Seriously, how many extremely negative people do you know that are living their dream and are happy and successful?  Not so many eh?  My advice, stop listening to them.
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The Live Alive Dream is You Living every moment of your Life from the Highest Vibration of LOVE and Bliss echoing the FREEDOM and sound of your Soul and creating from the EXPRESSION of your Heart and the Magic of your Imagination! What if there is so much more for you than you ever dreamed possible?  What if you stir up your dreams and your reason for being * what if you were told the Truth * you are capable of so much more * even more * than you realize * you are a Creator and you can do anything!

This way you embody who you are & let go of anything that no longer serves who you are today * You freely express your Magical Essence bubbling over your Amazing Self and living congruently with who you are becomes your Feel Good priority.
You become very sensitive to subtle beauties and you wonder how you could have ever been asleep to the Magical Beauty and Blissful Lightness all around you. Your Passion wakes you up each morning with giddiness and amazement and joy at ‘oh my gosh, here it is again!! I LOVE who you are ? Thanks for Being such a Brilliant Beautiful LIGHT of Inspiration in my Life! What do I really desire?’ Habits you’ve had for years and thought would always be are simply gone and forgotten.

You honor everything about your Self therefore you stay out of the weeds in the mind and choose to be in No-Mind or Imagination from your Heart. And when it’s necessary to use the mind you always get there through the Heart knowing through the Heart is the only way, the way.

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