingrijke antwoorden.
Alle afgelopen sessies worden automatisch opgeslagen, waardoor u de mogelijkheid krijgt om gemakkelijk toegang te maken tot uw chatgeschiedenis. Nadat wij uw website hebben gebouwd kunt u zelf uw teksten wijzigen en foto’s bijplaatsen met het WordPress Content Management Systeem (CMS). Wilt u een tekst laten schrijven op basis van een aantal trefwoorden, een korte ‘briefing’ of een synopsis? Na de orderbevestiging van drukwerk sturen wij u een factuur met het totaalbedrag van de bestelde drukwerkdiensten.
Na de orderbevestiging van diensten sturen wij u een totaaloverzicht van de door u geboekte diensten.
By providing a chat agent as an alternative method for customers to communicate with your business, you can see increased sales on your website.
All of our outsourced live chat support agents are thoroughly trained in assisting customers in all areas of customer service and support related to your business.

Contact us today and we will be happy to prepare a proposal on how we can assist your business based on your needs. However, if your problem requires a more in-depth analysis or if you want us to customize our products for you, we are offering a Paid Live Support service, where the operator assigned to assist you is practically at your service for a much longer period of time.
Please note that during this service, we can only guarantee for the correct behaviour of our own software. Beantwoord verkoopvragen of bied technische ondersteuning aan uw website bezoekers. Live Support chat wordt ingezet om conversie te verhogen, customer support te verbeteren of klanttevredenheid te verhogen. All Call Center Pros LiveChat Support Agents are fully trained about your business’ products and services to assist at all levels.
De live chat knop die u op uw website heeft maakt de live communicatie, zonder vertraging, mogelijk tussen bezoekers van uw site en uw verkoop- of supportmedewerkers. Additionally, they are trained in closing the sale with your customers in the best manner possible, thereby increasing the chances that the customer will make a purchase from your website.

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