ABC Lottery Software For Lotto --> Home Categories New Popular Submit RSS Contact ABC Lottery Software For Lotto 12.5 If you are looking for one lottery program to suggest numbers to play based on a analysis of patterns of previous drawings, Use filtering and wheeling ABC Lottery Software For Lotto is the right choice. 182-page, 2003 4th edition, is the most thorough and complete lottery book on scientific lotto number selection strategy ever written. 416-page, 2007 4th edition, has 328 lottery wheeling systems with specific lotto win guarantees for pick-6 lotto games, including all the winning lottery systems used by Gail Howard's biggest lotto jackpot winners. 436-page, 2006 3rd edition, with 333 lottery wheeling systems for the easy-to-win pick-5 lotto games. 278-page, 2006 2nd edition, has 190 lotto wheeling systems for all Powerball type lotto games, including MEGA Millions, Hot Lotto, Wild Card 2; also for California SuperLotto, Kansas Super Cash, Australian Powerball, England Thunderball, Greece Tzoker, India Sikkim Thunderball, and Turkey Sans Topu. The Lottery Advantage Charts are a set of about 30 charts printed by our lotto strategy software for a specific lottery. 64-page lottery book that explains the basics of Gail Howard's incomparable, unique jackpot-winning Balanced Wheel® Systems.

26-page book with Gail Howard's most basic and easiest-to-use nine Tips on Lotto Number Selection and five Tips on Lotto Group Selection that tells you which lotto numbers to avoid and which lotto number groups to play. Gail Howard's most basic to her most advanced lottery strategies are explained in great detail, with examples of lotto patterns shown throughout.
It includes all 33 lotto systems that won 53 first prize pick-5 lotto jackpots -- and tells how many lottery jackpots were won with each lotto wheeling system.
You select the lotto game (from our list of available games), and the charts will be created for you based on the lotto history file that we have available.
This book comes free with your first wheeling software purchase (not available with download only orders unless you pay shipping for the book). This lottery book will help you win the lottery by using past lotto history to your advantage and choosing the best lotto numbers to play to win. Use this lotto wheel book to choose the winning lottery number combinations for any pick-6 lotto game in the world.

Use the lotto systems in this lotto book to pick the best lottery number combinations to play for your favorite pick-5 lottery game.
Use this lottery wheeling book to select the best lotto combinations to win Powerball or your favorite powerball type lotto game. ABC Lottery Software For Lotto is the best lotto programs that uses filtering (support 30+ filters).
You are able to specify the minimum win guarantee (for example, I wish to match a minimum of 2 numbers, Support more than 1700 formulas ). ABC Lottery Software support Just about all the lotto-by lotteries, FREE update drawings data everyday!

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