Rather than picking numbers based on birthdays, anniversaries or other meaningful dates, lottery organizers note that the majority of past winners have left the big decisions up to the computer. About 70 percent of past winners used Quick Picks, the computer system that spits out numbers, according to the official Powerball website.
If you play the lottery regularly, it is important to pick your own numbers and to stick to that same combination every time you play, lottery expert Richard Lustig said. Lustig knows a thing or two about successful lottery bids because he has won seven lottery game grand prizes in his lifetime. But, for more infrequent players who are only drawn in with extreme jackpots, there is less of a science involved.
While all lottery tickets are created equal, there may be something in the water in Pennsylvania because 16 previous jackpot winners from the past 13 years all bought their tickets in the Keystone state. The winning Powerball numbers were drawn Wednesday night: 8, 27, 34, 4, 19 and the Powerball of 10. California lotto officials tweeted almost immediately after that a winning ticket was sold in the state.

The California Lottery also tweeted that it sold 12 tickets that matched five of the six numbers. California lottery officials said the winning ticket was sold at the 7-Eleven on Chino Hills Parkway. The jackpot, which reached record levels after 20 drawings without a winner, was estimated to be nearly $1.6 billion.
According to Texas lottery officials earlier today, there was an 85.8 percent of the possible number combinations had been sold. Office pools are a popular way of getting shares of more tickets, but there are some potential drawbacks to be aware of. This office pool in Ohio took the venture seriously and not only got a notarized contract but also have a resident good luck charm. The winning lottery numbers have been announced for the record-breaking ?50.4million Lotto jackpot prize.
UPDATE: There were no jackpot winners in Saturday Powerball drawing, but three second place tickets worth $1 million were sold in New York.

So he plays regularly and has theories about ways that people should research their numbers and determine whether their selections work. These numbers are the most frequently drawn numbers, according to an ABC News analysis of past winning Powerball tickets. Ticket holders have a 1 in 292,201,338 shot of winning the grand prize, according to the Powerball website.
Later, California Lottery spokesperson Russ Lopez said there were two more winning tickets sold, one in Tennessee and one in Florida.

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