Neither of us considered ourselves “good writers,” and we especially didn’t think highly enough of our writing to imagine that we’d ever write a book. I made C’s on most of my papers in high school and college and, quite frankly, my confidence in my writing was pretty low. Each time I tried to sit down and write even a two-to-five-page paper, I would spend countless frustrating hours banging my head against the keyboard and writing all night in an attempt to reach the page limit. I’m going to tell you a few things that helped us through these insecurities, but first I want to ask you a question. The things we believed we could accomplish slowly start to melt away and become unfulfilled dreams.
Our dreams of doing humanitarian work in Africa or playing in a band never see their start because we begin listening to others and accept that these things won’t happen. Nevertheless, we follow the path they suggest based on their own beliefs of what is possible. What you can actually do continues to grow, even as your beliefs (what you think you can do) get in the way of that.
When my brother Seth decided he wanted to be a musician, many people around him suggested he try for something more realistic. When you start believing and acting on your five0year-old dreams, there’s a good chance you’ll be surprised by how often they come to life. If you’re looking to make a serious change in your life, find a coach or accountability partner to work with. Because of our lack of experience, Seth and I reached out to several successful authors for help and coaching on our book. When you were five, falling down and pushing yourself back up was an opportunity to build your muscles. If anything is b-o-l-o-g-n-a, it’s forgetting how to run and hope and dream the way we did when we were kids. We often get caught up by what the society expects and keep flowing unknowingly that whatever expectations we are trying to fulfil is falling short of what we have always wanted in life. So its quite important to have an honest conversation with yourself and do what makes you happy with the will and grit to still keep moving towards our destination. Thank you for your post and congratulations on listening to your heart and fulfilling your goal. Hi Chandler, I really appreciated what you posted today, especially the graphics showing the Belief Funnel compared to the Possibilities Funnel drawn with stick figures.

I really love what you have to say here, and it really helped to hear it today when I was feeling a little bit down. I do think that having a childlike sense of wonder and curiosity in all things helps keep us open to whatever may happen. When I grow up, I want to live authentically, find more kids like you at the playground and leave a trail of glitter everywhere I go.
Great Funnel drawings to demonstrate how we tend to limit ourselves and how we can grow instead. All of the bad grades and papers full of red ink had me convinced that it was a lost cause.
We pushed past them with childlike curiosity and channeled our inner five-year-olds by asking questions, making mistakes, and reaching out to successful authors for advice. But a funny thing happens: as you go to school, get a job, and eventually retire, the world’s expectations and beliefs about you shrink your own beliefs.
Some of them are people we love, who love us back, but they have no idea what is possible because it isn’t their dream.
Unfortunately, it can take years, decades, and even a lifetime to realize how our dreams were derailed and why. How do you take advantage of the endless possibilities available to you when your beliefs about yourself won’t let you take the first step? Five-year-olds don’t pay attention when someone tells them they might not be a princess and an actress when they grow up. Despite the insecurities and the extremely small chance of success, he believed in himself and went for it.
Before coming on the show, the contestants fail to lose weight on their own because they lack the willpower, the time and, most importantly, the belief in themselves. They’ll help you tap into your childlike thinking and uncover beliefs, abilities, and innate talents.
Reaching out to people you respect can be a scary process, but each time you do it you’ll learn something new.
You ran to explore possibilities because at worst you would learn something new and get stronger doing it.
This article is a true inspiration to think like a child and imagine no boundaries to achieve what you always wanted to. The article shows that we shouldn’t scare of failures and Use our setback as a form of learning lesson in life.

I’m going to run with it and work on channeling my inner five year old and move forward with my photography!!!!
There’s almost less competition at the top than there is at the bottom because not many people just go for it. I’ve taken away some new inspiration from this blog in general and I would love to get a book! I am a 50 year old guy that has just decided I am pursuing an art career and already playing the inner mind games you discuss. It is nice to think about how it is to be child and be carefree, and that we also need to do that once in a while. We often forget our potential exists, and it takes a friend or coach to remind us of it and encourage us to take action. After getting on the show and working with trainers, they uncover abilities they never knew existed. I’ve been feeling stuck in the belief that all that is left for me to do in life is to get a job, get married and have kids. If people stayed with that mindset growing up, I think there would be many more happy and fulfilled people in the world. I’d never thought of my attitudes being this way, but the images instantly resonated. I have a lot of ideas and visions for what I would like to do with my life, but there are quite a few fears of my own that keeps me from starting them. Why not let ourselves make mistakes as adults, so we can build up our strength and resilience?
As we age we can start to feel limited, especially as declining careers and health issues arise. Just seeing those drawings helped me realize I have control over whether my funnel closes down or expands as I age. Such great advice to think like a five year old to re-instill belief in myself, and overcome fear of failure.
I’m definitely going to reflect on this article and remind myself that there is no reason to not believe that anything is possible, and to simply say that things are going to go a certain way just because that is just the way they have been going.

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