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David and Carol Martin said they realised they had none to celebrate with after being told by a woman from Camelot, the Lotto organisers, that she would bring champagne with her to toast their win.
However, the couple had no difficulty in suggesting other ways to spend their money as they spoke to the Press on Wednesday morning.
They said they may help victims of recent flooding in their home town of Hawick and revealed that their first priority is to fly their 26-year-old daughter Lisa home on a first class ticket from Australia. She has lived there for almost five years and the Martins said they wanted to be together to celebrate properly. Mr and Mrs Martin, who are both 54 and have been married for 28 years, last saw their daughter at Christmas in 2014 and told her by phone about their win as she was driving to her work at a recruitment company. After asking her to pull over because they had some news, they said she feared someone had died. The new multi-millionaires have already given up their jobs after telling their employers for the last three days that they were off work sick. Mrs Martin worked for Boots the chemist in the borders town and her husband worked for Borders Care and Repair, which helps the elderly and disabled with specialist equipment in their homes. He also admitted that being able to buy a A?200 pair of brogues had previously seemed unattainable. And now's time for that classic lottery winners' moment - as David and Carol Martin pop the cork on their victory champagne. The pair hope to be reunited with their daughter Lisa by this weekend after paying for her first class plane fare home - and admitted they could afford to move to Australia if they wanted to. The Martins admitted they "don't socialise a lot" and - when a friend bought them champagne to celebrate - realised they didn't even have any champagne glasses. After celebrating with cups of tea, they went out to a local supermarket where their first purchase was six champagne glasses - costing A?5.
The Martins told their daughter Lisa by phone after calling her while she was driving to work.
The family have not been together for more than a year, but the couple have offered to pay the plane fare home as soon as Lisa can arrange it.

The family said they hoped to be reunited at the weekend so that they can begin planning their futures. The couple are both interested in sport and a trip to the Masters in Augusta is a priority for Mr Martin, who is a keen golfer, while his wife wants to visit Wimbledon for the first time. Mr and Mrs, who have been married for 28 years, are planning to retire as soon as possible and said they would love a new home in the country, local to where they live now, and a holiday home in the sun. During the press conference Mr Martin admitted it would be a huge treat to be able to buy a A?200 pair of brogues, and when his wife was asked what she would like to buy he suggested diamonds. The couple also admitted they have been lying to their employers for the past few days when they were unable to make their win public. Mr Martin has a heart condition called atrial fibrillation and said he was waiting for a procedure later this year.
The Martins say they are considering helping flood victims near where they live in Hawick with some of their winnings. The couple had been relaxing at home, "completely unaware" that the Lotto ticket on their mantelpiece held the winning numbers until a visit from a friend who urged them to check it. Mr Martin, who works for Borders Care and Repair which helps elderly and disabled fit equipment in their homes, said: "My mate Keith had popped over for a chat on Sunday morning when he mentioned that there had been two Lotto winners in the big rollover the night before.
He added: "I've dreamt of this moment many times but when it actually came, it was a just total shock.
We're now hearing from the couple, who did not check their lottery ticket until Sunday morning.
Speaking at Dalmahoy Country Club outside Edinburgh, the couple said their daughter Lisa had been in Australia for more than five years and they last saw her at Christmas 2014.
The couple visited Mrs Martin’s mother after learning they had won but said they could not bring themselves to tell anyone until the evening.
Britain’s biggest Lotto winners plan a family reunion with their daughter who lives in Australia as they celebrate their huge win, reports Auslan Cramb in Edinburgh. David and Caroli Martin, both 54, from Hawick in the Scottish Borders, won half of Saturday’s record A?66 million jackpot and were presented with their cheque for A?33,035,323 at a hotel outside Edinburgh. David and Carol Martin, a husband and wife from Hawick in the Scottish Borders, have been named as winners of A?33 million, half of the UK's biggest-ever Lotto jackpot.

One of the dilemmas - albeit it a welcome one - facing the lucky couple in the Scottish Borders is how to spend their winnings.
However, a poll has found that most Britons would be philanthropic if they hit the big time as it revealed that just one per cent of people would keep the jackpot for themselves.
Figures from the Charities Aid Foundation found that 97 per cent of people would hand the money over to family members and 81 per cent would give money to charity. Almost three quarters of ticket holders would give cash to friends and 22 per cent would share with work colleagues. Excitement is building in Edinburgh, where lottery bosses Camelot are preparing to unveil the A?33m-winning couple to the world. Taxi drivers, lorry-drivers shop assistants and chefs, also tend to do well, though it is most likely because they play more than the less fortunate bankers, politicians and estate agents. Chris and Colin Weir from Ayrshire remain Britain’s biggest lottery winners after scooping a A?161 million EuroMillions jackpot in 2011. The largest prize ever won on a single Lotto line was A?22.5million banked by work colleagues Mark Gardiner and Paul Maddison from Hastings in 1995. The biggest ever individual Lotto winner is Iris Jeffrey from Belfast who won A?20.1m in 2004. He has now upgraded his plans to a top of the range Range Rover, while his wife wants an automatic to help her get up the steep hills of her home town. They said they may buy a new home in the country, but repeatedly said said the scale of the win had not sunk in.
He has been taking medication to control it and said the lottery win did nothing to calm down his irregular heart rate.
The lady at the end of the phone was really nice and told us we were right, we were winners.

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