Gallup released a shocking statistic which revealed that over 70% of employees are either passively or actively disengaged from their jobs. Many factors go into employee engagement, starting with ensuring that the pay and benefits are suitable and cover an employee’s needs. Building a better team of employees and increasing their satisfaction in the workplace is important.
As touched upon briefly above, corporations who undergo innovation-focused corporate training will have the skills and abilities to help management build better teams.
The Boston Consulting Group was recently named the second best Fortune 500 Company in the world.
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For those individuals who find it difficult to provide feedback in a constructive manner or take feedback too personally or for those who need to provide feedback to others in a variety of situations, for instance – during appraisals, to enhance performance, to gain commitment. With the recession from less than a decade ago still fresh on the minds of most organisations, leadership has been less than thrilled with the idea of innovation. In the 21st century, organisations can no longer afford to simply stand by and wait while their competitors generate new and exciting ideas that drive their company forward. But beyond the basics, innovation and ideation play a key role in keeping employees actively engaged and happy in the workplace. This leads to a boost in productivity, which means a boost in your company’s finances. But an innovation training program that is effective will have focus on making a positive financial impact on your organisation. This is particularly important for middle managers who work with employees day in and day out. More often than not, innovation requires the ideas and skill sets of many in order to generate great ideas. The employees of today expect respect and want to be included in business decisions – or at least be made aware of them. For example, if the sales team is regularly not meeting sales goals, don’t immediately assume that it is their sales skills that are lacking.
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The good news for those who were willing to take a chance, however, are starting to really reap the benefits.
With appropriate London corporate training, however, leadership can kick off an innovation program within the workplace that won’t only be appreciated, but also embraced by employees. This involves employees seeking to build numerous connections with different employees in the workplace and from different teams. Incorporating an innovation program brings a certain level of transparency to a company, with leadership being held accountable for implementing the great ideas generated from employees. In some situations it is due to poor project management or they lack the finesse that customer service training can vastly improve. Micro and small businesses up to Fortune 500 companies that were willing to take on innovation corporate training in those early days are now beginning to see these programs fully mature. These training programs are geared to support not only high level leadership, but employees at every level.
As a result, better networks are formed, stronger teams are made, and a more efficient staff is gained. In many cases, the employees will be more than willing to tell you exactly what they need to improve in their jobs. In fact, it’s been estimated that disengaged employees cost the American economy $450 billion to $550 billion every single year due to lack of productivity.

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