Shabby chic is a popular interior design style where furniture and furnishings are either chosen for their age or new items are distressed to look vintage. It easily can add a feminine, romantic touch to any interior and make it quite unique. Though white is now the foundation of my decor, I still follow certain design “musts” to which I have always adhered. Swedish Blogger by vitt zink och silver decorated her house with love for shabby chic design and the result is amazing.
White upholstery with pretty pink florals creates a classic country look and drawes attention to a charming window seat.
Warm whites, from soft curd to rich buttermilk, are the building blocks of relaxed elegance in this grand country living room. Located in South London, this beautiful minimalist interior design is made within French style perfection. Emily and Michael Knotts relied on tag-sale scores, basic hardware-store buys, and a can-do, DIY attitude when renovating their North Carolina lake house.

Like the cozy familiarity of a well-worn pair of faded jeans, the dilapidated elegance of an Italian villa, the worn grandeur of faded velvets and mismatched floral china handed down from your grandmother’s attic, the brand is a revived appreciation for what is used, well-loved, and worn, it is a respect for natural evolution and a regard for what is easy and sensible. Creating a brand synonymous with her aesthetic and lifestyle, designer Rachel Ashwell founded Shabby Chic in 1989 on the philosophy of beauty, comfort, and function.
Love shabby chic everything, wish I would have left my living room like this and never changed it!!!! I love its calm simplicity and as I grow older I find that I have a kinship with such a hue.
I surround myself with only the things I’m passionate about.  I like to fill my rooms with antiques and old architectural elements and then I mix in a few newer pieces.
Traditional furniture and a lavish chandelier mixed with slouchy, loose-covered seating and shabby-chic finishes complete the look. As for perfect interiors, this house is equipped with cool fireplaces, beautiful stairways, vintage woodworks, and chic furnishings.

A room dressed in white allows my mind to rest, to think, to be soothed, and to find a peaceful place.
Some gorgeous vintage items, such as the ladder and wooden crate, were finds at a local antique shop. It is an unprejudiced color that is always willing to be applied to almost any decor and style, from ultra modern to ethereal and romantic. I will admit that what started as a simple dalliance with white has now become a true love affair. And so, with the abandon of any new love, I have transformed my 1820s Federal Colonial home fashioned in the serenity of white.

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