These albums are not necessarily what are considered to be pure, as the term album is generally used.
What makes West’s feat even more of an event is that, according to Billboard, his album 70 percent of its sales were in the streaming format. On April 1, the 38-year-old rapper’s latest album was released widely through the streaming media format. Billboard further reported that Rihanna’s album, Anti was the previous streaming media victor, as recently as the April 2, top 200 Chart release.
Tidal has just experienced a tidal wave of attention so great that its official iOS app has risen to the No. And the reason behind this unexpected development for the largely neglected music streaming service? As noted by TechCrunch, “The Life of Pablo,” which was released yesterday, was originally set to be initially available for streaming on Tidal, of which West is a co-owner, as well as for purchase on West’s official website.
He then tweeted a plea for “all music lovers” to subscribe to Tidal if they want to listen to “The Life of Pablo” and don’t want to wait until the album becomes available on iTunes and other platforms and distributors as early as next week. Apparently, the number of users who have downloaded Tidal for iOS has been large enough to make it the top free app on the App Store.

To listen to “The Life of Pablo” on Tidal, you need to be already a member of or sign up to the streaming service.
Launched in 2014 and touted as the first artist-owned streaming service in the world, Tidal is headed by Jay-Z and backed by Alicia Keys, Arcade Fire, Beyonce, Calvin Harris, Chris Martin, Daft Punk, deadmau5, J. But even as it’s associated with such big names in the music industry, Tidal has failed to really shine in the highly competitive music streaming business dominated by Spotify and Apple Music.
Recevez, une fois par semaine, une selection des meilleures infos de SHOES UP, les coulisses de la redaction, des concours exclusifs, etc. And while the album has certainly gone through its fare share of fix-ups and augmentations, track list and title reworks, you’ll soon be able to hear it for yourself, as the entire spectacle will be live-streamed via TIDAL. In the short interim time, West outperformed her, now-meager 54,000 total sold, in streaming media units.
But soon after the album’s release, West decided to make it exclusively available on Tidal. It’s unlikely, though, that many of these users will opt to actually subscribe to the service when the time to decide comes. Signing up to the service lets you enjoy it through a 30-day free trial, after which you need to have a subscription.

Cole, Jack White, Jason Aldean, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and Usher, in addition to West. But best of all, you won’t have to by it or even a subscription to the hi-fi streaming service in order to hear it.
And while you’re down there, peep the official (?) track list for the album currently known as The Life Of Pablo along with the freshly-revealed album cover, designed by Peter De Potter. Hold tight for the stream to go live and brace yourself for all of the Kanye-isms your heart can bear. We’ll have all of the appropriate links right here as soon as the album hits digital shelves.

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